The patriarchy of India has run amok.

If you are a woman or child, don’t go to India. It is not safe.

If you are a woman in India, either get out out as soon as you safely can do that or in the alternative run for public office or support another woman doing that.

The patriarchy of India has run amok.

In India, the problem of rape is exacerbated by officials & cops who rape and by corrupt government and politicians who don’t have a clue about what the life of an ordinary citizen is all about and don’t care.

Instead of being helpful with good public policy, India’s patriarchal government system turns the problem into some debacle about themselves and not about victims and survivors of rape.

In the latest spate of navel-gazing a kangaroo-court-style Indian investigation into a rape says the minor victims’ name being released in a report of former home minister Sushilkumar Shinde is not “unlawful”.

India’s parliament and resources have been partially consumed by this for a year. In that time it has done nothing about the problem of prolific violence against women and children.

It has been decreed that “mentioning the names of minor rape victims of Bhandara in Parliament by then home minister Sushilkumar Shinde resulted from “heavy work load” of the ministry officials who prepared his statement and was not ‘unlawful’,” the home ministry has concluded in its enquiry.

What are these buffoons going to do to help rape survivors and prevent further violent crime  against women and children is what the people need to know.

The explanation given by the kangaroo court apparently did not go well with Shinde who had to face embarrassment in the Rajya Sabha on March 1, 2013, when he named the victims of the Bhandara rape incident. The remarks had to be expunged at the intervention of then leader of the Opposition Arun Jaitley.

Only in India could Shinde’s embarrassment become more important than the widespread epidemic of rape raging across the entire country.

This is what the parliament of India is doing, taking care of its collective members and nothing for its constituents.

Shame shame.

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