RINJ CEO Slams Freedom Convoy Anarchists as weapons in Hybrid war against West

The editorial team of the Feminine Perspective Magazine have been liaising with RINJ Women chapters in Russia, Ukraine, Donetsk PR and Luhansk PR as well as their many contacts in the Russian Federation. They bring back warnings for Canada, America, Australia, France, New Zealand and Britain. Watch the video.

Clearly the Russian Federation is engaged in a two way Hybrid War with the United States and its allies plus the American-controlled North American Treaty Alliance.

Funding for these “Freedom Convoys” is coming from the Russian Federation to a significant extent, plus radicalized groups in the United States, say women in Eastern Europe who have all the right connections.

Freedom COnvoy

By Véronic Gagnon – Own work, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=115097652

“I wish Canada had sat this one out. I do not trust the American president’s judgment and his decision-making on most things but the cacophony raised hysterically about the military exercises in Russia and Belarus are so far from reality that it’s like watching a really low grade movie at 3 in the morning,” said Mr. O’Brien, RINJ CEO.

Katie Alsop, Executive Director of The RINJ Foundation has speculated that “because of the massive numbers of women we talk to, we might know more than anyone how much these men are lying to each other. But we are proud that France’s Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin have a good understanding of the issues.”

Mr. Macron has said “We cannot resolve this crisis in a few hours of talks,” he said. “It will be the days and the weeks and the months to come that will allow us to progress.”

Biden is warning Americans in Ukraine to Leave Ukraine Immediately ‘because war is imminent’. But Biden has said that war is coming any day, since last November.

Russia has denied repeatedly that it has plans to invade any country.

“The geopolitical objective of Russia today is clearly not Ukraine, but to clarify the rules of cohabitation with NATO and the EU,” said President Macron who is also the current leader of the European Union.

Mr. Macron who was told by President Putin that Russia will not escalate the Ukraine crisis.