Salafi Jihadists Freelance Child Sex Trade – Don’t Buy A Kid

One of the Islamic State Caliphate’s businesses is child sex slavery. It is complicated by the fact that many ISIS fighters horde the women they kidnap, hiding them from ISIS, and conduct their own sex trade business on the side. Actors around the world buy these girls. The Caliphate is infuriated by this and kills those it discovers conducting these side businesses.

Generally ISIS seeks to make money from the human slave trade. They are structured and organized in this business and their competition comes from South East Asia. Their business “shrinkage” comes from their own ‘freelancers’ who steal their product and conduct business on the side. These side businesses result in the death of half the women or more. They are badly treated and terrorized. They are not only hidden from the world but hidden from Daesh. They often kill themselves or lose their lives in escape attempts.

In Mosul, Iraq there is a preponderance of criminals who wander the city looking to make contact with ‘owners’ of female sex slaves, usually pretty Yazidi girls. Many have pre-arranged meetings. They come into the city with the help of bribery and with the support of an underground crime ring run by some Chechens who came to Iraq to fight for ISIS.

On November 3rd the Mosul Underground Resistance (MUR) was conducting a street level operation on Shaziani and our woman at the boulevard spotted a man dressed as a woman who had bulges in the wrong place and was struggling with a sling or harness under his Niqab. This was not part of the operation. Our lady asked this person a couple of questions in Arabic and tried to slow the person by stepping out on the sidewalk. She was pushed aside and so she called out. The man dressed as a woman turned abruptly and pulled out the gun he had been struggling with. At the same time the back of his head was blown off by a sniper round. A backup MUR ran across the street, pulled up the Niqab to expose jeans and T-shirt. Fat male Iraqi confirmed dead. The team cleared the area and left the body there. Daesh came quickly and were not attacked. They heaved the body into their Toyota Hilux and drove away leaving two men to search the area. Their behaviour to us indicated they did not know the person.

We know the person was a child sex trader. They are killed dead. That’s what will happen to others. If MUR does not kill them, ISIS will.

UNDER UNITED NATIONS International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism: General Assembly resolution 51/210 of 17 December 1996, paragraph 3, subparagraph (f): “Financing of terrorists and terrorist organizations, whether such financing is direct or indirect through organizations which also have or claim to have charitable, social or cultural goals or which are also engaged in unlawful activities and SHALL BE PROSECUTED”

Don’t Be A War Criminal – Don’t Buy A Kid – End Child Sex Trade

In summer 2015, (August 24, 2015), the head of The RINJ Foundation, a global medical NGO opposed to gender-based violence (GBV) put on notice anyone who might have considered or is about to do business with persons connected to the Human Sex Slave Underworld that they are likely dealing with The Islamic State Caliphate terrorists directly or indirectly and committing the most serious range of crimes in all history. They will be prosecuted.

Why? No matter how dodgy your legal defence might be around the definition of child prostitution (no laws); age (RINJ defines “child” as a person under 21 but every country is different), or intent (you might say ‘not for sex’ I only bought the kid to set them free, or to be my nanny or whatever, you still bought them from a child sex  trader–your mens rea & actus rea are despicable and criminal) , you are still giving money to ISIS, directly or indirectly and that of itself alone is a crime. You have no defence any longer for buying kids and the thousands of people who get away with buying kids in the child sex trade universe are going to be prosecuted now with a good result. for the prosecutor because today you can’t buy a kid in the child sex trade world without it being an act connected to terrorism and war.

ISIS is all about the international child sex trade. Most of the world is at war with the Islamic State Caliphate terrorists (defined by Sandford University) no matter what their name, affiliation or ruse might be such as  Boco Harem, Abu Sayeff, or see the list below… 

The Islamic State Caliphate is A child Sex Trade Business

Uniting our sisters around the world, The RINJ Foundation Women are thwarting child sex traders, evil men who believe in nothing.

Internet scammers are popping up all over the crowdfunding scene following in the footsteps of an ill-fated attempt by a Montreal man to scam a couple million to allegedly buy children from ISIS.

Another plea for money to give ISIS. Another plea for money to give ISIS.

The RINJ Foundation had one of it’s security people, Investigator Gill Rosenberg, working undercover and infiltrating one of these sex-slave buying groups in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and since then a criminal complaint has been filed and more will follow (

#ISIS sells human slaves for about $100. Certain people are claiming they paid thousands into the child sex trade business to acquire ISIS-enslaved children. Everyone gets some money. It’s awful.

Recently, toward the end of August, our investigator observed two children who were “bought” for $4,400.00 $US each, all of which funds went into the chain of child sex slave actors and some of which went to ISIS. A criminal complaint has been filed.

Meanwhile the Peshmerga fighting forces in the KRI have been successful in assisting NGOs and others rescue about 1800 such Yazidi persons. Thank you for what you are seldom given credit for.

Any amount of money spent buying child sex slaves (under 21) from ISIS invigorates the child sex trade, not to mention the criminality involved in giving money to the worst terrorist group ever, ISIS.

UNDER UNITED NATIONS International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism: General Assembly resolution 51/210 of 17 December 1996, paragraph 3, subparagraph (f): -Financing of terrorists and terrorist organizations, whether such financing is direct or indirect through organizations which also have or claim to have charitable, social or cultural goals or which are also engaged in unlawful activities and SHALL BE PROSECUTED

Such actions also violate the ICC Rome Statute (Section 7) and most nations have their own laws.

The RINJ Foundation has been gathering War-Crime evidence since 2012. (

Don’t Buy A Kid – End Child Sex Trade

The RINJ Foundation’s lawyers (and the international affiliate “Lawyers For Peace”) will bring or assist in bringing prosecution to any perpetrators or conspirators of this crime against humanity in any and every jurisdiction impacted.

Lists of jihadi groups that have pledged allegiance/support to ISIS and which play a role in the international traffic of human slaves (child sex slaves aged 9 to 19)  as of 19 May 2015. (The Intel Centre)

• al-I’tisam of the Koran and Sunnah [Sudan] – 1 Aug. 2014 – Support
• Abu Sayyaf Group [Philippines] – 25 Jun. 2014 – Support
• Ansar al-Khilafah [Philippines] – 14 Aug. 2014 – Allegiance
• Ansar al-Tawhid in India [India] – 4 Oct. 2014 – Allegiance
• Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) [Phillippines] – 13 Aug. 2014 – Support
• Bangsmoro Justice Movement (BJM) [Phillippines] – 11 Sep. 2014 – Support
• al-Huda Battalion in Maghreb of Islam [Algeria] – 30 Jun. 2014 – Allegiance
• Heroes of Islam Brigade in Khorasan [Afghanistan] – 30 Sep. 2014 – Allegiance
• The Soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria [Algeria] – 30 Sep. 2014 – Allegiance
• Jundullah [Pakistan] – 17 Nov. 2014 – Support
• Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) [Pakistan] Statement – 25 Sep., dated 12 Sep. 2014 – Support
• Islamic Youth Shura Council [Libya] – 22 Jun. 2014 – Support
• Jaish al-Sahabah in the Levant [Syria] – 1 Jul. 2014 – Allegiance
• Faction of Katibat al-Imam Bukhari [Syria] – 29 Oct. 2014 – Allegiance
• Jamaat Ansar Bait al-Maqdis [Egypt] – 30 Jun. 2014 – Allegiance
• Jund al-Khilafah in Egypt [Egypt] – 23 Sep. 2014 – Allegiance
• Liwa Ahrar al-Sunna in Baalbek [Lebanon] – 30 Jun. 2014 – Allegiance
• Islamic State Libya (Darnah) [Libya] – 9 Nov. 2014 – Allegiance
• Lions of Libya [Libya] (Unconfirmed) – 24 Sep. 2014 – [Support/Allegiance]
• Shura Council of Shabab al-Islam Darnah [Libya] – 6 Oct. 2014 – Allegiance
• Mujahideen Indonesia Timor (MIT) [Indonesia] – 1 Jul. 2014 – Allegiance
• Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem (MSCJ) [Egypt] – 1 Oct. 2014 – Support
• Tehreek-e-Khilafat [Pakistan] – 9 Jul. 2014 – Allegiance
• Okba Ibn Nafaa Battalion [Tunisia] – 20 Sep. 2014 – Support
• Mujahideen of Yemen [Yemen] – 10 Nov. 2014 – Allegiance
• Supporters for the Islamic State in Yemen [Yemen] – 4 Sep. 2014 – Allegiance
• al-Tawheed Brigade in Khorasan [Afghanistan] – 23 Sep. 2014 – Allegiance
• Supporters of the Islamic State in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques [Saudi Arabia] -2 Dec. 2014 – Support
• Ansar al-Islam [Iraq] – 8 Jan. 2015 – Allegiance
• Leaders of the Mujahid in Khorasan (10 former TTP commanders) [Pakistan] – 10 Jan. 2015 – Allegiance
• Boko Haram [Nigeria] – 7 Mar. 2015 – Allegiance
• Jund al-Khilafah in Tunisia [Tunisia] – 31 Mar. 2015 – Allegiance
• Jemaah Islamiyah [Philippines] – 27 Apr. 2015 – Allegiance
• al-Murabitoun [Mali] – 14 May 2015 – Allegiance
• Mujahideen of Tunisia of Kairouan [Tunisia] 18 May 2015 – Allegiance

For whatever purpose you may have, buying a person or conspiring to buy a person or persons from ISIS’ child sex trade businesses is a serious crime.

That means that even if you think you are doing somebody a favour, even if you are going to free the person you buy or hire them as your ‘nanny’, you are committing a serious crime under many global statutes.

  • In 2013 the G8 Nations made an agreement not to pay any money for any reason to terrorists.
  • In January 2015 the United Nations Security Counsel passed a Resolution
  • In Canada there is the “Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act S.C. 2000, c. 17 Assented to 2000-06-29.

Don’t Buy A Kid – End Child Sex Trade

A nurse in Mosul recently commented: “To be exposed to ISIS people is to summon up a visceral rage that pulls energy from across the great expanses of the universe and from all planes of time both angular and linear, past present, future — the pain of every little girl who was betrayed by evil greedy men who believed in nothing. I am changed forever.”  

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The RINJ Foundation Purpose

–      Exist for the benefit of the general public.
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–      Assist survivors of these crimes.

RINJ Opposes Gender-Based Violence

RINJ seeks a safer world for you and your family by preventing gender-based violence and supporting survivors of this crime.

The foundation educates public officials, the general public, social media providers and traditional media outlets about the dangers to society of misogyny; monitors and reports on actors who commit or order the commission of acts of sexual violence as a tactic of genocide or war to humiliate, dominate, instill fear in, disperse and/or forcibly relocate civilian members of a community or ethnic group.

The RINJ Foundation monitors and reports on global court proceedings related to rape / sexual assault; educates for a more learned and open discussion of the issues of sexual assault; provides education, general information and study resources to enhance the safety of the person; and overall seeks a higher adherence to safe community standards.

The RINJ Foundation seeks better criminal justice while advancing a rape-averse social conscience.

Helping Rape Survivors & Encouraging the Prosecution of Rapists:

1. The RINJ Foundation offers funding assistance for counseling; medical aid; reconstructive surgery; and special care and attention otherwise unavailable owing to funding or specialist resource issues.

2. The RINJ Foundation raises funds for the purchase of ‘rape kits’ and/or the funding of rape kit testing. First responders and hospitals must have rape kits and completed rape kits must be immediately tested with results sent posthaste to police and prosecutors.

3. RINJ shares learning

  • a. provides data to the public about ‘wanted’ sex offenders/suspects or recently released-from-prison rapists who may be of interest to the community;
  • b. encourages a more diligent execution of duty by law enforcement investigating sexual assault / rape complaints; and
  • c. plays a role in overseeing how sexual assault / rape survivors in war-torn countries find remedy.

The RINJ Foundation sends volunteer NGO workers to assist United Nations War Crime investigators catalog crimes of rape in war zones.

The RINJ Foundation Objectives

1. To educate and increase the public’s awareness of the basic principle of The RINJ Foundation, that “Rape Is No Joke”.

2. Educate the public and professionals about prevention of, and responses to, rape and all sexual abuse against all people by offering courses, seminars, conferences and meetings and by collecting and disseminating information on that topic.

3. Assist those affected by rape and sexual abuse through counseling and treatment programs.

4. Train police officers, military personnel teachers, social workers, and crisis response workers on how to recognize and respond to sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, online sexual exploitation, and to assist those affected.

5. Assist institutions where possible in using the most modern methodology for gathering and evaluation evidence for the prosecution of rape crime.

6. Assist and encourage a new United Nations’ effort to end the use of rape as a weapon of war.

7. As an NGO (Non-Government Organization) to assist the United Nations efforts of monitoring and investigation of reports of the rape of persons in regions of conflict or war and to assist agencies bring support to victims and (through accurate and impartial evidence gathering by volunteers and paid workers) bring justice to perpetrators.

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