Stop! Stop the warmongering jargon and start talking peace

"End this war" is the outcry from women around the world.

“The Cry if the Ukrainian Mother” is a strange statue featured in Bulgaria. “End this war,” is the outcry from women all around the world. Photo supplied by Melissa Hemingway of Feminine-Perspective Magazine.

“Every munition sent to Ukraine explodes in Ukraine, stupid. It either kills women or children or drives them from their homes,” a twelve year old girl told me. “Not everyone is a fan of America’s NATO

by Katie Alsop, The RINJ Foundation

Even Deutsche Welle is foolishly blaming the entire world’s woes on Vladimir Putin, just like the stuffed suit in the White House bleats out the Pentagon narrative. But the human race has still lost a philanthropic Europe. Humanitarianism in Europe is dead. And the world is threatened with global nuclear war.

Putin not China is now responsible for COVID-19, high gas prices, inflation, hunger, and Biden’s bad hair days, falling down, getting lost, being lost and belly cramps.

Oil and gas prices in Germany would not be a problem if not for the radically stupid sanctions against everything Russian and everything Iranian and everything China, etceteras that are killing starving people on the horn of Africa.

Europe has joined America in being an enemy to all of the rest of the world outside the tiny Anglosphere.

Russia, China, India, North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, are all in the EU stove-top grease. Europe and America have Canada, they have Bo Jo the clown, Australia, and maybe New Zealand against the other 7 billion humans on the planet. That 7 billion is not hard to identify—they are the non-white, poor, hungry sick masses, many locked in their homes, begging on village streets, digging for things to eat, or living in flooded lands or drought-crippled dust bowls.

The Ukraine thing is all about White Supremacy

Nobody in Europe made such a fuss about the million Iraqis the Americans slaughtered from 2003-2017 or the devastation to the Afghan population when America handed the country over to those whom it calls terrorists, the Taliban and  their al Qaeda buddies. Ukrainians are white, right.

The poorly thought out sanctions designed to starve as many Russians as possible have been plaguing the entire human race, and now getting worse at the unscrupulous hands of political idiots, liars and cutthroats screaming for more bombs and more war.

We are a connected race of humans. Whatever any of these incompetent world leaders do today to hurt one segment of the human population will hurt the entire species. Peace is the only way ahead.

America and Europe are busted for deliberately starting a war with Russia. Members and readers more and more are becoming aware. That is not to say that the hierarchy in the Kremlin is innocent in the matter. Stupid is a better word.

Violence is no longer an acceptable method of solving geopolitical problems as America continues to promote.

The American record for military interventions, which is what Ukraine’s civil war has become, never worked anywhere at any time in history. In fact America’s failures are epic.

Peace. Ceasefire. Stop sending weapons. Stop supporting the carnage.


It is time to tune out the warmongering freaks in the media and on the political stage. Building a case for hatred of Russia went too far. Russia is too big a country and too great a part of Europe to not matter. But Russia must stop making war as must the NATO (American)  side


"End this war" is the outcry from women around the world.

“End this war,” is the outcry from women around the world.