Duterte to Martial Law Troops “You can Rape 3 Women”

Manila, Philippines, May 26, 2017 — Following his May 23 declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines Mindanao region, President Rodrigo Duterte  told soldiers earlier tonight in a public statement they could rape up to three women.

Duterte reassured soldiers of full impunity for rape under his newly imposed regional martial law.

Philippines soldiers have been fighting the local Abu Sayyaf and Maute Islamic extremist groups. (See “Da’esh Is In Mindinao, Duterte is Correct About That“)

The RINJ Foundation adduces that feeble attacks by the Philippines Army against Islamists in the south of the Philippines for the past six months and declaring Martial Law has exponentially driven up recruitment for the 150-member aggregate of Abu Sayyaf/Maute to several hundred fighters, still not enough to warrant declaring Martial Law.

For this martial law and the consequences of martial law and the ramifications of martial law, I and I alone would be responsible. Just do your work. I will handle the rest,” he said.

The RINJ Foundation has slammed Duterte’s human rights violations and his pro rape stand against women.

The global women’s group has urged the Philippines to end extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, illegal arrests and detention, torture and harassment.

RINJ has further urged the Philippines to begin accepting responsibility for the safety of children and their families.

Since Duterte took office in July 2016, he has ordered or caused the deaths of nearly 9,000 innocent FIlipinos and in his public life including his time as Mayor of Davao City Duterte has caused the deaths of over 10,000 in what some people describe as an extra judicial killings spree and others say are simply mass murders.

In a 1998 civil action between himself and an ex-wife claiming serious abuse, Duterte was compelled to attend a psychiatric examination. The psychiatric report to the court describes a serious personality disorder including psychopathy.

Duterte Declaes Martial Law and tells troops they can rape up to three women each.

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