Catching The ISIS Child Sex Slave Traders in Mosul Iraq

PictureAgony of little girls betrayed by evil men who believe in nothing. BF  RSAC-M3 Mosul IraqThe-RINJ-Foundation-the-pain-of-every-little-girl-who-was-betrayed-by-evil-men-who-believed-in-nothing-text
UNDER UNITED NATIONS International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism: General Assembly resolution 51/210 of 17 December 1996, paragraph 3, subparagraph (f): “Financing of terrorists and terrorist organizations, whether such financing is direct or indirect through organizations which also have or claim to have charitable, social or cultural goals or which are also engaged in unlawful activities and SHALL BE PROSECUTED”.

To be exposed to ISIS is to feel a visceral rage connecting energy from across the expanses of the universe and from all planes of time, past present, future — the agony of little girls betrayed by evil men who believe in nothing. I am changed forever. — Bonnie Femen, RSAC-M3 Mosul Iraq

Occupation Of Mosul Iraq by Islamic State (IS)

On June 10, 2014, Mosul, Iraq was occupied by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Troop shortages and infighting among top officers and Iraqi political leaders played into Islamic State’s hands and fueled panic that led to the city’s abandonment. Kurdish intelligence had been warned by a reliable source in early 2014 that Mosul would be attacked by ISIL and ex-Baathists (and had informed the US and UK) however Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Defence Minister turned down repeated offers of help from the Peshmerga. Half a million people escaped on foot or by car in the next 2 days. ISIL acquired three divisions’ worth of up-to-date American arms and munitions – including M1129 Stryker 120-mm mortars and at least 700 armoured Humvee vehicles from the then fleeing, or since massacred, Iraqi army. Many residents initially welcomed ISIL and according to a member of the UK Defence Select Committee Mosul “fell because the people living there were fed up with the sectarianism of the Shia dominated Iraqi government.”

On 21 January 2015, the US began coordinating airstrikes with a Kurdish-launched offensive, to help them begin the planned operation to retake the city of Mosul.

According to Canadian-based NGO “The RINJ Foundation” which operates medical clinics in Mosul rape cases in Mosul Iraq prove a pattern of genocide and will lead to a conviction of genocide against the Islamic State, in the International Criminal Court, a permanent international tribunal to prosecute individuals for war-time rape, genocide, crimes against humanity, and aggression. The NGO said, “thousands of Yazidi females have been captured in Shingal and brought here to Mosul and are held as sex slaves for sale to anyone.”

12092311_10153554066675837_1913614986_nThe Islamic State was in August 2015 reported to be selling captured women and girls to Canadian sex slave traders.

Meet Some People Who Buy And Sell ISIS Child Sex Slaves



Giving $thousands to ISIS and making $Millions

Abu-Shuja-outside the yazidi affairs office in duhok

Abu Shuja – Human Slave Trader negotiating human slave purchases from ISIS

Asks family for $30,000.00 USD. Will pay Daesh fighters $5000.00 or much less.


Abu-Shuja-outside the yazidi affairs office in duhok-side-shot dawood jajju


Raising money to give to ISIS
Criminal Complaint Filed


Is Prime Minister Harper supporting a ‘group’ paying $USD millions to Islamic State Child Sex Traders to buy Child Sex Slaves from ISIS?

A GoFundMe project implies that he is, using this picture & the seal of the Prime Minister’s office. This may be a fraud & the Canadian PM is not supporting the ‘group’. But despite notifying the PMO the endorsement photo was still present August 24, 2015.

Any money paid to ISIS gives comfort and resources to a ‘declared‘ enemy of Canada and an enemy to the world.

See the Prime Minister’s Picture Supporting The ‘Group’ here: 

Meet Steve Maman who says he with Stephen Harper’s help has bought many kids from ISIS. 

This *illegal activity is causing an increase in the number of child kidnappings in Mosul, ar Raqqah, throughout Rojava and Syria because it promotes widely the fact that CASH that was not previously available can now be pocketed by child sex traders. (*Illegal: Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act S.C. 2000, c. 17 Assented to 2000-06-29)

Capturing Christian and Yazidi girls for sale or auction is only helped
by wanton and unwitting ‘criminals’ paying for them and pouring millions into the child sex trade.

The ISIS men in Mosul
know that if they capture a 9-year-old girl she is still worth money even if she is not popular in the old Nineweh Hotel, now called Al-Warithin Hotel, or the other “comfort and hospitality camps” where the IS Caliphate offers females upwards in age from 9-years-old, to foreign fighters it has enticed from all around the world.
From inside the al-Warithin Hotel in ISIS Occupied Mosul Iraq From inside the al-Warithin Hotel in ISIS Occupied Mosul Iraq

 It appears that Canadian Prime Minister Harper has some strange bedfellows in the international child sex trade buying children and pouring millions into the ‘Syrian Child Sex Trade’.

Adding  $millions to the child sex trade in Syria and Iraq
is not only an international crime but it is encouraging and invigorating the global child sex trade.

Hundreds of  middle men
, broker their “deals” with a wide range of Jihadists while sitting around vaping or boozing and doping (the Caliphate’s enforcers and dealers  don’t practice what they preach).

Sometimes things go sour and the IS fighters behead
the sex-trade-broker who gets too greedy.

Each of these child brokers
has many contacts throughout the world. Mostly they want to buy children aged 9-19. What they tell their sponsors about money is a far cry from what they tell the ISIS sellers.

The RINJ Foundation is told by one broker who wishes to be nameless
that everything has gone to the highest levels of the Canadian government: Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney both know and support the sale of children from the ISIS sex traders to Canada and that many millions of dollars are available for buying kids from the Islamic State terrorists.

RSAC workers in the field know the Daesh have a few thousand Yazidi held in messy camps between Bazwaia and Masad. Some are still in Badoush maybe a few
hundred there and many are near Raqqah. Also to the west of Mosul are many small villages which host some elderly Islamic Scholars and other persons important to ISIS and in those areas exist scattered enclaves of captured kids and teens who do what ISIS considers to be useful work.

The RINJ Foundation and many NGOs
around the world have urged for the end of ‘Child Sex Trade’ by asking law enforcement to enforce their “Don’t Buy A Kid” mandate, and RINJ also asks all comers to the child sex trade to stop buying children or face lawful consequences.

Uniting our sisters around the world, The RINJ Foundation​ Women are thwarting child sex traders, evil men who believe in nothing.

Internet scammers are popping up all over the crowdfunding scene following in the footsteps of an ill-fated attempt by a Montreal man to scam a couple million to allegedly buy children from ISIS.

The RINJ Foundation had one of it’s security people, Investigator Gill Rosenberg​, working undercover and infiltrating one of these sex-slave buying groups in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and since then a criminal complaint has been filed and more will follow (

#ISIS sells human slaves for about $100. Certain people are claiming they paid thousands into the child sex trade business to acquire ISIS-enslaved children. Everyone gets some money. It’s awful.

Toward the end of August 2015, our investigator observed two children who were “bought” for $4,400.00 $US each, all of which funds went into the chain of child sex slave actors and some of which went to ISIS. A criminal complaint has been filed.

Meanwhile the Peshmerga fighting forces in the KRI have been successful in assisting NGOs and others rescue about 1800 such Yazidi persons. Thank you for what you are seldom given credit for.

Any amount of money spent buying child sex slaves (under 21) from ISIS invigorates the child sex trade, not to mention the criminality involved in giving money to the worst terrorist group ever, ISIS.

UNDER UNITED NATIONS International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism: General Assembly resolution 51/210 of 17 December 1996, paragraph 3, subparagraph (f): -Financing of terrorists and terrorist organizations, whether such financing is direct or indirect through organizations which also have or claim to have charitable, social or cultural goals or which are also engaged in unlawful activities and SHALL BE PROSECUTED

Such actions also violate the ICC Rome Statute (Section 7) and most nations have their own laws.

The RINJ Foundation has been gathering War-Crime evidence since 2012. (

Don’t Buy A Kid – End Child Sex Trade. Read More

Many of the Yazidi, Christian and Muslim kids are spoken for by ‘fighters’ who act as free agents doing their own street business capturing and trading children and young women for sex trade.

These warriors who capture females are highly respected criminals in the sex-trade criminal world and while they are street-level warlords they may be no match for the economic might and sex-trade savvy of the foreign fighters who have arrived with an already robust stable of contacts in the global sex-trade world.

Their traffic of girls through Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon
points to all the facets of the compass in the global child sex trade. The only thing that holds back the flood is volume of paying customers of any kind.

Many of the kids in camps will be sold by a fighter for a paltry $100.00
American money or in trade for weapons.

Once a street-broker (pimp) has made a deal
 with the ISIS Jihadists who has captured and collected girls and found places to store them, the fighter will then upon getting his down payment approach his contacts in the camp where he has paid a little to have his girls stored, and he will again grease a palm with some money or weapons or booty from pillaging raids in the wealthier homes of Mosul, Raqqah or Aleppo to arrange preparation and delivery of  the number of prisoners he has just traded.

The camp controllers
then approach the girls (whom they need to “clean-up”) and say, “You must make ready to go from here.”

Typically the brave prisoners refuse adamantly
and to make a long story short, their jailers drag twenty more or less to a common area and murder them brutally in front of all the kids, to soften them up. It works.

For every dozen kids sold to child sex traders another hundred are killed.

The Hotel The Hotel in Mosul Where Sex-Trade Dealmakers Meet

Imagine that in the past, if you arrived at Al-Warithin Hotel with a
and were seen leading children out, you MUST imagine be in the sights of   Mosul Underground Resistance people who would pull the trigger as they always do and
some ladies and boys would come running out of nowhere and grabbing the kids, throwing Niqabs on them and the next day be making them breakfast in a safe house waiting for their egress to outlying areas into the hands of  brave and sworn-to-secrecy Peshmerga forces and other Militia who would get the kids home.

One also has to wonder or imagine
 if Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s street-sex-trade-brokers have been killed by the forces fighting ISIS in ISIS-Occupied territory. Whose side is he on?

The RINJ Foundation
 urges the Government of Canada,
The United Nations Secretary General, and the Law Enforcement Community to put a stop to the practice of pouring millions into the child sex trade in Syria  and Iraq.

TO: The buyers of ISIS Child Sex-Slaves

You flashed money all over the world and openly pay sex-traders for children/women you want to buy selectively.

RINJ Foundation Members have talked to “brokers” (glorified pimps) who are bartering for kids that they say they will buy with ‘your’ money. You are an enthusiastic tourist to this regime but you are an incompetent within it and there is no lack of ignorant people in the West whom you can sway to join you. Fools rush in and have a moment of fame and kill thousands they don’t see or want to see.

Many girls say that their friends were killed because they would not agree to “clean-up” and leave the camp when the buyers’ rep came (mostly because when they are ‘sold’ they don’t know anything, just that they need to “pretty-up”, and usually are sold into other parts of the human slavery world and they expect and fear the worst).

When girls refuse to cooperate ISIS drags out a large group & murders them with automatic weapons in front of everyone. The injured are left writhing in agony for a while for effect, then shot in the head. The onlookers are hysterical and terrified in silent agony.

Those that chose death over cooperation are not picked for death. The death of their peers is then on them. The psychological impact is to soften up the rest for the moment. This has been going on since 2011. The cycle then repeats itself the next time a fighter wants his stable of slaves groomed and prepped for delivery.

The RINJ Foundation​ has branded “Don’t Buy A Kid – End Child Sex Trade” and spends $10,000.00 a month promoting that important message not because the foundation wanted to get into a fight with well-meaning fools who throw their money at problems instead of street-level hard work, but because we know what we are doing and we are getting it done. The best way to end child sex trade is to dry the money out of the market, prevent kidnappings & prosecute the perpetrators of the crime.

Every $10 to 100$ spent on buying these human slaves from ISIS swells the ranks of the captured/enslaved by 25 kids or more.

Don't buy a kid from terrorists law for Canadians


The RINJ Foundation Purpose

–      Exist for the benefit of the general public.
–      Prevent rape and sexual assault crime.
–      Assist survivors of these crimes.