Philippines Fascist Duterte Targets Children of 9 for Death

The world is waking up to the fact that a fascist despot has taken over in the Philippines.

The Philippines will soon be putting nine-year-olds to jail and many will get the death penalty.

The first-ever National Baseline Study on Violence Against Children details high prevalence of physical, psychological, sexual and online violence committed on Filipino children. The study was conducted in 2015 nationwide, among almost 4,000 child respondents from across all sectors and socio-economic backgrounds aged 13-24. Read more from UNICEF

New Law for Filipino Kids

Authoritarian Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte now has the majority support of Congress to enact three important pieces of legislation.

  • Re-Write the Philippines Constitution to create a “Federalist Government” with Duterte at the head;
  • Lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 9; and
  • Bring back the death penalty.

Prison is a recruitment farm. Children that young are not capable of determining the difference between right and wrong especially when their environment is riddled with adult influence of a criminal nature.

For years Manila has been the site of hundreds of thousands of homeless, abandoned, unwanted children. The problem is so bad that whenever there is a visiting dignitary or event the Manila and National Police drive around with trucks to load the kids and cart them off to places unknown.

Many vanish into child sex slavery.

Walk through Manila and you will meet hungry children begging. Usually they ask for money but if you offer food it goes right to their mouths. They are starving.

These children sleep, defecate and feed off the streets. Some of the things they do will get them the death penalty. Most don’t have ID or any kind of public records. They will be arrested as nine-year-olds and killed by their state after their poor parents have failed to provide for them owing to national poverty rates that are incalculable.

Some street kids are the children of single moms who are rape survivors and because of the unemployment and poverty in the country are forced into prostitution.

These kids are compelled to sit and wait while their mother turns tricks.

Other kids will be killed because their so-called parents have abandoned them already and the State will have a crack at them and murder them at the gallows.

Street kids commit crimes to live. The RINJ Foundation adduces that in the case of a child stealing money or food to stay alive, no crime has been committed.

Duterte wants them arrested and charged, then put to death for certain crimes or held in prison for others.

Duterte has earned his notoriety by having thousands of the Philippines poor, sick and weak murdered. Usually they are hapless amphetamine users–men and women who must work extremely long hours to make 30 dollars a week to support their family and kids.

If she stole this pop. (She didn’t we gave it to her.) She goes here:

Rodrigo Duterte has such extraordinary disdain for the poor among his constituents that he kills them.

The RINJ Foundation in its fight for the safety of women and children has urged the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to indict Duterte for systematically killing off large groups of Filipino citizens. Duterte has been urged to resign for the good of the Philippines before he destroys the country.

The United Nations with sanctions and the International Criminal Court with an indictment must act to stop this despicable conduct of Philippines’ government adults terrorized and bullied by a murdering Duterte and his military junta to the point of making laws that are abusive to children. The country is ruled by a coldblooded raging narcissistic misogynistic psychopath who repeatedly violated international law that makes him indictable.

News Release 15 February, 2017 (RINJ.Press)

The women of The RINJ Foundation say they are seeing more red these days than their soft pink logo colour and style.

The women are furious that children are being raped while moms work outside the poverty stricken nation. They say hundreds of kids are being murdered in the Philippines in the frenzied “vigilante” anti-drug-user campaign of Rodrigo Duterte.

But the situation now worsens as the authoritarian President of the country, wants 9-year-old kids hung for “heinous crimes”. Congress of the Philippines is set to approve the draconian measures that vigorously attack children with misguided intent.

RINJ in the Philippines
has issued a public report updating the status of a failing democracy in the Philippines.

RINJ believes the Philippines Congress has been bullied into approving some horrifying measures that endanger women and children.

According to the report the Duterte government now has the majority support of Congress to enact three important pieces of legislation.

  • Re-Write the Philippines Constitution to create a “Federalist Government” with Duterte at the head;
  • Lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 9; and
  • Bring back the death penalty.


One of the important factors to remember is that doctors say children do not have the ability below a certain age to gauge the difference between right and wrong in the context of the Philippines Criminal Code.

Children that young (9 yrs) are not capable of determining the difference between right and wrong especially when their environment is riddled with adult influence of a criminal nature,” says the Philippines Project Manager for RINJ, Sharon Santiago.

“If you throw little children in prison, that evil influences extends exponentially to the number of kids Manila claims for its overcrowded, arcane penitentiary system.”

According to one of RINJ’s lawyers, “unless the country has a very well developed legal system that is just and has the trust of the population, a youthful age of Criminal Responsibility is a bad idea. But nine years of age children being tried as adults is preposterous anywhere.” (The Philippines legal system is reputedly, and anecdotally as corrupt as the government.)

Duterte has claimed that children as young as 6 are responsible for many of the rapes, murders, and robberies taking place in the Philippines. He says he wants laws that discourage gangs from engaging children for crimes. Putting the kids to death will do what?

Santiago says, “of the many complaints of rape in the Philippines we receive, none are attributed to a rapist that young. Kabaliwan yan! [That’s crazy!]”

“Sending a nine-year-old child to prison where they will be taught how to rob, kill and defraud, taught by skilled, evil, adult convicts up there in the prison, will certainly turn them into criminals. Kabaliwan!”, Santiago added.

President Duterte and his Junta want children jailed and even hung.

The RINJ Foundation adduces that in the case of a child stealing money or food to stay alive, no crime has been committed.

The failing democracy of the Philippines has brought a daily life of fear and terror to the nation where roving death squads comprised of off-duty police are murdering the weak, poor and ill who are accused of using illegal amphetamine drugs or marijuana cigarettes. The latest statistics in February indicate more tan 10,000 lives have been lost due to “extra-judicial killings” since Duterte invited citizens to go on a killing spree “if you ave a gun” and end the lives of drug users. Duterte pays handsomely and provides a motorcycle and a gun to members of his death squads. Mostly the murders are of outspoken opponents of the dictatorial Duterte.

Duterte, after citing Hitler and the Holocaust, said he would happily “slaughter” three million drug addicts.

Feeding Fear to make a Point in Favour of Criminalizing Kids & Imposing Death Penalty

There are many examples of Duterte-Drama every single week.

The RINJ Foundation recently asked the ICC (International Criminal Court) to indict the rogue leader on charges of crimes against humanity and urged Duterte resign to save the Philippines and to allow Duterte time to prepare his Court defence.

Last week in parts of Baguio City a ‘Red Alert’ was called and all vehicles entering Camp John Hay were being searched for explosives after the Philippines Army was called out on Feb 9 to hunt down some workers who set fire to two mining trucks, allowing the drivers to go home unharmed to tell their story. Duterte called them NPA terrorists.

Witnesses say they were quite fearful for their lives as traffic in the Baguio City ground to standstill as military, police regulars from different departments and 300 new recruits took to the streets tripping over each other and jamming up traffic for days. Several interviewees and the local radio stations were urging the government in Manila to take strident steps to protect them.

The Mayor of Baguio, leader of one of the most corrupt municipal governments on Earth disagreed with Duterte and added to the confusion insisting that there would be no “Red Alert” because that might disrupt the sacred money-makers for the city in February: the Panagbenga flower festival and the PMA homecoming celebrations (The homecoming of the “distinguished alumni” of the Philippine Military Academy)

Three hundred extra police trainees hit the streets
of the already well-armed city (every store has an armed security guard and at least one shotgun visible).

Duterte Says He Needs The Death Penalty & Will Kill 5 or 6 Per Day.

Hundreds of special forces combat arms troops descended on the region Feb 9 as Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte sounded off on Friday Feb.10 in speeches about the terror that has descended upon the Philippines requiring the death penalty be implemented and the age of criminal responsibility be lowered to 9 or younger.

Eh may death penalty wala namang nangyari noon. Eh anak ka ng ‘ ibalik mo sa akin yan, ako ang mag ‘ araw-arawin ko yan, lima o anim. Totoo (There was death penalty then and yet nothing happened. Restore it and I will execute criminals every day — five or six. That’s for real),” Duterte has repeated often.

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