Prosecuting Canadian Facilitators of Yezidi Genocide & Other War Crimes

According to many pundits, it is impossible to attack the impunity of perpetrators of crimes against humanity unless they are a nation state and are also members of the International Criminal Court and signatories to the Rome Statute.

Meanwhile, Canada and Russia are both signatories to the Rome Statute and are both contributing to atrocities and enabling actors to commit war-crimes in Northern Iraq. The actors are militias organized under the non-elected leader Massoud Barzani of the Kurdish Region of Iraq and by Iraqi regulars and irregulars like the Peoples Mobilization Unit and the al-Hashd al-Shaabi Iranian-backed Iraq-endorsed terrorist militia which is currently murdering thousands of innocent civilians in and near Nineveh province.

It is difficult to find warring factions in the Middle East who are not alleged war criminals. That’s one of the reasons the United States and Iraq fled the Rome Statute in its early days. The United States then went on to kill between 500 thousand and a million civilians in that country from 2003 to the present day with Canada’s subtle support.

Difficulty finding non-criminal war-fighting surrogates should result in countries fighting their own wars instead of supporting, arming and training vicious war criminals to do their dirty work.

But Canada is way out in left field and out of its usual bounds as “peacekeepers”, and is not a war fighting country.

Canada and Russia must be indicted for their complicity in war crimes, enabling of war crimes, and because their surrogate militias engaged to fight their enemies are committing heinous war crimes.

Russian despot and Crimea invader Vladimir Putin (who also tampered with a democratic election in the USA) and Philippines mass murderer Rodrigo Duterte both say they are about to vacate the international court to avoid prosecution.

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad lives a life in hiding because most of the women of the world would probably tear him to pieces given the chance. Assad is plainly and by his own admission guilty of mass murdering countless women and children. His impunity has lasted for many years. Putin’s nuclear arsenal backs Bashar al-Assad and helps him stay in power and continue to slaughter the people of Aleppo and destroy his country.

The United Nations and its Security Council as an organization of nation-states is a disapointment at a time when it is needed most. The UN has been inadequate for the people of Mosul leaving them to die in the city as a claimed army of 100,000 tries to give the ouster to 4,000 Islamic state murderers but slaughters every few months ten times that number of civilians. The world will be shocked on hearing the next census in Mosul if in fact Mosul continues to exist which at present seems unlikely.

Perhaps the women of the world need to unite and oust the global patriarchal system that has brought the world to the brink of WWIII and annihilation.

Musings like that are for a sunny Sunday afternoon.  At present, creative solutions are needed to jail kleptocratic war criminals like Massoud Barzani and his dynasty of greedy thieves living at the expense of the vulnerable Kurdish people. Barzani is an non-elected despotic ruler of the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI) who has been rabble rousing and muck raking among the Kurds for over a decade while he robs them blind and commits more crimes against his own people than did Saddam Hussein.

In Northern Iraq and in Syria, when The RINJ Foundation sees a war crime being committed, its staff investigate.

In particular, RINJ is well positioned, to amass witness testimony and other evidence of the war crime of rape–used as a method of genocide and as a crime against humanity–in the context of the Rome Statute and United Nations Resolution 1820.

Remedies are Evasive

Challenging impunity of those alleged perpetrators of international crime is not a cut and dry issue.

The United States to its credit has been very aggressive “cop” pursuing some war criminals who need to be waylaid. It’s extremely frustrating. How do you do it?

There goes Uncle Sam, roaring around the world with a closet full of nuclear bombs while administering the death penalty in disorderly, headlong haste, tapping partners on the shoulder saying quietly “come and kill with us or run a crashing trade deficit”.

It’s what they do. For sure Saddam had to go eventually, as did his two heirs apparent. But a trial would have been better than slaughtering a million people or more.

Collect together a group of nations and  then commit crimes of aggression, kill a million people and you have a dead Saddam Hussein and a deceased Qaddafi. There is no justice nor equity in that. A global rule of law must be created or the human species will end itself.

Mass murder for regime change is not the way ahead.

Charge the Conspirators?

Yes. The “Coalitions-To-Slaughter-Civilians-So-We-can-Get-Mr. EvilDoer” are the answer to the question of who must be charged.

War is big business for Russia and the United states as well as for Europe. China makes a killing selling weapons around the Middle East Asia and soon will be selling in the Philippines.

Go back to weaving baskets because unless this stops there will be nothing more than baskets and stone implements.

Think of this shocking reality. Look at Canada, signed up by the former government of S. Harper as  partners with Massoud Barzani, ‎Nouri al-Maliki/Haider al-Abadi (previous and current Iraqi PMs) as they both commit some of the most insidious war crimes.  Sneaky vapid droolers who exploit the bloodbath created by the Islamic State to advance their crude dreams of sectarian superiority in the world’s most bloody and violent regions in all of history are Canada’s partners. Yikes! Madness! It will get worse.

The civil war that is building in Iraq will be without end if the United States, Canada and Russia don’t stop giving/selling these violent lunatics more weapons.

The slaughter of minority ethnic groups in Iraq and the continuing bloodshed done by the Islamic State is 100% the result of the willfulness of governments in Erbil and Baghdad. And Canada is their partner providing military training and weapons thus facilitating whatever crimes these sectarian thugs commit.

Here come the letters and the death threats from one side or the other.

You may think that your team has been insulted and that the women of RINJ are jaded in favour of “the other side”. There are no good sides. It’s an endless bloodbath with no sane minds prevailing.

Come and work in a hospital like the ones in Aleppo that Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin are bombing to rubble.  RINJ was driven out of most places in Syria in 2013 at great cost. We can tell you what it is like.

Apart from the woes of the chronically ill unable to get their medicines in war zones, there is the constant flow of morbid traumas requiring amputation in order to stay alive. There are children with faces blown off; hearing loss and sightlessness; impalement; disembowelment; dismemberment; blood everywhere. Kids, moms and dads in tears and gut-ripping sobs.

All combatants no matter what side they are on look like evil scumbags; ARE evil scumbags. You hate your enemy why? Because of religion? Really? Mohammed and Jesus thought the earth was flat? How are their teachings relevant today?

The enemies of humankind are evil, sick men who believe in nothing but their own power, willing to do any amount of evil to keep their control over others.

There are no “good guys” and the righteously indignant who want more bloodshed are usually ignorant, poorly educated, brainwashed, maladjusted murderers who have tasted blood. Everything escalates. Millions die.

What can anyone do? Where is the rule of law? It’s there but everyone seems to want an excuse to dodge the rule of law and take things into their own hands.

The surrogate wars being fought in Syria and Iraq will blow up in everyone’s faces and the violence will reach all shores if not stopped nearly immediately.

Certain leaders need to be jailed.

Start Somewhere

Today in Northern Iraq, the evidence of the genocide of the Yezidi people by Barzani’s marauders in Shingal tending to Barzani’s personal empire is a guarded secret with checkpoints all around. Nonetheless the RINJ Foundation operates a clinic in Shingal (with help from Turkish people but with great difficulty and despite attacks from Kurdish forces).

Issue A Warning?

Conduct of the United Nations and the International Criminal Court has been to issue warnings.

Sometimes the entity does not realize their impunity is challenged and once told renounce criminal intent and withdraw participation, encouraging co-accused to do the same. Thereafter remedial action for the survivors of their crime is a must.

Does Society have No Remedy for Mass Murder?

The mass slaughter of millions of civilians in the Middle East by The United States, Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iranian and Saudi surrogates has also produced about 20 million refugees. Soon one third of the world’s population will live as refugees. Then half.

Our stakeholders urge for justice. That is fair. As a non-state organization fighting for the safety of women and children RINJ is first driven to stop the crime.

When the International Criminal Court issued a warning to Filipino mass murderer Rodrigo Duterte, he told the ICC to “fuck off”.

The first warrant for arrest for Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir was issued on 4 March 2009, the second on 12 July 2010. The suspect is still at large.

Creative Solutions Needed By Civilians

We RINJ women are civilians. Having experienced the crimes done by evil men around the world we seek solutions.

We are going to file complaints and charges against several groups of rapist militias who were commanded to commit genocide against the Yezidi people and to use systematic violence against this ethnic group.

Nation-state members of the ICC who are allied and providing funds, weapons, and training to the perpetrators of war crimes including Canada and Russia will be named and their surrogate militias will be named as co-accused.

This is a lengthy process.

In the meantime we urge cessation of the blockade of medical assistance to Shingal, and supplies to our clinic there be ended immediately.

Our investigation, witness interviews, documentary evidence collection, and the incipient legal process has been ongoing since 2014 and we act with the full authority of numerous leaders of the Yezidi Community.

Despite having advised the parties in writing, egregious offences continue against the Yezidi people. We urge offenders to cease and supporters and enablers to adopt a more humanitarian approach to their surrogate warfare. The world has changed substantially and impunity for serious crime, crimes that to the world seem so horrible they seem unbelievable, will become a myth.

Canadian Ex-PM Harper’s Time Bomb for Trudeau

The “Liberation Illusion

The Canadian government of Justin Trudeau is in an awkward position having been set up by the jingoistic Harper regime and subsequently being lied to by Canada’s Department of National Defence.

Harper’s Conservative party imagined the Canadian armed forces comprising a war fighting military. That is an extraordinary misconception that defies the traditional will of the Canadian people who decade after decade have preferred to stay away from armed conflict, instead favouring the more humanitarian role of “Peacekeeper”.

Canadians are not War-Fighters

Since the early days of Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, Canada’s commitment to its military waned considerably and the country since then spends far less than the 2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that NATO prefers of its members.

Canada, in the 1950s and 60s, pursued a peacekeeping role in addition to its Cold-War era anti-submarine warfare (ASW) commitment to NATO.

Prime Minister Trudeau, the 23rd prime minister of Canada, upon taking office in November 2015 made headlines when he appointed half of his cabinet positions to women, and then he ended the Canadian Air Force’s bombing of Iraq and Syria.

Before the world’s eyes Canada had been bombing Mosul civilians with their geriatric CF-18s but not before they killed 43 civilians in and near an ice cream factory (dairy). Extraordinarily bold was the move to bomb Syria, a blatant act of war by Harper which may come back to haunt Canada.

Nov 19

Nov 19

So far, the massive quantities of air-dropped ordnance has only killed or displaced the civilians in Syria and not stopped Bashar a–Assad, only made him and his conduct worse–much worse.

Despite the fact that as of Nov. 22, Canadian planes had flown 1,779 sorties, according to Canadian officials, the Department of National Defence (DND) tells the lie that there have been no civilian casualties caused by Canadians. When there are reports of casualties, DND sweeps them under a rug.

In April 2015 the Kurdish Regional Government said the Canadian government troops were an integral part of front line operations.

This will not be the first time that the Department of National Defence has outright lied to the government. It knows full well that the non-state terrorists it is training and weaponizing are militias hell bent on a civil war of secession and genocide in their own region.

Choosing sides in the Middle East where no entity bears the color of right is a difficult game. But arming and training a terror group that CANADA KNOWS has assisted Islamic State in fact preceded Islamic State in the genocide of the Yezidi people, is a crime against humanity.

Notwithstanding this aspect of the issue at hand, one can be exposed to international scrutiny and charges by invading another country as did Canada when it bombed cities in Syria, and helped war criminals commit genocide in Iraq. Yes. Trudeau inherited a mess.

Canada’s participation in the Middle East weapons consumption free-for-all would not be allowed if Canadians were not inclined for blood after home-grown lunatics with no connection to any part of humankind, slaughtered Canada’s amazing heroes in Saint Jean sur Richelieu and in Ottawa.

Today the people Canada has as partners in this mess, Iraqi and Iranian military people, AND THEIR FOREIGN MILITARY FRIENDS are murdering Mosul civilians in the streets east of the Tigris River.

Iraq claims it removed all of the Islamic State fighters from that part of Mosul but every day Iraqi and Iranian militias drag out men from basement ‘prisons’ and gather to murder them with hundreds of rounds and extended desecration of their corpses.

Even if they were IS members or even supporters that would be wrong. We have watched from the opposite side of the river and seen this.

We watched a man of the cloth who stayed for his hidden parish and paid Daesh a fee to be allowed to stay even though he is not Muslim. He managed to survive the psychopaths of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi only to be murdered by so-called “Liberators”.
Complexities of Impunity Among non-ICC Criminal Quasi-States