RINJ Is Building an ICC Case Against Each ISIL Rapist

The Islamic State in Iraq and Levant seeks to occupy Iraq and Syria and move into Turkey, Egypt, the Palestine territories, Jordan and Lebanon .

ISIL – The ‘L’ stands for “Levant” in English, a translation of “al-Sham” which describes the region roughly from Egypt to Greece.  More precisely, ISIL seeks to control  Turkey through Syria to Egypt and includes the Palestinian territories, Jordan and Lebanon. The Islamic State organization declared its mission is to form an Islamic state, or caliphate, over this entire Levant.

Regardless of public beheadings, ISIS’ sexual violence against women, children and men is what ISIS has come to represent to The RINJ Foundation.

ISIL is iconic to violent sex crime. It has declared war and is comprised of serious war criminals. Rape as a serious war crime has been ignored through the ages. Not any more.

Rape as a weapon of war is an assault on security and a world in which these crimes happen is one in which there is not, and never will be, peace.” – Angelina Jolie, June 2014

The RINJ Foundation theory of opposing and collecting evidence of this war crime of ISIL and specific evidence against each individual perpetrator is based on  large numbers of volunteers and the surreptitious ability of every woman and some children to make a small contribution which in aggregate will comprise the best and most comprehensive compilation of witness accounts and suspect photo/video identification using the most sophisticated technology ever before available to consumers, in all history. If you have data to submit, do easily here at the war-crime report server: – The RINJ Foundation

Whatever its initial direction, ISIS is no longer a legitimate cause. Probably conceived in despair to oppose the wrongdoings of Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria and collecting momentum with the help of Iraqi Sunnis disenchanted with poor government in Iraq that existed for its own interest and not that of the people, ISIS has become a collection of fanatical criminals.

The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq is the wealthiest terrorist group in the world and has conducted itself as a pariah to ordinary citizens which it rapes and kills at will.

In large part ISIS is born thanks to the barbaric Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria, who raped and pillaged his opposition (which amounted to a grass roots community of Syria that just didn’t like his brutal dictatorial grip on power) to the point of polarizing and uniting his fundamentalist enemies which unified,  gained ground, and stole oil fields and refineries across Syria–not without a fight which still continues.

Looking like a worthy opponent to al-Assad the so-called “Islamic State” was passively (or more) supported by the world for some three years. The ISIL crisis-monster now has three heads.

ISIL or ISIS led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took over nearly a third of Syria and the city of Fallujah in Iraq by spring 2014 and has since moved on to take control of a substantial part of Iraq including Takrit and Mosul. It now wants Baghdad and will likely get it.

Anyone opposing ISIL aids current pariahs Syria and Russia. This monster has three heads, Vladimir Putin,  Bashar al-Assad, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi . No military action you can imagine doing gives you a categorical win.

The strongest resistance to ISIS has come from the Kurds in the north of Iraq and in Syria. The extraordinary Kurdish Peshmerga have led the fight but at the same time the Syrian Kurds and Yazidis have paid a high price. ISIS fighters have raped, butchered, imprisoned and sold Yazidi women and Christian women in a genocidal efford to convert the region to some medieval brand of Islam (if such ever really existed).

At every chance the ISIS organization seizes and exploits money-making enterprises in the oil-rich regions of Syria and Iraq. Oil money buys plenty of weapons for ISIS.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

As The RINJ Foundation scrutinized the situation in this region since beginning evidence gathering in Syria two years ago under U.N. Resolution 1820, it became increasingly clear that the conduct of all fighters in the various combative  exchanges makes them all war criminals by act, negligence, acquiescence, contribution or conspiracy; and the community at large is the victim.

ISIS rapes, exploits, sells and murders women and children and so too does Assad’s fighters. According to some accounts about the recent history of the region, so too have the Americans in Iraq, raped men women and children. Unlike the former two entities the Americans have at least made a token effort to prosecute those in their midst who have committed these war crimes which pale in comparison to the atrocities committed in the name of religion in Iraq, and in the course of civil war and the religious battles in Syria.

ISIL  claims to be a theocratic state. It apparently offends some Muslims across the rest of the world, or so they say, but it is in reality the extension of the seldom referenced mantra of the Quran, “If you can’t convert by the word, convert by the sword”.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his henchmen are not seeking a good place at the head of the table in heaven, they are after more trivial and traditional things like political power, wealth, sex and instant gratification.

With regulars, conscripts and sympathizers at 60 to 80 thousand strong, ISIL’ armies are growing at an alarming rate–maybe 4-6 thousand per month of late.

Raping women and children, disemboweling and beheading so-called enemies is par for the course.



The RINJ Foundation Catalogues Crime, Identifies War Criminals and Collects Evidence For Future ICC Trials

ISIS may be drawing to itself the crème de la crème of psychopaths.

Imagine building a community from the dangerous criminal population of Attica Prison. How would they behave? Like ISIL.

Psychopathy affects approximately 1-to-5 percent of the  general population in the world and 20 percent (normal) to 70 percent (high-security prisons for the most dangerous criminals) of the male and female prison population.

Some cultures breed psychopaths. There can be a genetic predisposition that arises from centuries of culture in which children and women are treated in a certain malevolent way. In the islamic community or for that matter in any community that tends to be misogynistic, the percentage of APD’s is as high as 20 percent or even more. It’s about all the failure to bond at the umbilical chord, let alone bonding past the mother to the rest of the human race. Misogynistic culture has a huge price among children: they CAN become monsters.

Relative to non-psychopathic criminals, psychopaths are responsible for a disproportionate amount of repetitive crime and violence in society. Blood, gore, attention and instant gratification are the hallmarks of their conduct. They have the challenging task of outdoing their last atrocity.

The RINJ Foundation has been cataloguing faces, synchronizing witness accounts and building war-crime case database comprising the alleged rapist war-criminals in the region. It seems that in crimes like this, the women never forget the faces. Sad, but also helpful.


The United Nations has since the Nuremburg trials twice convened a tribunal in the Hague, once for crimes in the former Yugoslave states and once for Rwanda. Those experiences led to the creation of the ICC.

The International Criminal Court (ICC or ICCt) is a permanent international tribunal to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. Jurisdiction for the crime of aggression will not be active until 2017 and there has been some suggestion that The RINJ Foundation’s criminal charges for war-time sex crimes may need to await the more encompassing charge of aggression but an argument has been prepared to suggest that the more immediate and specifc charges of gender violence, rape and therefore genocide could lead in to aggression charges as valid precursor evidence of aggression, especially where a series of charges and convictions show trend progression and pervasiveness of the crimes.

The ICC was created by the Rome Statute which came into force on 1 July 2002.The Court is headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, but its proceedings may take place anywhere. It is intended to complement existing national judicial systems, and may only exercise its jurisdiction when national courts are unwilling or unable to investigate or prosecute such crimes. In the case of Syria and The Congo the nation states are unwilling. Other states are willing.

The RINJ Foundation theory of adducing this war crime to the ICC is based on  large numbers of volunteers and the surreptitious ability of every woman and some children to make a small contribution which in aggregate will comprise the best and most comprehensive compilation of witness accounts and suspect photo/video identification using the most sophisticated technology ever available to consumers, in all history.

Once credible charges have been laid, arrests can be issued and U.N. Security Council and other member nations can be asked to execute the warrants. It is a better way ahead than most.

The RINJ Foundation has set up offices, built database servers, briefed its lawyers, created teams,  and staffed operations to collect and synchronize data. Please join our efforts. Use the email form below if you wish to Volunteer .

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