We are not going to take it. RINJ Women of India

“We are not going to take it.” – RINJ Women of India

May 30, 2014 

Grisly stories about brutal rape and murder are coming from India too often. Has India lost all law and order or is this the retaliation of a cornered and desperate patriarchal system against protestors of misogyny–the delicate champions of change?

Why do government officials refuse to act against rapists? 

Third world nations (and paradoxically India, as a nuclear power is still a Third World Country by all definitions) tend to have thriving patriarchal systems resembling ancient barbarism with a high disrespect for the value of human life, paticularly the lives of women and children.

Concomitantly to RINJ Foundation findings of the prevalence of rape culture are the findings of a flourishing child sex-trade industry. In India there are some 60 million missing kids but this data is poorly catalogued. The tragedy may be worse than anyone will ever know. In any case child sex trade is a significant part of India’s gross domestic product. Disgusting thugs are rolling in cash from this atrocity.

Looking at Syria and other places where civil war has brought about horrific rape crime a similarity in India begs the question: Is Indian undergoing some.kind of civil war or revolution?

The revolting and decrepit patriarch may feel that way–under attack by modern thinking that imposes a higher status for women and children. Civil war? Men versus women?

June 1, 2014

This morning the patriarch brought out the water canon against peaceful women demonstrators. Grandmas, moms, babies and daughters were water-blasted. They came to the streets to say about rape and misogyny “We the people are not going to take it any more.”

The ladies are right!

We are not going to take it.