RINJ to help solve COVID Hunger Issue


Large container ships during the pandemic have been turned away from harbours because of lack of payments or other causes. These cargoes can often be bought cheaply. Photo Credit: USACE NY

Large communities are starving because of the pandemic and because of war.

  • The pandemic has created both problems and solutions.  The war in eastern Europe has only created a global mess that unfortunately we must all deal with.
  • On several occasions we had the chance to buy up shipments that failed delivery of non-perishable canned and other foodstuffs to help feed the hungry.
  • Since then we have run out of money to do more than our normal operations.
  • But there are available  supplies and the number of starving has increased.
  • Malnutrition is excessive and we are in a position to help.

This is not our usual type of operation, but we can’t be in the places we are in and see the starvation we see and not do anything. Are you with us?

Usually we go into an area and start testing for HiV/HBV and other STDs and as we do the tests, we give away a box of breakfast cereal, or a bag of oatmeal or something easily stored that is very nutritious and much in demand.

Methods of donation include CrowdFunding direct bank payment or InteracStripe and Donate via PayPal PayPal

Don’t let undelivered food cargo go to waste. RINJ Women can get the product delivered to the malnourished, fast and effectively.

We are meeting hungry people in the job.

HIV/AIDS is a prevalent problem in areas where incest and rape are a big problem. Nobody wants to face that but with a gift of food, our nurses can get a blood sample and do a test, start treatment if indicated. Visit https://rinj.org/hiv to learn about that.

Because of what we have learned, we know some good methodology for distribution and transportation. We could always use more help.  https://rinj.org/Volunteer

  1. We need additional funds to buy food.
  2. We are looking for backers. 
  3. We need donors.
  4. We want to hire some local workers.

Hungry people will eat whatever we can obtain.

Our facilities in Venezuela report a great need for food and clothing as well as blankets and towels for children. It is getting colder in the Amazon Basin.

Our volunteer workers in the Philippines report massive hunger and malnutrition.  When I asked Sharon Santiago how much food, she said “A shipload”. [Sigh]

We have security issues getting food into Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. We should leave those locations to the last, we may not be able to handle that because of the robberies, the troubled parts of the Middle East are getting too dangerous, and crazy beyond words.

The RINJ Foundation Uses Stripe

The RINJ Foundation Uses Stripe Too

Other methods of donation include CrowdFunding direct bank payment or InteracStripe and Donate via PayPal PayPal

COVID-19 Updates 

Canada and especially the USA. Don’t be embarrassed but true charity begins at home. 

Monique who runs our USA operations tells me that there are 50M hungry people in the United States. In Canada we cannot quantify the problem but we understand that food banks are taxed to their limits. At this point we may be able to help substantially. In the United States we have the volunteers and the transport for general humanitarian work so let’s get going.

There is nothing more important than a job.

Our plan for the USA and the Philippines includes giving light-duty jobs to any person who proves themselves as a good worker in the first three weeks of employment. Their role will be working alongside our volunteers and learning the role. For as long as we have funds; food; and hungry people, they will have work.

We are not talking about becoming a daily reliable food source in North America. What we are talking about is slamming down heavy loads of food supplies for a couple weeks or months in the worst hit areas to take the heat off the in-place food banks and food kitchens. Three cans of food and a couple boxes of cereal per person (a load anyone can carry)  can take a big load off the humanitarian infrastructure and let it recover, restock, regroup and keep going.

Three key target areas. USA, Venezuela, Philippines in that order.

This is where we see dire problems that can be solved with this project and where we have the ability to get it done.

Bangladesh in the Rohingya camps is something different and for another project that most people know we are working on.


The Impact


Venezuela. We are partnered with a faith-based small hospital and have three small clinics and a safe house we operate inland. We have methodology for moving goods through Uruguay and Colombia.  This is a serious problem. People are dying from hunger. Resources are stretched. We intake a patient and throw a couple of ringers into them, laying them outdoors with an IV and send them home in a day or two with whatever food we can round up—then see them again a month later in even worse shape. We give them seeds to plant to help food self-sufficiency and set up family partner-sharing-learning arrangements but there isn’t enough food. We don’t want to talk about the political issues of the current, horrible dictatorship, we just work around them and get things done as we have now done for years. We can do that but above and beyond the funding of our normal operations, we have nothing. Can you help? Every dollar buys food. We don’t pay much and get a lot for what we spend. And our mobile convoys are able to carry much more than we currently bring plus we have people who can spend a little more time unloading and preparing to deliver to the locals. All the money will go to food deals.


Philippines. Sad story. Huge numbers of persons, many millions  report that they have gone hungry in the past three months. Medical examinations indicate a high percentage of malnutrition among children in the the big cities and in the provinces. We are partnered with a number of groups and have the support of faith-based groups’ infrastructure. They just don’t have enough food to distribute. That is meaning that many homeless have one or no meal per day, some days. You with us can change that.


USA. Well, this is shameful for a lot of people but let’s just get to it.  We need to feed people with supplies capable of humble but nutritious meals until they can get back on their feet. Inner cities are starting to look like hell. I mean hell. I think that is what hell would be. No home. No food. No water. Let’s just fix that person by person, day by day until this horrible pandemic is over and people can back on their feet.


Food Deals

There has been a lot of wastage during the pandemic. If you are reading this now as a person who has containers full of cornflake that the buyer has not paid for because they went broke and your insurance isn’t going to take the pain, get in touch with us. Let’s make a deal. We can pick up your containers anywhere and pay some of your costs and give you a receipt for what you donate. In the end it is better than having the cargo rot in a harbour.

From that, people can see what we are doing.

Here is what we found out really works.

  1. Canned goods like soup, salted corned beef, spam, beans, corn, some canned fish, etc.
  2. Oatmeal as in porridge, breakfast cereals, and rice are like gold.
  3. Local fresh crops. They must be local because of the issues of refrigerated shipping and storage not being available in many areas.


But we take anything and everything we can get that will provide nutrition and not spoil or expire in the distribution process.


Other Ways You Can Help


  • Cash is king unless you have a 20ft or 40ft steel container full of non-expired, non-perishable foodstuffs, loaded and ready to go.
  • It’s going to take a lot of work and a lot money. we can deliver an endless amount of foodstuffs. we’ll stop when we run out of food and funds.
  • If you have a group that wants to join in, get in touch. https://talkback.rinj.org
  • If you have supplies, get in touch.

Whatsapp :+1(647) 739 9279

Phone USA: +1 607-241-9885

We Are the RINJ Women

Who are the RINJ Women?

We are the (Rape Is No Joke) RINJ Women who fought in the 2000s to get the money-making pro-rape and child sex slavery content off social media platforms, ending on 4 November 2011. We fought to stop child sex slavery and child soldiering of the PKK in Iraq, Syria and Turkey plus many groups in Africa like the Boko Haram.

Some of us collectively decided to continue our work for the universal rights of women and girls.

We incorporated on 21 August 2012 after years of fighting as a grass roots organization called The RINJ Campaign. We have no restrictions. That’s our story.

We move forward striving for gender equality universally despite the setbacks that have been experienced globally, and despite the attacks of misogynistic authoritarians.

We believe that women have a leadership role in the world and that gender parity equals higher levels of  human achievement as has been seen with 30 women-led countries which have combatted the COVID-19 pandemic with great success.

We believe that women in civil society have the ability to creatively leverage all opportunities to efficiently and economically help the under privileged, including the malnourished and hungry.

We are alarmed at the pervasive poverty and hunger that is erupting from the expected side effects of the pandemic plus the patriarchal mismanagement of the current crisis.

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