Rohingya GBV Survivors HIV/HBV Mitigation Program

Rohingya GBV Survivors HIV/HBV Mitigation Program

Rohingya GBV Survivors HIV/HBV Mitigation Program

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Rohingya GBV Survivors HIV/HBV Mitigation Program

Rohingya GBV Survivors HIV/HBV Mitigation Program

A remarkable humanitarian plan under development these past 8 months will provide STI (incl. #HIV / #AIDS / #HBV ) testing and treatment for gender-based violence survivors in the Rohingya communities in Asia. This may lead to testing experimental HIV vaccines and new drugs.

Additional Countries Now Seek to Be Added to the Program — They Will Be Added

The Project Coordinator is Sharon Santiago.
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The Rohingya have mostly been driven from Myanmar in an act of ethnic cleansing. Initially some 700,000 fled Myanmar to Bangladesh around Bengal Bay. That is now up to a million in three horrible camps.

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Rohingya GBV Survivors HIV/HBV Mitigation Program

Rohingya GBV Survivors HIV/HBV Mitigation Program

This is a very difficult situation because the governments of Myanmar and Bangladesh do not want to discuss rape, genocide, HIV and HBV, even though the soldiers of Myanmar have spread disease among each other by raping over 100,000 women and children among each other.

This is a state-sponsored crime against humanity. Obviously medical care providers will have substantial evidence. It should be reminded that patient confidentiality is 100%. There is no aim to apportion blame, only to help the survivors and to end the epidemic.

The RINJ Foundation CEO has clearly indicated and undertaken that the organization is not going to seek or prosecute rapists in this matter and will not be collecting DNA or any evidence related to crime. In exchange the Civil Society group seeks unfettered access and complete cooperation.

“The sole goal is to treat survivors and help them repatriate back to their homes in good health and with all available haste.”

The RINJ Foundation has worked with a number of universities and pharmaceuticals to fine tune testing procedures and has a global free testing plan. RINJ already has a unique approach to testing that works.

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From 80,000 pregnancies resulted from the rape of the Rohingya women. Of the hundreds of thousands of women and children in Bangladesh and Myanmar, many are swept up into the global sex slavery world.

This is going to increase the EPIDEMICS of HIV and HBV.

It must be contained.

RINJ Women have some idea of the extent of the problem and it is so bad, it will not be discussed. Better to just deal with solutions. The Rohingya are in a desperate, premorbid condition. Solving problems that have stigma is more important than discussing these politically tainted notions that rank with bogey men and witches.

Goal is to test 100,000+

Nurses are hired from the Philippines and Bangladesh for the most part, led by expert doctors and nurses from other parts of the world.

Nurses will be paid on average $1,929.00 per month plus their expenses for travel will be paid. Their accommodation will be shared, and not very attractive in all honesty but the local environs on Bengal Bay are lovely. The camps are not. Nurses will live with the Rohingya survivors in Bangladesh and other arrangements will take place in Myanmar. The RINJ Foundation will provide services for any person in Myanmar and that includes alleged rapists and the survivors. The goal is to treat all infected persons.

The methodology of treatment involves the use of various blends of medications to suppress HIV to the point where the virus is undetectable in the bloodstream.

At this point the patient is a candidate for certain new experimental drug tests wherein the medicine finds the virus where it is hidden and kills it.

That’s the simple version, non-technical and optimistically stated. Some cases will be more challenging.

Some day, HIV will kill nobody suggests doctors and scientists at a July 2019 World HIV conference in Mexico City. But this will take a lot of work.

Hepatitis B (HBV), with higher morbidity than HIV, has become hyper endemic in the Philippines where the project’s head office is based. More and more experience is being garnered in PH. As much as 17% of the adult population, nearly seven and a half million adult Filipinos, are infected with HBV, a disease that transmits sexually more often and more easily than HIV.

This will present challenges where comorbid HIV/HBV is present. Both must be treated. Better yet, HBV must be vaccinated.

The RINJ Foundation, a global civil society group said that for survivors of sexual exploitation there is no shame in testing positive. Persons who begin HIV treatment are almost certain of becoming non-contagious and living relatively normal lives.

The RINJ group has offered free assistance to women and children in the three refugee camps on Bengal bay near Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh.

Rapists in Myanmar have created 80,000 pregnancies among about 700,000 women. Many infants and mothers have died. We need to halt this.

Those rapists are testing positive for HIV and HBV. Their requests for discrete testing has yielded a class of people who have shared the viruses by forcibly raping women, hence opening blood passageways via lesions and lacerations, to fluid transfers and microbial invaders.

The female survivors are willing to try new experimental vaccines and Gene mimicry therapies for routing out hidden HIV virus and killing it.

While this one million group of people in Bangladesh and 700,000 group in Myanmar is getting little attention, it is the RINJ Foundation theory that the crisis represents an opportunity to find a vaccine and a curative treatment for numerous strains of HIV. Unless HBV kills the patients first. Hence both must be treated.

New solutions are available including better prophylaxis for HIV; a HBV vaccine; and help is available even for people with comorbid HIV and HBV. Getting tested and starting treatment are the steps all the doctors are urging.

The benefits to sponsors could be for the pharmaceutical that shares in the iunitial work and lands a piece of the vaccine that results.

Who is in?

The RINJ Women
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Impartiality & neutrality are not equal to silence. When RINJ workers witness extreme acts of violence against individuals or groups, the organisation may speak out publicly. RINJ may seek to bring attention to extreme need and unacceptable suffering when access to justice or lifesaving medical care is impeded, when medical facilities come under threat, when crises like rape for the purpose of genocide are neglected, or when the provision of aid is inadequate or abused.

Project will be run from nearby SouthEast Asia Region

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