ISIS Scorched Earth Plan For Mosul – IS PSYOPS

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I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house down. — Islamic State

April 28, 2016– ISIS is destroying Mosul trying to tell the government of Iraq that if its troops continue with their offensive on ISIS-held Mosul it should expect a “scorched earth policy” from the Salafi jihadists of the Islamic State. Psychological warfare.

But ISIS has always been destroying Mosul since the gang of criminals arrived. This won’t work.

It is therefore unlikely that ISIS has anything to offer in the way of a significant threat unless it does what some of its stoned fighters chatter about and blows up the Mosul Dam which would kill everyone (including ISIS) along the Tigress river, maybe anywhere up to a couple of million people would be killed or displaced. The other possibility is that ISIS would execute what its members have also chatted about which is a chemical weapon assault on Mosul itself using an array of old and older nerve agents and crude chemical weapons, all of which it has stolen from the Syrian government’s arsenals. — Bonnie in Mosul with Micheal in South East Asia




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