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Who are the “RINJ Women”

We are the (Rape Is No Joke) RINJ Women who fought in the 2000s to get the money-making pro-rape and child sex slavery content off social media platforms, ending on 4 November 2011. Some of us collectively decided to continue our work for the universal rights of women and girls. We incorporated on 21 August 2012 after years of fighting as a grass roots organization called The RINJ Campaign. We have no restrictions. That’s our story. We move forward striving for gender equality universally despite the setbacks that have been experienced globally, and despite the attacks of misogynistic authoritarians.

“Convincing the patriarch that women will achieve equality as human beings has become a bloody war. Evil men hijack religion to oppress ordinary women. For their persecution; for their rape & molestation of women and children; evil men who do harm against humanity belong in prison. Join us in defiance of violent extremist terrorist groups like al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, the Tatmadaw, etcetera, & the malicious and hateful ideologies that fuel violence & terrorism around the globe. Let love win over hate. Let peace and love rule this planet.” Katie Alsop and the RINJ Women

Thank you for becoming a member.

Thank you for becoming a member.