After eight years, Donetsk and Luhansk formerly of Donbass are their own countries.

Busy vaccination program by Ministry of Health of the Lugansk People's Republic

Vaccinated pensioner is cleared to go home after a 15 minute wait to verify the senior’s vitals are all good. Vaccination here at the Luhansk City PolyClinic 12, is carried out from 7:45 to 15:00 M-F, as well as on Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00.
Photo Credit: Ministry of Health of the Lugansk People’s Republic.. Photo is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

“What is needed is a ceasefire agreement, a truce, and certification of the Donbass region by both sides, Russia and Ukraine, as fully autonomous with full independence rights and the right of the people to choose the alliances desired by the two Republics, acknowledging the statehood of the two People’s Republics, which they have certainly earned in Luhansk and Donetsk over these past eight years.



The people of Kharkiv Oblast which is on the west side of the fighting in the Donets Basin, want to have their visiting customers from Donetsk PR, Luhansk PR and the Russia Federation again, but those people are not allowed to travel to the city of Kharkiv to do their shopping in the plentiful stores of Kharkiv.

by Katie Alsop


While life goes on in the People’s Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, the shelling by Americans and Ukrainians of the Republics’ city suburbs continues.

These two countries were ethnic-Russian ‘oblasts’  or ‘provinces’ that separated from Ukraine finally in 2014 during the revolt some say was assisted by America, that unseated the former allegedly pro-Russia President, by force.

The Minsk Protocols

What is known as the Minsk Protocol is an agreement which sought to end fighting in the region but it failed to stop fighting against the two Republics. Minsk II, which was signed on 12 February 2015, but that has been ignored and the ordinary people of Luhansk and Donetsk are being shelled and killed regularly by Americans and Ukrainians.

Today, efforts are being made by both Ukraine and Russian officials to resolve these issues and find a peace.

As peace talks continue between the sides,new American President who seems to be more belligerent (or headstrong?) than the last one and who has basically brought the US Presidency into a shameful condition.

America controls the North American Treaty Organization which is currently wooing Ukraine for membership which would allow America to put more troops and missiles on the Russian border.

America also controls Ukraine although the USA-puppet president in Kiev told the US President on the phone that he knew more about the situation in his country than did Joseph Biden and that Biden should shut up about all his imminent Russian invasion predictions because the people of Ukraine were fleeing the country in the tens of thousands.

US President Biden has been bellicose like a ranting old man when he can’t find his slippers. He seems to be trying to divert attention from multiple disasters his short fuse has caused.

The Biden Diversion appears to be World War III

Fortunately the government in Germany and the government in Russia are both far more calm than the obscenely vulgar and war-chanting Yankees.

Both President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Olaf Scholz are sane, rational statesmen  a fact that will likely prevent a major war, unless America does attack Russia, which does seem imminent.

It is vividly clear that Russia and Germany are thinking about national security and self-defence.

The geriatric NATO is struggling for a reason to exist and sees Russia as a target for why NATO needs to have more missiles, bombers and warships. But most countries do not take it seriously enough to do their annual defence spending guidelines of 2% of their GDP.

It’s America’s NATO anyway and America spends more money on Arms than the entire rest of the world, most of that money borrowed, so why buy more bombs and missiles if America is putting theirs in every country?

Since the late 1990s, America’s NATO, an old dog that doesn’t need to fetch the newspaper for years now because a digital cable brings it to a computer, has been struggling to be importance.

NATO has tried to be an enemy to China but it speaks neither Mandarin or Korean  nor does it know how to use chopsticks. This is to say that America and NATO have as much understanding of China and North Korea as they do about aliens’ anatomy.

Joseph Biden’s daily threats against are to be heard because everywhere America goes, people die. America’s forte is killing.

Millions of starving Afghani people where America for twenty years fought a war against the Taliban terrorist group then suddenly in August 2021 evacuated from Afghanistan leaving the country to the Taliban which then proceeded to destroy the country more than the Americans had done. Now the UN is looking for billions of dollars to feed the people there and get them out of the freezing cold and the COVID-19 pandemic.

America left Iraq in ruins such that Europe has been dealing with the refugee exodus since 2011.

Americans are not all that welcome in Ukraine. Biden is killing the country with stupidity.

It seems that every day the Russians are coming, according to the hysterical US White House.

But the Russians have been coming ever since America walked out of all the nuclear arms treaties. America has built monstrous new nuclear weapons arsenals and is planting missiles all over the world.

American Fighting Forces of many kinds are in Ukraine.

The Americans we have seen with the weapons they launch into the Republics are wearing small American flag badges (Many different American contractors) but don’t have the nominal military insignias. Occasionally they are accompanied by military officers and soldiers who wear the full American regalia. They are firing mortars, artillery cannons, rockets and sometimes missiles. Usually they attack infrastructure like sanitation, water purification and electrical distribution facilities, most of which are in or near residential areas.

“Our organization has eight chapters in the Ukraine, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Russian regions and our position is that the shelling by Ukrainians and Americans of women and children in Luhansk PR and Donetsk PR must stop,” said Dale Carter, a security analyst with the RINJ Foundation.

“What is needed is a ceasefire agreement, a truce, and certification of the Donbass region by both sides, Russia and Ukraine, as fully autonomous with full independence rights and the right of the people to choose the alliances desired by the two Republics, acknowledging the statehood of the two People’s Republics, which they have certainly earned in Luhansk and Donetsk over these past eight years.

“Should this not be attainable, the people of the two Republics through their governments, must request the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) present a proposal to the UN Security Council for a CSTO Peacekeeping Force to prevail over a demarcation zone that saves harmless the women and their families of Luhansk and Donetsk, all of this in consultation with the governments of Luhansk and Donetsk.”

“I believe easing these concerns is a step, albeit a small step, to end the discrimination against Russians in Ukraine and in other countries and to end this hybrid war,” she continued.


09/26/2022 COVID-19 Updates for the Eastern Europe Regions Where Russia has Donated Sputnik Vaccine

Source CSPaC.

Russian Fed.20,694,894386,55119,652,187
Donetsk PR171,46810,183149,494
Luhansk PR32,6013,48329,101
North Ossetia-Alania40,1861,92835,460
South Ossetia14,25715314,090

In addition to some 70 other nations which are publicly set out as users of the Sputnik V vaccine through various channels including donations, Abkhazia, Donetsk, Luhansk, South Ossetia, and Transnistria according to both official and unofficial sources to CSPaC are receiving as donations from Russia, and using, the Sputnik V vaccine made by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. North Ossetia-Alania, a former autonamous region of the Russian Federation, is tracked because of its relationship and population intermingling with South Ossetia and Georgia. Ukraine has been added because of the May 2 0 1 4 ongoing war and the 24 February 2 0 2 2 Russian Federation military intervention on behalf of the Luhansk PR and Donetsk PR republics.

Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19