If rape druggers were jailed, detection gadgets wouldn’t be needed.

The failing of victims to detect drugs in their drink is not the problem. Rape is the problem.

George Will announced to the world that women coveted the status of “rape victimhood” on American campuses. Meanwhile a horrible genocidal raping and sex slavery of women continues in Syria and Iraq in the wake of American occupation of Iraq. America, what are you doing?

In the United States and Canada a series of ‘toys’ and gadgets developed by entrepreneur men are being introduced to Crowdfunding web sites and the bandwagon is filling fast with keen “early investors” who want women to buy expensive stuff that will help them detect if they are being rape-drugged.

Will these people be sending their daughters out to the bar with rape-detecting cups; GBH sensing fingernails and LSD whistles? What’s wrong with his picture?

There is something creepy about playing money-games with the acceptance of criminals using monster doses of the nastier benzodiazepines and pre-anaesthetics to control rape victims. This is a kind of gamesmanship that pitches detection toys versus pharmaceutical tactics.  The pharmaceuticals have won already.

Penalties are too lax for crimes of this sort. A bullet or a dose of benzodiazepine, it makes no difference as the level of the crime is identical. The punishment must suit the crime. Life imprisonment or the death penalty are good deterrents in the United States. The problem is that the pharmaceutical giants who make the chemical bullets have too much clout and respect to hear their products put in disrepute–but really it’s about misuse and abuse.

People who put drugs into someone without their unambiguous permission are willing to violate any and all human rights and commit any crime against the person or property, more particularly against the person. Believe this: you are not safe with such an individual.  These criminals are committing what could easily be a capital crime and they should be punished accordingly.

To these men with their money-making schemes we say: If you really believe–really and truly believe– you need to sell women anything for rape protection, ‘man up’ and sell women Smith & Wesson model 19s, not silly toys and gadgets.

The failing of victims to detect drugs in their drink is not the problem. Rape is the problem.