Join Voices for Nuclear Disarmament and Demilitarize Space

Entire world should sign this accord. Join Voices with Civil Society

The Intermediate Nuclear Forces Agreement between the United States and Russia is over as of 2 August 2019. Both Russia and the United States are rapidly developing the worst nuclear weapons ever to exist. Meanwhile the NPT is not working and as many as 18 countries have nuclear weapons on their soil. Global nuclear disarmament must commence.

I, the undersigned, support Global Nuclear Disarmament & Demilitarization of Space

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Everyone is getting nukes. It is time that nobody has them.

by Micheal John, Editor

In total there are eighteen countries that have nuclear weapons on their soil. That’s what we know about. There may be more.

Belgium, Chagos Islands, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea and Turkey have nuclear weapons they have been loaned by the United States or that the United States quietly and discretely keeps aboard their ships, submarines and air bases.

In Europe there are about 150 nuclear warheads belonging to the USA at bases in Kleine Brogel in Belgium, Büchel in Germany, Aviano and Ghedi-Torre in Italy, Volkel in The Netherlands, and Incirlik in Turkey.

France may position a “nuclear deterrent” in Germany.

Despite the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) India, Pakistan, DPRK, Iran (likely), Israel have their own nuclear weapons.

The NPT exempts five nuclear weapon states (France, China, the Russian Federation, Britain, and the United States). These five NPT states were grandfathered in 1968. They have a legal obligation in Article VI of the NPT for the five nuclear weapon states to fully disarm.

India, Israel, and Pakistan were never part of the NPT. The DPRK withdrew from the NPT in 2003.

Earlier version of the nuclear bomb.

Tensions around the world are worsening.

Feminine-Perspective Join VoicesFeminine-Perspective With Civil Society

RINJ with several partners has formed a global member-driven women’s action group called  Voices .

Our goal is to assemble members around the world, led by the best and the brightest to promote and achieve global nuclear disarmament and demilitarization of space in concert with the UN Secretary General.

Our method initially is to support the UN Secretary General’s 5-Point Plan for nuclear disarmament plus further initiatives we (you and other members) may decide by vote. We shall challenge lack of commitment of political candidates and government representatives on our aims for a more peaceful Earth through a viable and sustainable nuclear disarmament process and the same for the demilitarization of space.

China. Operational test of troop multitasking in live fire intermediate range target acquisition and tracking; guidance and fire control air-defence missile tests.

The world is changing rapidly. Somewhere between 14,000 and 20,000 nuclear weapons exist on Earth and we believe as a result of research that there are some in space.

Meanwhile the growing despotism of a malignant patriarch has put more wars and armed conflicts on this planet than ever before.

The countries which have nuclear weapons are bullying those that don’t, with their nuclear bombs and economic sanctions, to prevent weaker countries from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Today Pakistan and India are nuclear armed and they are at each other’s throats.

Russia and China are at loggerheads with the United States and all three have enough bombs each to destroy the entire world.
Recently a Chinese/Russian cooperative airborne mission was attacked by South Korean F-15s as the Chinese and Russian aircrew flew along international waters. They passed some rocks that both Japan and South Korea claim ownership over. Japan was furious at the attack by South Korea.

Britain under the urging of the United States is leaving the European Union solely because it wants to sell weapons systems to places the European Union would not permit to have such weapons. Those two countries’ weapons and lust for war have put 15 million Yemenis in jeopardy. They have killed over a million civilians in Iraq and Syria.


Join Voices If populations are slaughtered by atomic weapons, or starvation what is the moral difference? Both must end.

Above, DPRK Yongbyon nuclear facility.

North Korea has said it wants a seat at the table to talk about global denuclearization instead of unilateral denuclearization. That makes sense. Let’s do it.


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