Criticisms of Facebook


“During an August 2021 checkpoint skirmish near Kandahar, wherein members of the local resistance and a RINJ Foundation security detail plus one nurse were seeking a kidnapped female child, the result was three dead Daesh members. Following that skirmish, and after interrogating a fourth person, the whereabouts of the girl was released and she and two other girls were rescued. In the events following that matter, jihadists raided two RSAC facilities and stole the computers. They immediately went to work attacking RINJ workers online, taking control of Facebook pages, including The RINJ Foundation page with 600,000 supporters and the RSAC Nurses pages with around 3,000 supporters. All this has happened since August 28. Facebook has been going along with this. Facebook is no friend of RINJ.


November 14, 2021, Social Media Polls

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