Government officials wear N95 masks under cheap cloth rags

As we have said since January, wear an N-95 mask. SARS2 is in the air.

Notice that male government officials are wearing N95 masks under cheap cloth rags that hang on their ears. Amanda saw Joe Biden doing that the other day. He wore a black cloth mask over his white N95—God bless him. All seniors and all people with chronic illness must wear a respirator. That is a huge percentage of the population. In America where obesity, diabetes and heart disease are prolific, most adults are vulnerable. Anyone over 55 is vulnerable, particularly those over 60 years of age.

Kathy Poon took a picture of 10 officials at goodwill ceremonies in three locations, all wearing N-95s. These are the same dickheads (not one woman among them) who say, “save medical masks for medical workers”. Wrong. As a medical worker I can tell you men to wear a medical (N95) mask and thus I will not need to see your sorry coughing carcass and soaking dripping face rag at my emergency room sallyport.

Almost everyone needs to wear a respirator.


Shorting Hospital Workers their PPE

It’s been a year almost. I want to say to all the officials, particularly and almost exclusively in North and South America; officials whose incompetence has compelled hospital medical workers to wear spit barriers instead of protective respirators; that you have killed thousands of medical workers. There is a certain place in hell for you. It’s been nearly a full year and you are not supplying proper PPE to medical workers? I will wear my N-95 when I squat and pee on your grave. You are disgusting me and everyone else.

by Nurse Melissa Hemingway

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 Health is more than medicine, it is more than research data. It is the essence of a functional society applying sound practices for personal safety and well-being.

But then there are Stupid Men

You have likely seen them at the grocery store in the parking lot fumbling under the car seat looking for some stained thing attached to ear strings they call a mask. Into the store they go with this pathetic single layer drippy rag partly covering their mouth leaving their nostrils snorting steam from the strain of dragging their big bellies into the market and extracting a shopping cart.

How smart is that? The nose is where the virus hangs out. The mouth can catch it and send it to an ACE2-receptor on a pulmonary cell but the mouth isn’t as good a spreader as the warm cozy virus horn above his yapper with the deep warm drippy cavities of the upper respiratory system. Stupid, eh? Stupid is what stupid does and that is stupid. Wear a mask that covers and protects your respiratory system.

Learn how to wear a mask properly. That man described above has barely a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving COVID-19 but before he dies or is left as a living invalid lump of belly fat waiting to die upon first reinfection, he will infect 5 to 100 people directly and indirectly and a few of them will die and the rest will start the infection cycle and recycle that will eventually kill them.

Any inkling of obesity is an indicator of incipient or probable diabetes, coronary disease, hypertension and more.

The remaining small number of surviving humans will be the ones whose bodies have learned how to suppress the virus one way or another. Maybe they will live in caves like the bats have done for a million years since they learned how to suppress SARS-CoV-2.

You may be one of the clowns saying that COVID-19 kills only 20 per 100,000 people therefore “not me”. But that is only on the first go-round. Once the puny storage of antibodies have dissipated, SARS2 reinfects and the first infection, no matter how mild, is a comorbid underlying issue that together with the new infection kills more people driving waaaayyy-up the IFR.

Don’t kid yourself. On the medical networks the chatter about reinfections is in its incipient stages on some med-nets and a screaming crescendo on others.

It would have been simple to deny the SARS-CoV-2 virus any hosts. Protect respiratory systems. SARS2 is an aerosolized pathogen that is invisible and can linger after the infected people have walked through an air space and coughed plenty.

For political reasons perhaps, mostly because of lack of preparation and the recent trend toward  authoritarian leadership, the public was told not to wear masks because hospital workers needed them. But if the population had not allowed a pathogen into their respiratory system, the disease would have been suppressed like it is in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Male chauvinists thinking they have lost power to women; they think they are not adulated for killing animals any more; and they want to get themselves some ill-begotten power by any means—they are not good leaders. They are failing in their pandemic response as they fail in any and all crisis. Look at Donald Trump and the 65 million like-minded morons who voted for that woman-hating liar in te White House.

Lack of preparedness is still a big culprit but despotic leadership is  slaughtering huge chunks of populations.

In the Philippines the approach has been militaristic, supported by fake opinion polls that claim the people are saying ” OM*G We Love THIS 😀 “.  and the longest lockdown in the world.

The Philippines is in serious trouble say the dying numbers of doctors there. The health budget has been cut by 25% and the government clowns running the health insurance system allegedly stole much of  the money. President Duterte says he is going to ‘hang-em corrupt officials high’ or words to that effect. Can’t blame him for feeling like that, but how the hell is he going to hang all the corrupt officials in Manila. Tey are part of his junta. There isn’t enough rope in the world.

But Yemen, a catastrophe brought to you be the authoritarian Trump Administration where 15 million people appear to be at death’s door, might be far worse.

UNICEF and every doctor in Yemen say, “fifteen million people are on death’s doorstep.”

The picture and its story: Wear an N95 mask if you have one or in the alternative, a mask made of three layers of unique weave cloth. We are like a broken record screaming that from the rooftops since January.

Did you know the World Health Organization quietly agrees? After screwing up initially it changed its guidelines. Watch:


Note: Some content in this article is republished with permission from Feminine-Perspective Magazine


An N95 or N99 or even a reliably-sourced KN95 (explained later) is the best way to go. They must be properly worn and in this article there is a video course you can take to learn how to wear and fit test your mask. Never touch the mask after it has been worn. Only touch the strings.

Here is a good illustration from Feminine-Perspective Magazine.

Here is a good illustration from Feminine-Perspective Magazine.

Governments are full of political nonsense. That’s the nature of the beast. But on this pandemic, the screw  ups are horrific in several quadrants. We elect government officials to put the safety and well being of our communities first, not the elitists’ own comfort.

Don’t wear a mask | wear a mask | don’t wear a medical mask | blah blah BS. It is uter bullcrap. Patriarchal governments have screwed up badly.

But notice that government officials  are wearing N-95 masks hidden behind black or white ear-string cloth masks.

Honestly. Most governments with some extraordinary exceptions, like China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and a few others we will list below have screwed up Pandemic Preparedness royally.


By protecting your own respiratory system you will never be a spreader and you will never need a hospital for COVID-19 disease.

Wear a f*cking N-95 mask and don’t accept any argument to the contrary.

Facebook shite circulating about people not being able to wear a mask is utter bullcrap. You want to die? Go hang yourself, but do not get your stupid ass infected with COVID-19, spread it to 100 people making them horribly sick and killing 2 to 10 of them depending on their vulnerabilities.

We just cannot believe the gross incompetence of political hacks in this matter. They have killed over a million people.  Patriarchal governments do not work because men who seek political roles are actually seeking power and do not CARE.

There are thirty countries where women have saved their populations. It can be done.

Women leadership is generally better. The tide is turning.

No woman leader encouraged citizens to inject bathroom disinfectants. (Stop!) No women leader called peaceful demonstrators “terrorists”. No woman leader ignored the stark COV19-19 warnings of the WHO. by Katie Alsop   Based on the numbers It is true that … Continue reading


Learn how to really care.

Learn how to really care. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway

As we have said for years, the three layer unique weave mask is a solution. We discovered it worked in Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila, etc., in 2011 while testing particulate filters against high pollution.

The three cloth, unique weave mask is a solution we have tested in high pollution areas. It is a fluke, but it works. This article explains why.

The N95 masks use a different process based on electrostatic capture. Don’t spray it with alcohol. Put it in the sun for a couple days after wearing. Obviously you need three or more masks to last a year if you take care by alternating them by 72 hours.

This article will share who did it and how the SARS2 virus has been suppressed.

Deny the virus all hosts and it will vanish. Wear a fit-tested N95 mask beacuse this virus is in the air and we must all deny the SARS2 virus another host. We know this to be true and the best possible advice to all humans. Protect your own respiratory system. Deny the virus another host.

Distribution of disease (COVID-19) infections from June 30 to 1 November 2020.

Distribution of disease (COVID-19) infections from June 30 to 1 November 2020.


Nations/Regions With No Active Cases 2022-09-26
Happy Travels.

Cook Islands101
Falkland Islands188601886
Guantanamo Bay202
Pitcairn Islands000
Saint Helena11011
Sint Eustatius202
Summer Olympics 208650865
Vatican City29029

The Duterte regime in the Philippines either shoots and kills curfew violators or has a corrupt police force jail them for indeterminate periods of time.

The SARS2 virus is out of control in the Philippines. Reported deaths do not match excess deaths by a long shot; disease in impoverished rural provinces is untreated and unreported; and testing is hampered by the fact that the officials running the health system allegedly stole so much money, it was not able to pay the Red Cross (which is also run by Philippines government officials), until  27 October. Funds to the Red Cross are the stypen it needs to buy supplies for testing, which had stopped but resumed on 27 October with payment of half its due.

According to the Centers for disease Control in the United States, “COVID-19 risk in the Philippines is high. CDC recommends travelers avoid all nonessential international travel to the Philippines. Some examples of essential travel may include traveling for humanitarian aid work, medical reasons, or family emergencies. Older adults, people of any age with certain underlying medical conditions, and others at increased risk for severe illness should consider postponing all travel, including essential travel, to the Philippines.”

“The Philippines ranks 114 out of 187 countries in the current Human Development Index (UNDP, 2013) with 41.5 per cent  of the population living on less than 2 US$ a day (World Bank, 2009). Families highly depend on small-scale or subsistence farming and/or fishing, two sectors that are very vulnerable to natural hazards.” (citing Canadian Red Cross)

Canada again failed the pandemic test. Canada failed for SARS1 and now SARS2. The country was not prepared. The death rate in Canada is colossal. They still can’t get the PPE right.

Canada’s readiness for a pandemic was so bad, despite SARS1 experience, that Ontario and Quebec lost nearly all of the most vulnerable and oldest seniors.

“Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health official, said last week that while the summer saw cases concentrated in the 20 to 39 age range, infection rates are now accelerating in older populations,” reports CTV news.

Do not rely on government to end this SARS2 pandemic. Only Canadians  themselves can achieve denial of another SARS2 host.

If you catch COVID-19, and die, or suffer disabilities as a result of the illness, it is on you. Your government has done all it can do within its busy schedule of political correctness and personal survival of the elite.

Canadians with vulnerabilities over three years of age must be wearing N95 respirator masks if leaving home. The same applies to persons over 60 years of age, regardless of their health.

There is only bad news on the topic of viruses. They are not thinking beings. They are not technically alive but if you are willing to think outside the box a little, they with your cells can come alive. They are microbial parasitic pathogens and there are many types. The worst have yet to come to our cells.

Some coronavirus kill 35% to 50% of the people they infect; the worst viruses kill most of the people they infect. As climate change smashes the habitats of many species that have over the centuries suppressed their virus loads, like bats, pangolins, monkeys, camels, and more, they will shed their virus loads as their vulnerable breeds die off. That’s where SARS1 and SARS2 came from—other mammals. Humans are mammals too. The leep from species to species has begun. This COVID-19 disease comes from animals, not China. We have seen it in other countries long before it was seen in China. People working in the wildlife trade have unearthed a monster.

In mainland Asia, the effects of climate change and pollution are immense. I write about personal experience.

Respiratory Protection

In some cities one cannot breathe without respiratory protection. In India, Mumbai and other cities are uninhabitable some days. In China, the government is fighting its own problems. In Thailand we know of wild animal hunters who have died from coronavirus infections they received in bat caves. The consumption of wild animals must cease. Humans must become vegetarian and even vegan. The amount of feed grains used to fatten cows and pigs could feed everyone instead of just feeding a few with artery blocking meat. These are behaviour patterns that can easily be adopted. One just has to start eating for health and not living to eat.

Watch: Donning and Doffing PPE for Family Members Caring for an ill person at home.

“If you are in any way a vulnerable Canadian 60 years of age or older, or if you are a person with any kind of chronic health care issue, like asthma, COPD, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis,  multiple sclerosis, diabetes, hypotensive or hypertensive heart disease, obesity, any kind of coronary disease or cardiovascular disease not mentioned, you must not leave home without wearing a properly fit tested, N95 mask,” is the advice of the World Health organization and many other groups.

Nations/Regions With No Active Cases 2022-09-26
Happy Travels.

Cook Islands101
Falkland Islands188601886
Guantanamo Bay202
Pitcairn Islands000
Saint Helena11011
Sint Eustatius202
Summer Olympics 208650865
Vatican City29029

Wear a Mask When you go Out

This is the recommendation of the World Health Organization and it has always been the advice of the Civil Society Partners for Solidarity Against COVID-19

  • Stay home whenever possible.
  • Maintain home hygiene be cleaning all regularly touched surfaces.
  • Clean hands before touching your face and after touching anything.
  • Wear an N-95 mask. If you cannot obtain respirator masks wear a mask of three unique layers of fabric.

“Myself and my colleagues visit many families and communities near many clinics in our travels,” explains Michele Francis who currently works in Venezuela. ” Our mission is the prevention of COVID-19. We teach people how to prevent illness and we help with maintaining general family health in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East of Asia.”

“In light of evolving evidence the public should be wearing N95 masks to protect their respiratory system in any areas where community transmission is present. Today that is any place where people in any number gather. That respirator mask is not a replacement for social distancing; hand control and hygiene; healthy diet and exercise; it is an adjunct. Even after vaccination, the mask must still be worn,” explains nurse Francis.

Locales With few (1 to 50) Active Cases 2022-09-26
Happy Travels.

Abkhazia5361168352923 5
Antigua and Barbuda9008145883033
British Indian Ocean Terrritory5023
Luhansk PR3260134832910117
Northern Mariana Islands1316640131179
Saint Kitts and Nevis654146648213
Sao Tome and Principe620977611715
Sint Maarten1085987107684
South Ossetia142571531409014
Turks and Caicos638036632123

Do you want to take some ownership of your family’s safety?

Get your influenza vaccine and have all the children’s vaccines brought up to date

Always wear an N95 mask or at least a three-layer cloth mask of three different weaves.


A vaccine will be less effective than a mask in preventing the illness caused by SARS2. Much less effective.

It is anticipated that the effect of a vaccine will be relatively short lasting and only between 50% and 65%. N95 stands for NIOSH 95% effective; and N99 stands for NIOSH 99% effective at blocking small particles the size of pathogens.

N99 masks are tough to breathe through during any level of exertion.

Kn95 masks that are true standards-abiding masks approved by Chinese regulatory bodies are very good because they meet the same standards as the American N95 but they are easier to breath through. The problem with the KN95 is that half of those on the market are fake and do not meet the standards. Stores like Canadian Tire have expert buyers who know these problems and carefully place their orders. Buy KN95s only from a reputable seller with proper standards compliance testing.

Here’s the issue. The masks rely on an electrostatic process within the layers to trap microscopic particles. If they are just cheap imitations and don’t have that ability they are not as effective as three layers of unique weave cloth.

The theory of the three unique layered fabrics was discovered in China where a cottage industry sprang up in the early 2000s. Street venders were selling home made masks made by “grandma”.

A person walking in Beijing needs a mask. Grandma was making masks people liked. She would add a fourth thin layer on the outside with small textile artworks.

Somebody got the idea to test these masks. Grandma is no slouch. She had worked in factories and all over the big cities. She knew what worked. The criss-cross barriers of the three unique weave fabrics create opposing weave barriers and trap very fine particles. (Don’t dare touch these masks by anything but the strings, and wash them everyday.)

They were not testing as good as an N95, but close. Dr. Tedros in his video here is correct. They work. Grandma was making killer masks. Today that type is all over Asia, made in tin-roof homes everywhere and sold from tables on the sides of the road.

Masks take getting used to. In South Asia where I live, people wore masks in even the small cities for all my adult life, just going about their daily business.

Wear an N95 mask all the time and if you are abiding good hand control and hygiene and clean your hands before and after touching anything, you never have colds, flue, sore throats, etceteras.

“The Wuhan novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV / COVID-19) less of a worry  compared to these ten items, the first two of which are very bad. This applies to people who mask up and continue proper hygiene.”  suggests nurse practitioner Sara Qin who lives in a country that has very nearly defeated SARS2.

  1. Air pollution and climate change. (Wear a respirator mask in cities with pollution greater than 12µg/m³ of toxic particulate. That is most cities on many days.)
  2. Global influenza. (Wear an N95 mask when in tight crowds.)
  3. Non Communicable disease (like diabetes, cancer, heart disease). Please see a doctor and start treatment. Then adhere to your doctor’s instructions.
  4. Fragile & vulnerable settings. Avoid them.
  5. Antimicrobial resistance. Take all your medications when prescribed. Do not dispose of unused antibiotics. Return to your pharmacy for proper disposal.
  6. Ebola & other high-threat pathogens. D0 not travel to high risk areas and avoid persons from high risk areas.
  7. Weak primary health care. Learn home family safety and health planning in the context of your environment.
  8. Vaccine hesitancy. Vaccines work.
  9. Dengue.  Treat areas that produce mosquitos. Do not allow standing water. Wear protection.
  10. HIV/AIDS. The importance of testing and treating has never been greater. HIV can be suppressed to undetectable levels and infectivity zeroed. The importance of monogamy has never been greater. It’s not a moral issue it is a life and death safety matter.


Wear a face shield. This type is best because it blocks a throughput of air from top to bottom.

Wearing a mask and a face shield to go shopping helps protect your mask and enables greater reusability of the mask.

Wear a Respirator Mask to Mitigate the Impact of air pollution and prevent infection. Here our sisters explain how.

 Here is how to don and doff your N95 respirator mask, especially when you have been in high risk areas. Most commonly used for Influenza prevention, these masks are effective according to the CDC in helping to prevent the spread of Flu, swine flu and avian flu transmission from person to person.

N95 masks are designed to fit over the nose and mouth of the wearer, and properly fitted can provide excellent protection for you and from you. 

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in a good soap  before and after touching your mask. This video assumes the use of a fresh mask. Never touch a reused mask anywhere but its strings. Using a hand sanitizer is an acceptable alternative to soap and water if done correctly.

Hand Sanitizer Procedure

1. Apply enough sanitizer to completely cover both hands.
2. Rub hands together, palm to palm.
3. Rub back of each hand with palm of other hand.
4. Spread sanitizer over and under fingernails
5. Spread sanitizer between fingers
6. Keep rubbing hands together until they are dry. Do not dry
with a towel

“An N95 mask can substantially reduce risk of receiving or transmitting a disease,” notes one vendor of N95 masks.

You don’t need the Most Expensive N95 Models

Wash your hands. Indicated for most people, here is the 1860-N95 which works for street-wear 1860S N95 Particulate Respirator Spec Sheet


Always Wear an N95 Mask in cities where pollution is above an index of “12µg/m³”.

The RINJ Foundation is urging people to wear a breathing mask in cities where pollution is above an index of “12µg/m³”. Which cities are those? “Most cities,” says Katie Alsop of the RINJ women’s civil society group.

Don’t trust a government that does not tell you to protect your respiratory system.

Why? Because there is a high probability that a person with a comorbid illness may even have others they didn’t know about and together they with COVID-19 could bring a terrible outcome, like respiratory failure, stroke and death.

The government mantra that the public takes an N95 mask away from a medical worker is a lie. After all these months there are no more excuses for not providing medical workers with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Protect your respiratory system. This virus must be stopped.

SARS2 will only be stopped when each person prevents themselves from being infected.

Learn how to use and reuse an N95 respirator many times in safety. We are doing it all the time in the worst imaginable places where patients come to get help or to eventually die because they waited too long. Some people we cannot help. Once they require high-flow oxygen or mechanical breathing assistance, the odds of survival are low. I am alive to tell you about that because I wear personal protective equipment suited to the environment I am in, all the time.

What medical workers want people to do is reduce their number of necessary visits to a hospital or clinic by staying healthy.

Wearing an N95 mask properly fitted is part of everyone’s future. The rapidly deteriorating air quality and the increasing number of airborne pathogens make mask wearing a part of the future. Learn to protect your respiratory system.