Women Issue Warning to American Social Media Platforms

Warning American social media against promoting

  1. mass murder,
  2. misogyny, plus
  3. rape and incest.

In particular, Twitter & Facebook promote these 3 crimes by encouraging their commission as a consequence of promoting the perpetrators in social media content which content the corporations claim they derive from other parties but at the same time they sell that content and generate revenues, profits and executive bonuses from that dirty money.

The problem for humanity:

  • Promote a killer he kills again.
  • Promote a rapist he rapes again.
  • Elect a dictator too… then it would be time to end these platforms.

Civil society must hold those who facilitate aggressive crimes against humanity to account by legal and more creative extra legal means because nothing else now functions to protect children and their families.


Hence the gloves must come off in the coming months.

Warning to social media to stop promoting perpetrators of mass murder, misogyny and rape

Warning to social media platforms against promoting mass murder, misogyny, rape and incest. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto

Article by the executive, board of directors, staff and members of  The RINJ Foundation.


When you unblur the truth it becomes a matter of personal greed versus human rights.

When you unblur the truth it becomes a matter of personal greed versus human rights.

This spring a US Court said Facebook must pay $52 million in damages to moderators who necessarily viewed the photographs of murder, rape and torture Facebook was using to sell advertising, but what about the victims?

The RINJ Foundation

The RINJ Foundation mission is fighting for the safety of women and children.