Will Donald Trump’s Removal come before WWIII

Analysis // Washington rot begs the firm rule of law. Trump must go or the USA / World is doomed to greater violence.

by Micheal John (Editor RINJ Press / Feminine-Prespective / CEO The RINJ Foundation)

Like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Donald Trump upon quashing effective oversight has with impunity encouraged extreme Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and death to a high number of women and girls around the world.  Many women say they would as self-defence assassinate Donald Trump if able because their lives are threatened by this man’s morbid attacks. Concomitantly many women grieve losses of children and loved ones owing to Trump’s encouraged violence that some truly decent American military men have at times  tried to avert.

Violence toward civilians must end and Americans need to hear the voices of victim’s families and mitigate their pain with kindness and generosity. Trump’s debt incurred in the name of America is enormous.

Ignored rape allegations, paedophilia claims, lies, womanizing & misogyny, but what isn’t accepted in the USA is treason. What isn’t accepted by Russia is assets that take the cookie and don’t pay the promise. Is Trump Russia’s asset?

July 16, 2018 - Helsinki. Photo Credi: www.kremlin.ruAmerican Reality TV Host and current US President, Donald J. Trump with former KGB Director and current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.  July 16, 2018 – Helsinki. Photo Credit: www.kremlin.ru

There is much information to imply but not yet prove that Russia holds something over Donald Trump such that Russia has a reasonable expectation of White House cooperation. Certainly in Syria, Russia has walked over America like an old garden-shed door mat without Trump batting an eye. Defense Secretary Mattis may not be happy.

Russia is in the process of selling to the Philippines some quiet, shallow running,  SSK submarines (the excellent Kilo-class diesel-powered  hunter/killers). Putin convinced Duterte to trash a USA offer of American hand-me-downs (not submarines).

Russia is completely running away with America’s top ally in the Middle East, Turkey. How did Trump let that happen?

Russia has gotten away with murder with Novichok. Betray Russia and you die. Get the message Mr. Trump?

Winning the US election for Trump wasn’t easy. It wasn’t so difficult for Russian IT specialists because they know what they are doing but in a race so close as the US 2016 election, it’s hard to pull something like that off without being noticed. Our sources suggest that half a million computer votes, real votes but movable digits in computers, were reassigned in such a manner as to re-skew the Electoral College votes where a handful of the 500k movable ballots would tilt the scales to Trump. That’s not child’s play. And if Trump doesn’t keep his promises made indirectly to Putin, he may end up with some VX or Novichok chemicals entering his bloodstream as Russia and perhaps Kim Jong Un (or maybe it was all Russia) have a proclivity for.

Ask the British. They do know what they maybe cannot prove. Business Insider cites 15 instances in the UK where Russia has in recent times allegedly assassinated an asset or former asset. There is reason to believe that Trump could be at risk of assassination if the accusations against him are true. None of the alleged assassinations in Britain have been proven. In every case there is a shadow of doubt but most certainly a denial from the Kremlin. Russia has been chastised and even sanctioned.

British authorities (according to Business Insider)  blamed Russia for the Novichok poisoning of the former GRU agent Sergei Viktorovich Skripal  on 4 March of this year and expelled 23 Russian diplomats in retaliation — the UK’s largest removal of foreign officials in more than 30 years. In a joint statement on March 15, the leaders of the US, UK, France, and Germany said it was “highly likely that Russia was responsible for the attack.”

Sergei Skripal was an infamous member of a Russian intelligence who was convicted in 2006 by the Russians of handing over the names of 300 Russian agents to the British. Skripal admitted to helping UK spies for at least a decade.

In detail we do not know what Trump is doing with the Russians. Allegations abound but we simply do not know. On the evidence however, if you betray the Russian spymasters, they will assassinate you.

Donald Trump - White House Official PortraitDonald Trump Portrait Released by White House, cropped by Feminine Perspective


Steal a baby from a mother’s arms and you invite your end. Humankind has the right to defend itself against attacks on its sustainability: our children. Decency demands the protection of the weak and vulnerable, infants first and foremost.  Trump is in violation of basic social mores and civilities but is also guilty of a form of torture.

As for global accountability America has withdrawn from all treaties and United Nations’ accords built on many member states’ hard work and adherence to human development goals of holding rogue states accountable for unlawful conduct that affronts human development and violates the global rule of law.

The media has often been a voice of reflection and redress since the Industrial Revolution began but now it is muzzled and censored by Trump. Mr. Trump’s voice has encouraged a climate that spawned the wrongful detention of two Reuters journalists who told the horrid truth about Myanmar and has endangered other scribes and researchers.

The world’s despots should note that Mr. Trump’s encouragement is only a fleeting sign of mental illness and a normal still exists wherein thugs like Min Aung Hlaing, will be effortlessly sent to a life in prison if found guilty in a Court of Jurisdiction under the rule of law. That is the will of humankind-ignored when wilful men became emboldened by brazen inhumanity.

Trump has withdrawn but violated numerous international law regimes and shows contempt for internal American law enforcement such as the Department of Justice, The Central Intelligence Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  Donald Trump infers from the adulation he receives as President of the United States that he has total impunity for crime. As in the case of despots who went before him who blocked all avenues of criticism and redress, he invites revolution and his assassination. People the world over must calm and respect the rule of law and the prevalence of saner minds. For those saner minds, this day is a call to action.

Examples of important accountability regimes the USA has ditched: Rome-Statute, UN Human Rights Council, the Convention-on-the-Rights-of-a-Child, and the Paris_agreement.


Trump in Back Room Psychology Terms is a Monster

That Donald Trump has snatched babies from the arms of migrant mothers fleeing sexual violence in Central America so he could scare fleeing women away from US borders is a statement about what kind of a monster Trump has always been. Torturing families is unforgivable.

America’s racism is showing among Trump’s supporters, who support these actions because they are against non-white non-English speaking migrants.

Some voters of Trump’s base have begun distancing themselves from this monster who disenfranchised half America (its women). More people suddenly and recently fled Trump says an extensive piece of research conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post.

Source: ABC News and the Washington Post: Read  Trump and the Mueller Investigation

If Americans want to make America great again they should fix the poverty, disease and human rights violations  in their country, not elect mentally-ill alleged-criminals who buy their way out of prosecutions and are diagnosed as extremely violent by the best mental health experts in US academia and health care institutes. Arizona Senator John McCain You cannot steal greatness, you must do something good to be great.

John Sidney McCain for example did not discover insulin or a cure for cancer but he softly represented all things humans wish we could be. Humble, gender-balanced, patriotic, loyal, gentle, humane, respectful and dignified. (Photo: USMC – August 3, 2018)

Trump shat on that. Watch solid people flee Trump for that alone.

Trump’s allies now chide the man Trump and step away eloquently because standing beside Trump might cause them to be swallowed into the sucking void that leads to Trump’s end. Showing deference to the presidency and the Office of the President of the United States is expected of every American. But Trump is neither.

Donald Trump has not reached the pinnacle of his career, he has reached the limit of where lack-of-conscience can take him before the bravest of the brave face him down.

What changed ? America joined them electing Trump.

For example, Trump is not alone to join al-Baghdadi’s misogyny extremes. He has also inspired other depots to misconduct in new extremes.

Rodrigo Duterte (who encourages rape and blames women) of the Philippines and Turkey’s Recep Erdogen who firmly insists that female humans are lesser than men, have been invigorated in their assaults on women by Donald Trump’s extreme attacks on the rights and the safety of women and children all over the world.

Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, deliberately, with Trump’s backing, bombs and targeting data obliterated a school bus full of children on 9 August in a premeditated attack.

This Aug. 9 slaughter of over three dozen kids was not an accident. Targeting TV video show the pilot and handlers the school bus before the attack according to information acquired inside Saudi Arabia by RINJ Foundation war-crime investigators.

That these men, inspired by Donald Trump’s misogyny, disenfranchise all female voters implies they are not creating public policy in the context of a democracy but operate as autocrats in an elitist quasi-dictatorship.

‘Leader’ of the free world led the global charge against women.

Donald Trump once called Florida lawyer Elizabeth Beck “disgusting” for requesting a medical break in court to pump milk to feed her baby.

The RINJ Foundation Women who work in some of the harshest climates and human environments on Earth insist that breastfeeding infants for a year or more is a primary care health requirement and that most of the contrary arguments made by American baby formulae producers are bunk. The Trump Administration has tried to block the UN and Civil-Society-driven thrust at the World Health Assembly to increase breastfeeding periods from the first 6 months of life to one year or more.

RSAC nurses emphatically insist that their experiences in the field indicate breast feeding for much longer periods of time than previously thought. Some experienced nurses have advanced that formula is contraindicated where a mother is able to feed her baby. It’s a life and death issue especially where resistance to aggressive infectious microbes are an issue. As a consequence the RINJ Foundation increased its education and advertising budgets to promote the need for extended periods of breast feeding and insist that society help in every possible way including breast feeding acceptance and complimentary quiet comfort areas in public places where baby and mom can have mobility and still continue breastfeeding on demand.

Since Donald Trump took office in late January 2017, his administration gagged women from many American and non-American organizations by withdrawing funding from those groups that advocated family planning. (Ether stop family planning education or loose your funding.) This has led to an untold number of deaths when women and children through rape or incest have become pregnant and who for medical reasons should absolutely not be pregnant and hence required an abortion in a new environment where safe abortion is no longer available.

Feminine Perspective tends to shudder at religion-driven public policy, since favouring a form of secular humanism is a more often indicated cure for global woes where religion has led to mass murder like in Myanmar, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Palestine.

Since Donald Trump took office, the quantum on rapes, sexual slavery and abductions of women and children have soared resulting in more deaths.

It can also be said that the drop in global female population has accelerated in the two years of Trump. Countless numbers of women whom Trump has implied are worthless have been slaughtered. Despite the proclivity of global populations reflecting a longer life expectancy of women by a significant margin, Earth now hosts fewer human females than male. This is not due to declining fertility rates but due to the morbidity of being female in undeveloped nations.

Nevertheless, declining fertility rates must continue downward because earth cannot support many more people. Thus a levelling of the total fertility rate (TFR) at 2.1 (replacement value) or prior to stability an intermediately low TFR  less than 2.1 (population decline) is statistically acceptable.

Thuggish Leaders are Brazen about Their Right to Rape

Accused with solid grounds of causing the slaughter or rape and impregnation of tens of thousands of women as  a method of genocide are commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing, Myanmar commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing, Brigadier-General Aung Aung, deputy commander-in-chief Vice Senior-General Soe Win; the commander of the Bureau of Special Operations-3, Lieutenant-General Aung Kyaw Zaw; the commander of Western Regional Military Command, Major-General Maung Maung Soe; and the commander of 99th Light Infantry Division, Brigadier-General Than Oo.

These men in the anti-Islam climate fostered by Donald Trump and the heightened marginalization of women led by the American Misogynist-in-Chief Trump, felt they were justified and we believe that is the signal they got from the White House, drove Rohingya Muslims from Burma because they are Muslims and because Donald Trump banned Muslims either in perception or in reality from entering the United States. Hatred for Muslims and hatred for women = Trump = we can do it too.

Trump is Accused of Being A Traitor or at Least, Russian-Compromised

Bruce Ohr August28 2018 Pablo Martinez Monsivais APBruce Ohr, US Justice Official Aug. 28, 2018 Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

This is Mr. Bruce Ohr who is a highly respected lawyer in the US Department of Justice and as such has detailed knowledge of Mr. Trump’s 2016 Campaign involvement with the Russian espionage apparatus through an FBI informant. Donald Trump has conspired recently to attack Mr. Ohr and make an attempt to remove his security clearances but apparently Mr. Ohr has been able to attend legislative investigatory committees to share his information.

Eric Tucker and Chad Day of the Associated Press report in the Chicago Tribune today that hey have spoken to observers of Mr. Ohr’s testimony before the House Judiciary and House Oversight committees on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 28, 2018. The people who discussed Ohr’s interview were not authorized to publicly discuss details of the closed session and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. They describe the testimony of Mr. Ohr as explosive and in particular noted that a certain witness had described the situation as “they had Trump over a barrel”. Read the Trib’s story, if you like.

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