Missing young aboriginal women. There are too many.

Canada Has a Rape Culture:
Missing young aboriginal women. There are too many.

Missing Canadian Aboriginal Women

Missing Canadian Aboriginal Women

The Prime Minister of Canada has recently declared that this is a problem police should solve, not one for a national inquiry. With this intellectual dishonesty he has inflamed the situation to a boiling point. What everyone knows and nobody says is that both policing the perverts; and policing the police in Canada is a collective failing.

Please read about the Rinnelle Harper Case (Request for briefs).

Police have shown indifference.

Among the problems one encounters when investigating missing aboriginal women is police brutality, police crime, police indifference, police malfeasance, and in all, a quagmire that the conspiracy of police ‘brothers’ covers up. (Only a small percentage of police officers in Canada are women many of whom suffer terrible sexual harassment.)

Many missing women, and child-victim crimes involved police officers in some form of malfeasance.

This is not  a problem police are able to do anything about.

In the past thirty years the problem has grown.

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An independent inquiry, federally funded and led by aboriginal experts including investigators, lawyers and aboriginal NGO leaders should dissect the entire problem from criminal intent to police investigation and yield an answer as to why police in the last 30 years of Canadian history have not solved the sex crime and murder problem endured by aboriginal Canadian women. This criminality has roots, trunks, and branches that extend into all the wrong places owing to misogyny among police forces, widespread bigotry, poverty, vulnerability and exploitation.

Canada's Shame - Missing Aboriginal Women and Children and Canada's Rape Culture

Canada’s Shame – Missing Aboriginal Women and Children and Canada’s Rape Culture

The Royal Canadian mounted Police  revealed late in August 2014  that nearly 1,200 aboriginal women have been murdered or gone missing in Canada in the past 30 years. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. How many were raped and murdered is only a guess but it seems that maybe 160 were not raped and murdered.

Say their names:  Some of the thousands of missing, raped, even murdered indigenous Canadians

Name Age Province
Aielah Saric-Auger 14 BC
Alannah Jamima Cardinal 20 AB
Alberta Gail Williams 24 BC
Alisha Germaine 15 BC
Amanda Jane Cook 14 MB
Amanda Jean Simpson 4 BC
Amanda Sophia Bartlett 17 MB
Amber Alyssa Tuccaro 20 AB
Amber Rose Marie Guiboche 20 MB
Andria Lucille Meise 32 BC
Angel Edna Carlick 19 YT
Angela Carmen Pitseolak Meyer 22 NT
Angela Hazel Williams 31 BC
Angela Poorman 29 MB
Angeline Eileen Pete 28 BC
Anne Rose Peters 22 BC
Annette Margaret Holywhiteman 44 AB
Annie Pootoogook 46 ON
Annie Yassie 13 MB
Ashley Machiskinic 22 BC
Audrey Mary Desjarlais 15 MB
Azraya Ackabee-Kokopenace 14 ON
Baby Girl 9mos 9 months MB
Barbara Keam 21 MB
Beatrice Adam 36 SK
Belinda Ann Cameron 42 BC
Belinda Williams 15 BC
Bella Marie Laboucan-McLean 25 ON
Bernadette Lynda Ahenakew 22 AB
Bernadine Quewezance 36 SK
Betsy Rosa Owens 15 MB
Bonnie Lynn Jack 37 AB
Bonnie Marie Joseph 32 BC
Brandy Vittrekwa 17 YT
Brandy Wesaquate 29 SK
Brenda Jeannette Campbell 51 MB
Brittany Bearspaw 16 AB
Brooklyn Moose 25 SK
Caitlin Potts 27 BC
Caralyn Aubrey King 22 AB
Carol Prudhomme 46 SK
Carol Ruby Davis 28 BC
Caroline Burns 52 SK
Carolyn Connolly 54 ON
Cassandra Antone 20 BC
Cecilia Nikal 15 BC
Chantelle Alice Rose Bushie 16 AB
Charlene Candice Catholique 15 NT
Charnelle Jenny Masakeyash 26 ON
Cherisse Diane Marie Houle 17 MB
Cheryl Johnson 23 NS
Cheryl Lynn Black 46 AB
Cheyenne Santana Marie Fox 20 ON
Christine Cardinal 22 AB
Cindy Ivy Gladue 36 AB
Claudette Priscilla June Osborne 21 MB
Constance Lyn Cameron 20 MB
Corrine Moosomin 25 SK
Crystal Saunders 24 MB
Cynthia Albena Audy 27 MB
Danielle LaRue 24 BC
Danita Faith Bigeagle 22 SK
Dawn Teresa Crey 42 BC
Deanna Marie Bellerose 29 AB
Debbie Faye Pelletier 27 SK
Deborah Ann Sloss 42 ON
Deidre Marie Michelin 21 NL
Delaine Copenace 16 ON
Delena Lefthand Dixon 20 AB
Della Ootoova 46 NU
Delores Brown 19 BC
Delores Dawn Brower 32 AB
Delores Marie Whiteman 40 SK
Delphine Nikal 16 BC
Desiree Oldwoman 21 AB
Destiny Rae Tom 21 BC
Diana Rattlesnake 48 MB
Diane Florence Dobson 36 ON
Diane Mary Stewart 42 BC
Dianne Mae Bignell 60 MB
Donna Marie Kasyon 20 SK
Donna Taylor 36 BC
Doreen Hardy 18 ON
Doreen Jack 26 BC
Dorothy Anne Spence 32 BC
Edna Bernard 28 AB
Edna Smith 24 SK
Elaine Freida Alook 35 AB
Elizabeth Mae Dorion 44 MB
Elsie Sebastian 40 BC
Emily Norma Ballantyne 24 MB
Emily Osmond 78 SK
Emma Dixon 53 BC
Ernestine Kasyon 26 SK
Evaline Cameron 19 ON
Evelyn Edith Kebalo 55 MB
Felicia Velvet Solomon 16 MB
Flora Muskego 22 MB
Fonassa Lynn Louise Bruyere 17 MB
Frances Ellah 59 MB
Freda Goodrunning 35 AB
Geraldine Ann Lewis Beardy 29 MB
Geraldine Leona Settee 11 MB
Gladys Marie Simon 41 _
Gladys Tolley 61 QC
Glenda Morriseau 19 MB
Gloria Black Plume 49 AB
Gloria Mildred Gladue 44 AB
Gloria Moody 27 BC
Heather Joy Ballantyne 40 SK
Heaven Traverse 2 MB
Helen Gillings 19 ON
Helene Louise Ratfat 36 AB
Henrietta Millek 25 NL
Hillary Angel Wilson 18 MB
Ila Oman 43 MB
Immaculate Basil 26 BC
Irma Murdock 32 MB
Jacqueline Clara Crazybull 43 AB
Jamie Nora McGuire 20 MB
Jane Bernard 43 ON
Janet Gail Henry 36 BC
Janet Sylvestre 38 SK
Janice Cher Desjarlais 35 AB
Janine Wesaquate 20 SK
Jarita Naistus 20 AB
Jean Virginia Sampare 18 BC
Jeanenne Chantel Fontaine 29 MB
Jeanette Basil 33 BC
Jeanette Marie Cardinal 40 AB
Jeanine Marie St. Jean 42 ON
Jeannette Chief 49 SK
Jennifer Leigh Catcheway 18 MB
Jessica Marie Cardinal 24 AB
Joanne Ghostkeeper 24 AB
Joey Tiiah Patricia English 25 AB
Josephine Chakasim 17 ON
Joyce Tillotson 42 SK
Juanita Marie Cardinal 27 AB
Judy Ann Chescue 22 AB
Judy Ann Quill 33 ON
Justine Cymone Cochrane 15 AB
Kari Anne Gordon 26 BC
Karina Wolfe 20 SK
Kathleen Leary 66 66 MB
Katie Sylvia Ballantyne 40 AB
Kellie Richard Little 28 BC
Kelly Goforth 21 SK
Kelly Morrisseau 27 QC
Krystle Ann Julia Knott 23 MB
Krystle Knott 16 AB
Lana Patricia Derrick 19 BC
Lavina Gloria Tocher 35 SK
Leah Kendra Anderson 15 MB
Leanne Lori Benwell 27 AB
Leona Mae Brule 18 NT
Leslie Talley 29 AB
Linda May Scott 29 AB
Linda Rose Guimond 15 BC
Linda Theresa Condo 37 QC
Lisa Marie Young 21 BC
Lora Lee Banman 23 BC
Loretta Ann Frank 19 YT
Loretta Marie Capot-Blanc 31 BC
Lori Lee Berens 20 MB
Lori Lee Kasprick 14 AB
Lorilee Mae Francis 24 AB
Mabel Veronica Bernita Leo 18 BC
Maggie Lee Burke 21 AB
Maggie Mink 28 BC
Maggie Natomagan 74 SK
Maisy Marie Odjick 16 QC
Marcia Viola Koostachin 24 MB
Marie Edith Banks 18 MB
Marie Laura Laliberte 47 BC
Marie Lynn Lasas 19 SK
Marie Norma Mike 22 SK
Mariella Lennie 17 NT
Marilyn Rose Daniels 17 MB
Marilyn Rose Munroe 41 MB
Marjorie Lena Henderson 52 MB
Marlene Yvonne Abigosis 25 BC
Martha Ruth Boyce 36 _
Mary Ann Birmingham 15 _
Mary Jane Hill 31 BC
Mary Jean Kreiser 49 AB
Mary Lidguerre 30 BC
Mary Lisa Smith 25 MB
Mary Nancy Goodfellow 67 SK
Mary Rose Keadjuk 24 NT
Mavis Mason 29 AB
Melanie Dawn Geddes 24 SK
Melissa Ivy Chaboyer 35 MB
Michelle Gurney 29 BC
Michelle Lee Hadwen 37 AB
Mildred Flett 51 MB
Misty Faith Potts 37 AB
Moira Louise Erb 36 MB
Monica Jack 12 BC
Myrna Madeline Montgrand 14 SK
Nadine Machiskinic 29 SK
Nancy Dumas 78 MB
Nellie Angutiguluk 29 QC
Nicole Daniels 16 MB
Nicolle Katherine Hands 32 MB
Olivia Williams 22 BC
Pamela Jayne Holopainen 22 ON
Pamela Napoleon 42 BC
Patricia Ann Quinn 33 BC
Patricia Carpenter 14 _
Patricia May Wadhams 21 BC
Patricia Maye Favel 18 SK
Pauline Elizabeth Brazeau 16 AB
Rachel Quinney 19 AB
Ramona Jean Shular 36 BC
Ramona Lisa Wilson 16 BC
Rebecca Louisa Guno 23 BC
Rena Fox 38 ON
Rene Lynn Gunning 20 AB
Rhonda Gardiner 33 SK
Rhonda Running Bird 25 AB
Richele Bear 22 SK
Roberta Geraldine Lincoln 34 BC
Roberta Marie Ferguson 19 BC
Rocelyn Eleanor Gabriel 20 MB
Rose Brenda Decoteau 43 AB
Rose-Ann Blackned 24 QC
Rowena Mae Sharpe 38 NB
Roxanne Charlie 26 BC
Roxanne Elaine Fleming 18 BC
Roxanne Marie Isadore 29 AB
Roxanne Thiara 15 BC
Ruby Ann Hardy 32 _
Ruth Nora Cocks 51 AB
Sabrina Polchies 22 NB
Samantha Jane Paul 26 BC
Sandra Kaye Johnson 18 ON
Sarah Skunk 43 ON
Savannah Briana Marie Hall 3 BC
Selina Violet Wallace 19 BC
Serenity 4 _
Shannon Mary Dale Alexander 17 QC
Sharon Frances Merasty 18 SK
Sharon Nora Jane Abraham 39 BC
Shelley May Anderson 51 ON
Shelly Tannis Dene 25 AB
Shirley Ann Waquan 39 AB
Shirley Anne Lonethunder 25 SK
Shirley Enid Beardy 23 MB
Shirley Lee Cletheroe 45 BC
Simone Samarah Ann Sanderson 23 MB
Sindy Ruperthouse 44 QC
Sonya Nadine Mae Cywink 32 ON
Stella St. Arnault 15 AB
Sunshine April Hilda Wood 16 MB
Susan Assin 20 ON
Sylvia Ann Guiboche 21 MB
Tabitha Niaqutiaq Kalluk 38 NU
Tamara Lynn Chipman 22 BC
Tamra Jewel Keepness 5 SK
Tania Marsden 18 MB
Tanya Jane Nepinak 31 MB
Tanya Jean Brooks 36 NS
Tanya Marie Hill 27 _
Teresa Cassandra Robinson 11 MB
Terrie Ann Dauphinais 24 AB
Thelma Janice Pete 53 BC
Therena Adelin Silva 35 MB
Therese Labbe 47 ON
Tiffany Alice Morrison 24 QC
Tiffany Maureen Skye 19 MB
Tina Michelle Fontaine 15 MB
Trudy Gopher 19 AB
Velma Marie Duncan 18 BC
Verna Simard 50 BC
Victoria Joanne Crow Shoe 43 _
Viola Panacheese 42 ON

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