Falun Dafa Women face rape, organ harvesting.

Truth, compassion and tolerance is the mantra of a spiritual group that has since 1998 challenged the totalitarian-communist beliefs of various regimes running China with fascinating concepts like “truth-compassion-forbearance” and tried to exert its right to exist as a spiritual concept.

The RINJ Foundation has received credible complaints that persons who are described as followers of Falun Gong have been rounded up by Chinese ‘authorities’ at Falun Gong functions and taken into captivity where they have been held and raped and abused.

Their unlawful captivity, according to credible witnesses, ends when the Chinese government has a requirement for a live organ donor. We seek further information and an opportunity to bring to light these matters and if possible, to prosecute.

Just as we witnessed in some Mosul, Iraq hospitals run by the Islamic State, Chinese medical practitioners in Chinese hospitals are seemingly able to fulfill requirements for organ transplants within four hours, unlike anywhere else on the planet. Apparently they are Falun Dafa follower organs.

Contact usWe need some help with this investigation. If you are a Falun Dafa member and by any means you know of a person, a family member or friend, anyone who was raped in one of these detention camps or facilities please contact us by clicking the above or this email address link. You can email directly to that email address but if you click the link a securely encrypted form will open that ensures your absolute privacy and security. Under no circumstances, no matter the threat or offer of inducement, will we share your information with anyone.

This is Canadian Sun Qian, 51, a follower of the Falun Dafa spiritual movement. She was kidnapped in February and held in a solitary confinement cell likened to a “basement” by her lawyer (Globe and Mail) .

Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) acording to its web site, is an advanced practice of the Buddha school of self-cultivation, founded by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the practice’s master. It is a discipline in which “assimilation to the highest qualities of the universe—Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance)—is the foundation of the religion’s practice.”

That practice is guided by these qualities says Falun Dafa official statements.

One of the interesting aspects of Falun Dafa is that it debunks many traditional religion’s adherence to flat-earth concepts that pre-date modern science and simply won’t work in the context of mankind colonizing other parts of the universe as Earth becomes significantly overpopulated.

Whatever you think about Falun Dafa, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the universal human rights of Falun Dafa members are more than trampled. China seems to be conducting a systematic cleansing of this group of persons. Someone in China is trying to murder all of the Falun Dafa followers.

Spiritual followers of Falun Dafa are suffering mind-boggling horrors at the hands of what must be a very large and sick Chinese government religious-persecution apparatus.

RINJ Photo - Falun Gong / Falun Fafa persecuted in China, imprisoned and many raped

On July 16, 2014, a group of Toronto RINJ workers met with some followers of Falun Dafa and had a lovely afternoon while their friends organized an orderly awareness campaign at the intersection of Bloor and Yonge streets in Toronto, Canada.

RINJ Photo - Falun Gong / Falun Fafa persecuted in China, imprisoned and many raped

Lunch was simple at a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant (since moved to “Cabbage-town”) just south of Bloor St.

Conversation ranged across the headlines and social climate to spirituality. Truth, compassion and forbearance–two of the RINJ ladies said “Buddism” at the same time.

Everyone was comfortable with the talk, except a Chinese women who later explained that her government told everyone that Falun Dafa people are dangerous and very evil and crazy.

She chuckled and said, “I never met one Falun Dafa person before because it can be big trouble in China to talk to ‘those people’ but today I see they are not crazy and maybe the China government is crazy.”

RINJ Photo - Falun Gong / Falun Fafa persecuted in China, imprisoned and many raped

Since that day, The RINJ Foundation has heard many tales of extreme persecution of Falun Dafa members.

The spiritual movement claims it has endured atrocities like mass murders since 1999.

The proof of the facts in these allegations is hard to nail down because “truth” in China is what the government says it is.

Falun Dafa is outlawed on mainland China. Clearly, China is not a bullish adherent of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The general public appear to be ‘brainwashed’ into ‘hating’ the Falun Dafa practitioners.

Anecdotally, a straw poll of all the Chinese women we could talk to showed 100% in favour of condemning the Falung Gong women to death. Their antipathy is so strong and their untruths about the Falun Gong so severe (like allegations of baying at the moon, bloody animal sacrifices and devil worship), they sounded like Islamic State’s Sunni Muslims condemning the Yezidi people whom ISIS did in fact commit genocide against.

From our investigations which span several years, there is nothing to hate, in fact, the truth is beautiful about these peaceful, Buddhist-like people. Very tolerant, compassionate and truthful is what we have seen. How could that be? Perhaps the belief structure attracts the best and the brightest among us?

This is Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, speaking at the 2017 New York ‘Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference’ at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, on May 14, 2017. He looks like a nice man, doesn’t he? People at the conference were in unanimous agreement: ‘a good man’. Beijing says no.

China’s statement says he is “evil”–some kind of Evil Demagogue bent on destroying China’s worker class with ‘nonsense’ about self improvement.

The Chinese government has published an English-language statement to the world, similar to the hate-filled diatribes in domestic languages shoved into people’s ears through state-run media. Read for yourself.

Chinese government statement says, “On April 25 this year, more than 10,000 Falun Gong followers gathered outside Zhongnanhai, the compound housing the headquarters of the Communist Party of China Central Committee in downtown Beijing, seriously disrupting social order and affecting people’s daily lives in this area and creating an extremely harmful impact at home and abroad. After this incident, Li lied to the international media when he said, “I knew nothing about it beforehand.”

China adds, “In fact, Li Hongzhi flew into China on April 22 and stayed in Beijing for 44 hours. On the second day of his entry, the gathering of Falun Gong followers at the Tianjin Normal University escalated. On the morning of April 24, while Li was still in China, many Falun Gong centers received a notice calling on followers to “collectively practice Falun Gong” outside Zhongnanhai. When the “April 25 Incident” took place, Li Hongzhi was in Hong Kong.”

[According to the experiences of RINJ nurses (above) that would mean having social lunch or tea circles where self-improvement and tranquility are explained and truth, compassion and forbearance are practiced. Nice.]

China says, “Li’s evil instructions and fallacious ideas are extremely harmful.” [A few despot buddies of Xi Jinping (President of the People’s Republic of China ) are also opposed to “truth, compassion and tolerance”.]

“According to Li,” says the document, “practicing Falun Gong will enable the human spirit to exist forever and help people enter a heavenly paradise. [Don’t most religions?]

“He has proclaimed that diseases are punishments for the debts a person owed in his previous life, and those who oppose Falun Gong are “demons.” [Isn’t that ‘Karma’?]

Honestly, that is not a quote from a “Saturday Night Live” skit, it’s a missive from the People’s Republic of China passed through its embassy in Washington DC (Tel:(202) 495-2266 Email: [email protected]).

Download PDF: Embassy-of-China-statemenrt-True-Face-of-Li-Hongzhi

RINJ Photo - Falun Gong / Falun Fafa persecuted in China, imprisoned and many raped

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