Duterte: Philippines Systematic Murder, Child Abuse, Rape!

Rodrigo Duterte’s Willingness for State-Sponsored Murder is why he must Resign Immediately

  1. The Republic of the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte told everyone in the Philippines to kill drug users for a bounty (if they have a gun).
  2. Filipino Police and Barangay captains across the country joined after-hours death squads and slaughtered many thousands earning from the Head of State over 1,386,700.00 Philippine Pesos, about $40 per corpse plus receiving motorbikes, cell phones, guns and ammunition at another estimated 2 million pesos from the Duterte government.
  3. Some of the people these officially sponsored ‘death squads’ kill are drug involved or openly opposed to Duterte’s leadership and crime wave.
  4. Duterte says he will continue his widespread systematic attack directed against certain parts of the Philippines population for as long as he is alive.
  5. Duterte says he is much like Adolf Hitler but will only kill 3 million of his people.

As the number of Duterte’s state sponsored deaths systematically mount and approach ten thousand under Duterte’s continued encouragement, somebody in the Malacañang Palace must have told President Duterte he has broken international statutes and human rights declarations dating back to WWII.

ICC ProsecutorEarly last Fall International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda (picture above)  said perpetrators of alleged extrajudicial killings in the Philippines could face prosecution.

“Let me be clear,” the ICC prosecutor wrote in a deliberately worded written statement,  “Any person in the Philippines who incites or engages in acts of mass violence including by ordering, requesting, encouraging or contributing, in any other manner, to the commission of crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC is potentially liable to prosecution before the Court.”


The most important modern law Duterte violated was the ‘crimes against humanity section’ of the Rome Statute. Crimes against humanity are certain acts which are committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population or an identifiable part of a population. That was what the ICC prosecutor was referring to thousands of weak/sick/poor dead Filipinos ago.

The Rome Statute was adopted at a diplomatic conference in Rome on 17 July 1998 and it entered into force on 1 July 2002. The Philippines is a signatory to the Rome Statute and member of the International Criminal Court. Duterte will be indicted.

Duterte claims that he has immunity from prosecution for murder in the Philippines. He has clearly stated his belief in televised addresses to Filipinos.

In so doing Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte clearly admits that he knows that his actions are criminal and in violation of the Rome Statute which the Philippines signed and agreed to uphold.

Duterte admits his criminal intent (mens rea) but claims he believes he is immune from prosecution.

stop the state sponsored systematic killings of the poor, the weak and the ill

Duterte says he believes by extension of his presidential immunity, because the crimes he is ordering are state-sponsored by him, the head of state, the criminals who commit these crimes of murder therefore have immunity from prosecution as well.

Before 2016, as a Mayor, Duterte has allegedly ordered the murder of over 1,000 Filipinos in Davao City, according to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Duterte was criticized by groups like Human Rights Watch for the extrajudicial killings of hundreds of street children, petty criminals and drug users carried out by the Davao Death Squads.

Some of these murders Duterte did himself with his own guns, by his own admission, in Davao city where he was mayor and operated the Davao Death Squads, roving motorcycle gangs with guns who murdered Duterte’s opponents.

According to The RINJ Foundation’s lawyers, from state sponsored murder there is no immunity for Duterte from international law. Previous leaders since the Marcos dictatorship have made certain that the Marcos tyranny cannot easily happen again. But it did. Now the safeguards are coming into play.

The Republic of the Philippines is signatory to several global accords that provide protection to the Filipino people.

Duterte is going to be indicted and he is on the evidence likely to be convicted if he doesn’t die of old age and illness in the meantime. These prosecutions take time. Meanwhile, Duterte must resign. He must be told of his sickness of the mind, lack of conscience, wilful crime and be encouraged to leave the “Palace”. Maybe he and his criminal henchmen can seek exile somewhere. But not in the Philippines.


It’s not about Drugs its about Impunity of Murderers, Rapists & other Criminals

There are cities and there are provinces in Rodrigo Duterte’s Republic of The Philippines.

In the provinces there are about 70 million people. What happens in the provinces mostly stays in the provinces.

That changed since the killing of an outspoken rural law-and-order NGO leader and a journalist who was murdered at night by men who are cops, moonlighting as a Duterte Death Squad, and busted by a few of their unsuspecting police peers who went out on the chase after the murders and put a couple of bullet hole wounds into four masked killers who turned out to be their peers working on the side for $40 bucks a kill, a free gun and a free motorcycle (125CC putt putts).

Both of the deceased victims opposed Duterte’s state-sponsored bloodshed.

The whole world is talking about the thousands of Duterte-ordered state-sponsored murders in the Philippines.

What only few people notice is that impunity of males for gunfire and bloodshed is driving up other crimes as well.

Rodrigo Duterte, claims a justification for the Republic of the Philippines killing the weak, the poor and the sick because they use drugs.

Duterte buddy since the Davao Death Squad days, National Police Chief Ronald Marapon dela Rosa, admitted in December 2016 in a televised interview that most of the 6,7000 people murdered by that time without attribution of the crime were not drug users or in any way connected to drugs and that they were people probably killed by criminals who exploited the alleged “War on drugs”. But he did not know for sure because these crimes have no suspects and are not being investigated. We are talking about state-sponsored murder.

According to the United Nations, the number of illegal drug users in the Philippines is less than the global average. Back in the summer of 2016 when the state-sponsored murders in the Philippines amounted to 650, ten percent of what they were at the start of 2017, the United Nations urged the Philippines to end immediately the extra-judicial killings.

During his election campaign in the spring of 2016 and first days in office, Mr. Duterte repeatedly urged law enforcement agencies and the public at large to kill people who use drugs.

“Concerning drug-dependency, this should be treated as a public health issue and justice systems should decriminalize drug consumption and possession for personal use as a means to improve health outcomes,” said Dainius Puras, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health.

When Duterte talks about Drug abuse in the Philippines he refers to methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu) and marijuana. Methamphetamine is a drug used for for treating ADD and ADHD; obesity patients; it is used for better attention span (police, truck drivers and university students use it to stay awake and focus better) and for crash dieting.

Can you imagine in Canada for example, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau telling Canadians that if you have a gun, kill your neighbours who smoke a joint? Duterte has done that repeatedly and Filipinos are dropping like flies. (But the 7,000 dead between July 1, 2016 and Jan 7, 2017 is the least of the crime.)


fighting for the safety of women and children.

Hundreds of Killers Now Roam The Philippines Looking For Prey
They Know they Have Impunity from their President Duterte and they are Slaughtering Filipinos

The rule of law is gone. Everyone is terrified. Nobody is safe.

Gender-Based Violence Crime Rates have Skyrocketed

Criminals attacking Filipinos in the streets, alleys and homes of the marginalized poor (almost everyone in the provinces), are also doing sexual violence which has skyrocketed, worse than the out-of-control extra-legal killings.

The power and control is returning to men with guns in the Philippines. The powerful dominate the powerless women and children with sexual violence.

People live in constant fear in every corner of the country. Women and children are powerless.

The gender imbalance of power has been fed with resentment.  Abuse of women and children grew worse when more and more women went to work earning good money outside a country that simply could not survive otherwise.

Some educated women make more money per person in a year than their entire Barangay at home earned. Those women walked with their head high when they came home for a visit, until maybe when they found out their kids were abused in their absence.

Most rapes happen to kids, 15 and under. Most female kids are abused.

Today, some women are seeking change and power too. Some want to be cops (7% make it) and stop the abuse, others want to be politicians. Some want to be lawyers. They would need honest functional courts to work in. There are none. The legal system is owned by men and corrupt as hell. For example, if you report a rape to law enforcement you are likely to be raped again by the people within the system.

The patriarch is irritated at the intrusions of women and the “stupid questions” of women about rape, and sexual molestation of kids and child abuse. Nonsense. There are important money issues to deal with. They push the women out or placate the complainers in some way.

President Duterte has offered Impunity for rapists and child abusers. Kill the complainant and say, “they used drugs”.

Many children have been killed by Philippines leader Duterte’s vigilantism  and some women are furious.  Those that lost their beautiful child  grieve until the pain becomes rage.  There is a lot of fearful power in that rage. A mama bear will eventually tear you to shreds for hurting her baby. (Some are peaceably telling their story here.)

Women protest the murder of their loved ones

Women want to know why their children are being murdered. Here they gather at a Senate Whitewash Hearing.

Women want to know why their children are being murdered. Here they gather at a Senate Whitewash Hearing

Mama bears with wounded babies can be threatening to cowardly men who kill kids, especially rape-survivor kids they have shut up with a bullet. They are criminals who exploit the so-called “Duterte Drug Wars”.

“Drugs in that family”,  is an excuse to make the “list”. Many kids are being killed during the drug killings.

Children and their families are seldom valued by Filipino men.

5-Yr.-Old Danica May Garcia was shot to death in her family’s store by two men on motorcycles, said police in Dagupan in Pangasinan province. Her Grandpa was on a list of drug users. 5-Yr.-Old Danica May Garcia was shot to death in her family’s store by two men on motorcycles, said police in Dagupan in Pangasinan province. Her Grandpa was on a list of drug users.

Drugs, kids, sex, and fear all equal power and money. In the Philippines you can barely get internet bandwidth to send an email with your child’s picture but for some reason, kiddie porn kings are able to distribute internet child porn and sex-play “virtual-rooms” all over the world, setting up the patrons for real time visits with real child sex slaves.  And they get away with it!

Ever since the Marcos era there exists here a kleptocracy where any “favour” is available for a lot of money. Child exploitation produces huge amounts of cash.

The men control the economic and political setting but average Filipino women are in aggregate better earners than average men because they are sent to other countries as nannies, domestic helpers, maids, nursing assistants and nurses to earn hard and send home the money.

While their women are away the men are raping the kids whether the mom finds out or not.  The kid eventually tells someone, like at a rape clinic or on a help line or social media forum. You are not going to believe this but the sexual abuse of four to six-year-olds is common. Some of those kids that talk eventually vanish.  Most never talk but their behaviour and eventual ails tell the story.

Abuse of children is an incredibly serious problem in the Philippines. A child who has been raped who talks about it may find themselves sold off to a child sex filmmaker or to slavery in the Vasayas provinces. The ten thousand pesos some kids can fetch is two month’s salary for some people in the provinces.

Women are better educated than men in the Philippines. Men feel they must marginalize and dominate these women. That’s their tribal culture. Men are supreme.

Sometimes exposed to better attitudes toward women in other lands, Filipino women are meeting nice guys in their work countries. Nice guys treat women as equals. Traditional Filipino men insist that will never happen here. But women are getting smarter and seeking a better life. Many come home and live with their kids as single moms without a man. But the men keep coming back, forcefully demanding money and sex. They are more powerful now that being punished for a murder is off the table.

Such violent domination culture is translated in the treatment of women, especially those who belong to the marginalized poor, which is most of the Philippines.

Now the men have friends or themselves own guns and ‘newish’ little motorbikes.

If you have a gun of your own, use it. If you know a drug user or seller in your Barangay, kill him or her. Do it yourself. I will protect you. – Philippines President Roddy Duterte

“Can you feel the power coming back”? asked one Barangay Captain. We are warriors again.

Lists grew. Of the many thousands of people murdered in the Philippines since July 1, 2016, most were not drug-involved but all were somebody’s enemy. Many were children. President Duterte and his hit-man-in-chief Ronald dela Rosa calls the dead kids “collateral damage”. Dela Rosa claims that if anyone was killed “wrongly” it was because “criminals” were exploiting his “war on drugs” offer of impunity.

The 4-year-old little girl pictured here with her dad was murdered by police who were trying to shoot her grandpa, a man who Denila Katalbas, police chief in Guihulngan City, says was put on a “drug list”. The 4-year-old little girl pictured here with her dad was murdered by killers who were trying to shoot her grandpa, a man who Denila Katalbas, police chief in Guihulngan City, says was put on a “drug list”.

Men on un-plated small-engine motorbikes without mufflers wearing masks, two per bike and four in total, pulled up, walked into the house and opened fire on two adults in the living area. Bullets hit cement, wood, furniture and people.

They are not trained assassins they are murderers gaining more and more on-the-job experience, boldness and bravado. They are paid about $40 each kill.

A noise from the other side of the thin wall drew more gunfire.

The child was already dead but had fallen to the floor as his older sister’s heart stopped and her arms and small shoulders shook from the bullet impacts. She was nine. The dead baby was three.

The father who was a truck driver drove 15 hours each load. He bought some drug at a night stop to stay awake. He made the mistake of sharing that information with a  friend driver while stopped for a stick of “barbecue” en-route to Quezon City.

That driver later told a Barangay Captain named Noel back home. Noel did not like the dad who had a job driving truck, a nice wife (now dead); a comfortable home with an indoor toilet. He put the man on the Barangay death squad list and gave it over.

He will take over the home in a few days. There is no other family member to put up a challenge. Before the sun rose he had looted the place after the gunmen raced off in the dark on their little motorized bikes. He had all night because of the 8:30pm curfew he imposed on the Barangay.

He “felt powerful”, he told his brother. This was his kill. They drank some more cheap liquor he had bought with money he had stolen from another house four days ago in the next village over.

There was a 15 year-old girl in his village who was a little slow. She was pretty. Feisty though. She always called Noel a lizard because of the scar on the back of his neck. The two drunken men discussed bringing her to the Barangay Hall and either getting sex from her or they would threaten her she would go on the list. Maybe they better put her on the list anyway. Dead girls don’t talk. She acts silly. People would believe she uses drugs. Shoot her and tape a sign to her head, “Drug Using Whore”.

They raped her that weekend. The two brothers and a third. Then they got drunk. She lay in her blood and soiled clothes as they told her about six families they had murdered and the homes they looted. She promised not to tell. She didn’t. The third man bragged all over the province and the provincial capital of his ‘deed’.

One of the men who recruited death squads, gave out guns and assigned the motorbikes came to visit the Barangay. He was angry. He brought a picture of Rodrigo Duterte and told Noel to put that picture up right away and if he ever came back and there was no picture of the President, Noel would be top of a list.

That’s how it goes, thought Noel. This is the man who makes Noel powerful. He dusts and shines the picture every day.

Hang this in your Barangay Hall - Despotic Leader Rodrigo Duterte

This is a compilation of actual events taken from interviews with several survivor-witnesses plus some law enforcement documents we were shown. The lack of specific dates, places and times is for the protection of the complainants, witnesses and survivors.