ISIL Raping/Killing Yazidi & Catholic Girls: War Crime

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The Future of The Yazidi people is threatened because the female population segment, that group of girls mostly from 9 years to 25 years, has suffered:

  • Death by Islamic State murder and by suicide;
  • Pregnancies resulting from rape;
  • Depression and suicide resulting from rape;
  • Physical traumas resulting from horrible abuses and torture;
  • Post traumatic stress disorders of a new magnitude;
  • Being shunned by their own and larger community;
  • Stigma of lost virginity as a secondary trigger for PTSD; and
  • Large numbers, many thousands are missing. We believe more than 4,000 in the Mosul area.
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August 17, 2014 – While the RINJ Foundation gathers evidence of  war crime, women in Mosul are held in a secret prison since June where they have been raped and sold off like property, facing a dire fate.

Survivors who were able to escape from ISIL say the women held in its prison in Mosul face two fates: Those who convert to Islam are sold as brides to Islamist fighters for prices as low as $25, (USD) and ranging up to $150.  Public auctions yield a price of up to $1000.00 for sellers and re-sellers. Those women and children who do not convert face daily rape and a slow death.

The RINJ Foundation has volunteers in the field, collecting evidence and doing survivor support and case work reporting. Any person can file a report of war-crime rape of their own experience or their knowledge of crime against another person by submiting photographs (especially identification photos of perpetrators before, at, or after the material time) and documents here on this page. You can file a detailed report here.

Christians in Iraq

Yazidi Women

In one of the most horrible, continuing atrocities of all time, the peaceful Kurdish people are being slaughtered by Islamist extremists and their women raped and impregnated as part of a genocidal campaign. The Islamic State slaughters men who won’t convert, kidnaps women, children and rapes them. Thousands of women have gone missing. The Islamic State has also vowed to convert or kill every Catholic in Iraq and has begun to do just that. Conflicts in Syria and Iraq have converged into a widening regional crisis spearheaded by a powerful extremist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIL). Sunni militants have mounted an offensive in Iraq driving the military forces from territory north and west of Baghdad and taking the cities of Mosul and Tikrit with little resistance by June’s end.

ISIL, the latest Islamic State terrorist flavour to compete with al Qaeda for prominence as the quintessential anti-West terror group is now waging all-out war with the Kurds in Northern Iraq.

Eyewitnesses have described how girls raped by Muslim fighters from the “Islamic State” (formerly ISIL) committed suicide en-masse after returning to their families, as evidence of systematic rape by Islamists against non-Muslims continue to surface.

War crime is prolific. To the muslims the women have only the value of breeding to help the ISIL genocide campaign.

The Yazidi religion is indigenous to Kurdistan, and Yazidis themselves are ethnically-Kurdish. But unlike many other Kurds, they largely avoided intermarriage with surrounding Arab tribes and thus many of them maintained a strikingly fair “Aryan” complexion, with blond hair and blue eyes. By raping their women, IS fighters “complement” the slaughter and forced-conversions of the Yazidis by impregnating them and breaking their bloodline, according to one leading Kurdish activist.

The Kurds and Yazidis are originally Aryans. Because the Yazidis are such a closed community they have retained a fairer complexion, blonder hair and bluer eyes. They don’t marry non-Yazidis.

Among the tens of thousands of Yazidi refugees trapped in the Shingal mountains while fleeing IS’s deadly advance through Iraq, several survivors have told how a group of three girls were returned after being abducted and raped – only to hurl themselves off a cliff after being traumatized by their ordeal.

The fate of more than 3,000 Iraqi women captured by Isis militants remains unclear, as Kurdish troops moved closer to the city of Mosul.

ISIL is a group of Sunni jihadists led by 43-year-old Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the nom de guerre of Awwad Ibrahim al-Badri al-Samarri.

Baghdadi fought in an armed rebellion in western Iraq after the U.S. invasion in 2003, and was captured by U.S. forces in 2006. Upon his release towards the end of the decade, Baghdadi rejoined al-Qaeda affiliates in Iraq.

ISIL seeks to create an Islamic state in eastern Syria and northern Iraq based on sharia law. Thus far, the group has captured territory from the fringes of Aleppo in eastern Syria to Falluja in southern Iraq to Mosul and Tikrit in the north.

Update, October 5, 2014

By October, 2014, the raping and sale of Yazidi, Christian and other non-Muslim women in northern Iraq and Syria continues. There has been much conjecture about the size of ISIL. According to London’s Guardian newspaper, ISIL was thought to have around 6,000 members prior to seizing Mosul and Tikrit in late spring 2014. But the conquest of key Iraqi cities has inspired many jihadis, both in and outside Iraq and Syria, to join. By August 2014 U.S. intelligence sources were estimating 25-30,000 and by October 2014 The RINJ Foundation estimated that including conscripts and sympathizers within even the Iraq army, there would be some 50,000 to 60,000 fighters available to ISIL in the event of a foreign land attack on their strongholds.

A serious global emergency is in the making as the Middle East region of Iraq, Syria boils and possibly Iran to the East and countries around the Caspian Sea and Turkey become affected.

 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Wanted:  Rape, GBV, Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity

Update: January 28, 2015

Abu Du’a  (a.k.a.: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ) is listed at the United Nations Security Council 1267/1989 al-Qaida Sanctions Committee. Abu Du’a is also a Specially Designated Global Terrorist under U.S. Executive Order 13224. He is wanted by The RINJ Foundation for prosecution in the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity including Gender-Based Violence and Genocide.

Allegedly, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the self-declared Islamic State, has ordered the female genital mutilation of two million Kurdish and Iraqi girls to “distance them from debauchery and immorality”.

The RINJ Foundation seeks to make it explicitly clear to all persons that this practice of FGM is a crime by international consensus.

Rumours investigated by the UN and by various media have raised this concern although the likelihood of a serious “Fatwa” with ISIL enforcement seems ludicrous. No doubt such a “Fatwa” is on Abu Du’a’s wish list.

Update November 13, 2015

Sinjar is taken back from ISIS but is destroyed in the process by hundreds of coalition bombs.

Many Mass Graves are Found Around SINJAR

 Update June 2016
The RINJ Foundation is in Sinjar and is mapping out a role for Public Health in the Shingal region.

For additional reading: RINJ Is Building an ICC Case Against Each ISIL Rapist


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