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Chief Nursing Officer: Chief nursing officers (CNO) are responsible for facilitating the design and delivery of patient care, advancing the quality of relationships between staff and colleagues, and maintaining networks of care providers.

Nurse Anaesthetist: Nurse Anaesthetists are RNs who have obtained advanced education and training and are certified to administer anaesthesia to patients during surgery, either independently or under the direction of an anesthesiologist. They evaluate patients during pre- and post-op examinations and plan the safest method of anaesthesia for each patient.

Critical Care Nurse: Critical care nurses work with acutely ill patients in intensive care units, cardiac units, and neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, where complex diagnoses, high-intensity treatments and continual supervision are required.

Clinical Nurse Manager: Clinical nurse managers supervise nurses in a particular unit or area. They oversee budgets, patient records and employee performance and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to coordinate the delivery of quality patient care.

Labor and Delivery Nurse: Labour and delivery (LD) nurses care for women who are delivering babies. They monitor the mother and baby before and during the birth, and care for the newborn immediately after. LD nurses deliver or assist with delivery and treating any complications that arise, and provide support and education for new mothers and their families.

Patient Educator: Patient educators work with patients and their families, helping them make informed decisions about their health and treatment. They also focus on preventative care by teaching patients positive health behaviours and skills needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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