Facebook hacked by ISIS-K which is planning attacks on America


According to women working in the Kandahar and nearby provinces of Afghanistan, ISIS-Khorasan is working with other chapters of the global terrorist group in India, Turkey and Pakistan, to take over large segments of Facebook to lure possible Jihadists living in America.

NGO workers who had their computers stolen by ISIS-Khorasan in Afghanistan and who have since been tracking the activities of the hackers who seized Facebook accounts using the access credentials in the stolen computers, say that the ISIS-Khorasan and linked organizations have been conducting activities that lead to many other accounts. Hundreds of pages have been taken over by ISIS-Khorasan and Facebook refuses to take action. We are flabbergasted,” explains Beverley Baldock, an Israeli security professional working on the matter.

Facebook is dangerous to many users

Wherever RINJ Women were able to post this notice, it was posted as the main heading graphic of Facebook Pages. Hacked by Daesh–Khorasan in a spat with RINJ Women in Kandahar over actions taken to rescue kidnapped children taken as ISIS brides in Kandahar province.

According to Grace Edwards, a team lead in Kandahar for a women’s and girl shelter plus birthing clinic in the city, “We are in a continuous fight with the kidnappers of young girls age nine and above. This was started by the Taliban. Daesh–Khorasan (ISIS-Khorasan Province) has copied that tactic for luring fighters. They say, ‘fight with us and we will get you a beautiful young bride‘,” she said.

“This is bad timing for the ISIS because the same security guard provider that we use is also here on a training contract for some people who are part of the old military and police and they formed a resistance. In their training, they are eager to get practice assignments from their trainers. Now part of that practice is to deal with kidnappers holding captured girls and selling them to buyers or rewarding them to fighters who have signed up and lasted 90 days with at least three active fight scenarios,” she explained.

“During one such intervention, after we rescued the girls—but sadly one had died—there was a fight at a checkpoint and I was in the truck with some rescuees. I never got back to our clinic until after Daesh-K had ransacked the place and stole our computers. We scrambled to change passwords and such but before we knew it, many Facebook accounts had been used to take over some of our Rape HelpLine pages.

“During an August 2021 checkpoint skirmish near Kandahar, wherein members of the local resistance and a RINJ Foundation security detail plus one nurse were seeking a kidnapped female child, the result was three dead Daesh members. Following that skirmish, and after interrogating a fourth person, the whereabouts of the girl was released and she and two other girls were rescued. In the events following that matter, jihadists raided two RSAC facilities and stole the computers. They immediately went to work attacking RINJ workers online, taking control of Facebook pages, including The RINJ Foundation page with 600,000 supporters and the RSAC Nurses pages with around 3,000 supporters. All this has happened since August 28. Facebook has been going along with this. Facebook is no friend of RINJ.


November 14, 2021, Social Media Polls


Facebook is being Hacked by ISIS which is planning an Attack Against The USA

Facebook may already have been exploited in an information gathering move to track certain activities and to bait people ISIS seeks to exploit.

“We had one guy, an ISIS fighter from Pakistan, who somehow got hurt at a checkpoint and was brought here to a clinic handcuffed to a rail gurney. We had to bring in a specialist surgeon to deal with his wounds, hence we kept him for a while,” explains Ms. Edwards who previously worked in Syria for four years but now has her own operation to run.

“Some ISIS people from another province had tried to come and take him away but they failed to find our new location. We think that the prisoner had a burner phone. We cannot find it but we did find a SIM chip on his person, in his underwear. That cost him dearly because we took the analgesic out of his drip for a few days, telling him that if he felt pain he should think about the pain he is causing.”

“He got so mad at me he started screaming many times about all the things that would happen to me when the new operation was under way.”

قتل الصراصير الأمريكية

“I am not American. I am Syrian-born but raised until a teen in Canada. Then Aleppo, Ar Raqqah and then back to Canada; then to IdLib. But this Daesh talked to me like I was American and he also thought I did not understand Arabic. My Arabic is a bit different from his but it is my native language. I have a North American accent. So he said things he thought I did not understand.,” explained nurse Edwards.

“From what he was saying, it seems clear that ISIS is planning a major attack against the United States. At least that was his boast. One of the things that pissed him off was the deaths of Muslim children from an American drone in Kabul. But actually, everything made this guy angry. In any case, he is gone. The security people took him ass soon as he was healthy enough to leave and gave him to the resistance group. That worked out for everyone because the security people got a continuation of their contract for training.,” she said.

“Because of what we learned from this guy, we took everything about the Facebook and other hacks seriously. We tracked computers in Turkey, India, and in Pakistan as being the source of the access to the Facebook pages. I did not do this but our security people in another country did that work.”

“Our entire organization has done everything to notify Facebook of the fact that we know Facebook is hacked in the business accounts and the commercial Facebook pages. They ignore us because they have always seen us as enemies because of our campaign to stop people advertising on their Child-Sex-Trade content and  RAPE pages,” she added,


RSAC Nurses Respond to ISIS Salafi-Jihadi Militant Group

RSAC Nurses Response to ISIS Salafi-Jihadi Militant Group