RINJ Campaign to End Child Sex Trade – Year 4

“Don’t buy a kid. End child sex trade.”

What do we mean?
When a person pays for child pornography, they buy a kid.
When a person pays for a child prostitute, they buy a kid.
(Often the kids are kidnapped children or the lost kids of impoverished mothers.)

Don't Buy A Kid - End Child Sex trade - The RINJ Foundation

How can you help?
Woman should join together the world over and report to local or national police anything they see or know that would lead to or help the prosecution of sex offenders who victimize anyone, but children in particular. Report all child porn. This is more than what you think. It is the gateway for child-sex tourism and worse.

More Ways To Help
If your child encounters improper contact (sexual advances, words of inducement or improper meeting requests etc.), touching (any place a full bathing suit covers is taboo), report this to police immediately. Don’t hesitate. You let experts decide the meaning of an event that does not seem right. Sometimes an event is meaningless or miscommunication of a child and expert investigators will spot that but more often it is a clue that when supported with other clues from other people leads to an arrest of a dangerous offender or maybe sends a person, who maybe did not yet offend criminally but may do so without intervention, to psychiatric preventative care.

We want you to join us and help us end the freedom of active sex offenders and in so doing put the evil sellers of children out of business (this is an epidemic problem) — ending child sex trade is our goal.

You! Catch a Child Sex-Slave Buyer ‘On Film’?

Yes you can, starting in the fourth quarter of 2016 or earlier. Here’s the plan. Amateurs and professional photographer volunteers are going to photograph everyone coming and going to certain places known to be involved in the child porn or child sex trade.

According to government officials and our own research we have been nudging some of the worst child porn and child-sex tourist crime centers on Earth.

Cebu City (Republic of Philippines), for example, is a beautiful place to vacation. Nice people go there. So too do child-sex tourists. It is also a hub for the digital side of the child sex trade where global transactions and child-porn catalogues are published. It will be a good place to stake out and take pictures of sex tourists aiming to buy a kid.

The publicity for this project will be large. We will spend $ten thousand per month on advertising and get the world talking about this.

RINJ volunteers are gathering addresses of physical locations where computer servers and sex-filming is believed to take place. We also are seeking and obtaining under-cover information about child prostitution bunk houses and “farms”.

We plan to descend on the city for about a week at a time as many as five times here and there throughout the year and photograph anything that moves in and out of these places. We want to engage hundreds of volunteer “photographers”, everyone working a few hours or days or more.

Training is available and so is security.

You will be hearing more about this project but if you would like to become involved for a few days in this ongoing project, sing out now. And if you have friends who are PI’s, Cops, Photographers. Law Enforcement Students, etceteras, please give them the tap on the shoulder and ask them to go to https://rinj.org/Volunteer and tell us about their selves, and you do the same here https://rinj.org/e-me.html — tell us who you know and what you think of the project.

We will be working with local police and national law enforcement in the Philippines and will track the rise and fall of crime levels and internet activity. Soon we will tell the world that teams of people are photographing the comings and goings of sex tourists and those pictures are subject to publication. Widespread publication. Plus we will give everything to police.

Don't buy a kid. End child sex trade. The RINJ Foundation

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