Consent is addictive as fuck!!

We need to talk to parents and teachers.

Can we talk about “rape”?
Can we talk about sex?
Can we talk about “consent”?

At a time when rape is the fastest growing crime around the world and simultaneously as the assimilation of more poorly-educated, developing nation cultures including the most misogynistic in the world as well as the most extreme religious fundamentalists are intermingling into the global melting pots, how do we find a happy medium on sex education in that mix?

For one thing, the need to teach about “consent” has never been greater.

But, you can’t teach consent until after you have taught about sex, procreation and sexual behaviour.

Sexual violence and child sex slavery are two of earth’s epidemics. Sex education can help combat the global rape culture that breeds and enables sex offenders.

North America, having less than 5% of the world population is, because of travel and migration, being influenced by the other 95% of the world population. It may not be good enough to quietly suggest that “consent” is important in sexual relations. It may be time to yell it from the roof tops.

Most people don’t think about these four sexual assault facts: 

  • Children cannot consent. Sex with children is a serious crime anywhere on earth.
  • An intoxicated person can’t consent.  Sex with a non-consenting adult is a serious crime.
  • A person who is mentally incompetent or too uninformed to deal with the subject matter, cannot consent.  Sex with a non-consenting adult is a serious crime.
  • A person who is mentally incompetent or too uninformed to deal with the subject matter, cannot easily be held accountable (convicted) for sexually violent crime. 

Knowing these things is important, don’t you think?

Sex education is extremely important, isn’t it?

Instead of being a rape apologist why not be a consent proponent? Let’s start educating our kids about sex, and then teach consent.

Because of rape apologism (you say rape is always going to happen and nothing will change that because it is human nature and therefore sex education will not change  the crime rate) is so widespread, survivors of rape often don’t tell anyone about their ordeal because they perceive they are unlikely to be taken seriously. Because of this error in thinking the survivor doesn’t receive the support they need from family, doctors, and law enforcement, and this lack of support makes it much less likely they will overcome their trauma and makes it abundantly clear to would-be rapists that they will not be made accountable for their very serious crime.


Misogyny is caused partly by bad education.
One problem with misogyny is that it presumes consent.

Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including the condoning or conduct of sexual discrimination, the condoning or conduct of denigration of women, the condoning or conduct of violence against women, and the condoning or conduct of sexual objectification of women.

Assumed consent is not consent. Sex without consent is a serious crime.


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