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FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) In The USA

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The RINJ Foundation once known as RINJ Campaign in the late 2000s during the end of the George Bush era was telling Opus Dei FGM survivors to flee the country and seek refugee status elsewhere if they could not get away from the oppressive cult. Some grown women and teens upon discovering or at least suspecting the cause of their issues of depression and sexual dysfunction even go to France where a Dr. Fouldes was reversing some of the American FGM procedures and some even go to Berlin Germany’s Desert Flower clinic.

More than half a million women and girls in the U.S. are at risk of undergoing FGM in the U.S. or abroad, or have already undergone the procedure, including 166,173 under the age of 18, according to the Population Reference Bureau (PRB).

According to the PRB, California is the state with the largest number of at-risk women and girls, with 56,872, followed by New York, with 48,418, and Minnesota, with 44,293. In terms of cities in the U.S., New York, Washington and Minneapolis-St. Paul are the metropolitan areas with the largest numbers of at-risk women and girls.

The Muslim community tends to use crude methods for performing female genital mutilation but more sophisticated methods are seen among other religions in America.

The patient impact is significant. According to the World Health Organization, “Other health problems — longer-term health problems — include psychological risks, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Between 2005 and 2010 The RINJ Foundation encouraged up to 52 young women who were threatened with FGM in the USA despite the 1996 federal legislation forbidding specific types of FGM.

The US Federal Legislation against FGM prompted more sophisticated work-around by religious zealots. Instead of removing the clitoris, why not remove the nerves to the clitoris? That is not specified in the US legislation and would conceivably be legal.

It is not likely that Walter Reed and other hospitals in the United States would be happy with that procedure being done in an O/R exploited for the purpose under the hospital privileges exchange but the procedure could be described as many things from hymen replacement to bowel ileus repair to even plastic surgery to remedy a birth anomaly.

Some young women applied for refugee status in Canada to avoid being forced into the FGM procedure as “chattels” (where only parents can consent to surgical procedures for a child under 21)  of their religious fundamentalist parents.

Under the Canadian Harper administration the Canadian Refugee Board astoundingly ruled with blatant parochialism that the United States does not have an FGM problem and that there are no doctors performing FGM in the United states.

Meanwhile the numbers of victims in the United States was growing to an excess of 150, 000 new survivors in the 21st century, under 21.

RINJ hired a top Canadian immigration lawyer and fought furiously to assist a group of American females who had responded to an online canvass of possible victims or those who felt they might be forced to submit to FGM without their consent.

The RINJ Foundation fought a bitter fight with the Opus Dei people some of whom  infiltrated the US Food and Drug Administration during the George Bush era, after helping George W win his election.  In all attempts to get the FDA and other USA departments to deal with this matter, the response was that FGM does not occur in the USA. That is a false statement. Read more about FGM in the USA.

Some doctors near Maclean Virginia and in Chicago (Two major Opus Dei Centers) were doing a surgical removal of the nerves to the clitoris inside various O/Rs including the Walter Reed Hospital in Chevy Chase, charging wealthy Opus Dei families to bring daughters from age 2 to 6 to become FGM victims for up to $10,000.00. Each.

These Opus Dei people felt that the work of God was better done if girls had no temptation to sex including masturbation. Removing the function of the clitoris in a neuro-surgical manner would achieve that result and because this is an area of the body that heals rapidly (think about child birth’s ripping, stretching and tearing and the subsequent healing after a few weeks) getting caught for the illegal procedure would be unlikely. (Federal law passed in 1996 against FGM.)

One of the most extraordinary things encountered in this investigation of FGM in the United states was the connection to Robert Philip Hanssen (born April 18, 1944)  who was a former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent who spied for Soviet and Russian intelligence services against the United States for twenty-two years from 1979 to 2001.

Robert Hanssen is currently serving 15 consecutive life sentences at ADX Florence, a federal supermax prison near Florence, Colorado. His wife Bonnie continues to teach at the Opus Dei super-strict girl’s school, Oakcrest, in McLean Virginia, bordering on the Washington DC Beltway.

“He and his wife Bonnie,” says Time Magazine, ” belong to the church’s conservative Opus Dei society. Bonnie is a devout, spiritual woman, much admired among her neighbors for her sunny optimism and her skill at child rearing. If the reserved, aloof Hanssen was less popular, he was still regarded by those who knew him as a good father, good husband, good professional.”

Hanssen had met Bernadette “Bonnie” Wauck, a staunch Roman Catholic and Opus Dei leader, while attending medical school at Northwestern. The couple married in 1968, and Hanssen converted from Lutheranism to his wife’s religion, becoming a fervent believer and being extensively involved in the conservative  organization Opus Dei.

Through spying and surigal-related activities, Hanssen raised many millions of dollars for Opus Dei.

In all that time, hospital privileges in the greater DC area were being used by surgeons who were also members of the Opus Dei to perform simple neurological surgery on female children for a fee that was not dissimilar to the cost of elective, private cosmetic surgery in that time.

The coffers of Opus Dei swelled to the point of enabling construction of buildings and expansion of schools where the ultra-strict (like Sharia) doctrine was taught to children.

For surgeons performing this procedure, in order to be prosecuted under USA statutes, they would have to be caught by a surgically trained police officer who had been allowed to attend the surgery or who had obtained a search warrant for exactly the right moment. There is no such enforcement in the United States and the procedure is now done across the States by neurosurgeons and others less qualified.

RINJ fought furiously despite death threats, kidnapping attempts, legal attacks, civil and criminal litigation, attempts to bribe Canadian officials, extra-legal attacks and more.  The result was denial all the way up to the office of The President of The United States.

In Canada the denials were the same. “This is not happening in Canada nor the United States”.

This was also the era in which the United states was massacring hundreds of thousands of civilians on the Middle East “in the name of god”.

One can only infer that the extremism of religion and the misogyny  in Muslim countries is no different than the extremism and misogyny in Christian countries. In both the people are brainwashed to the point vehement denial of wrongdoing that permeates through the highest levels of government and institutions.

The RINJ Foundation has adduced that FGM is a Sexual Assault Crime where no specific FGM law is in place.

In this artistic video, “to fly” is to feel ‘down there’ again. We illustrate the feeling of inadequacy and specify the urge to become whole and to again “fly”. It’s a great video. Watch it full screen!


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