Rotherham 1400 Erodes Britain’s Greatness

More than 1,400 children were sexually abused over a 16 year period by gangs of paedophiles after police and council bosses turned a blind eye.

The other horrific thing about Rotherham is that probably it is the tip of the iceberg given the evidence of systemic failure in law enforcement.

South Yorkshire police commander for Rotherham, Ch Supt Jason Harwin should shut his mouth and stay out of sight in shame.

None of the faces of authority for the past 16 years should ever appear with a title and authority again

There is apparent evidence of wrongdoing in the policing of Rotherham but wrongdoing or not there has been a failure of law enforcement to epic and disgusting proportions where the system is complicit in the crime of child rape and molestation.

The U.K. federal government needs to take immediate action disbanding the entire police force and launching a full parliamentary inquiry into the horrific crimes of Rotherham.

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright with the other senior officials of the region were responsible for “blatant” failures that saw rape victims, some as young as 11 years old, being treated with contempt and categorized as being “out of control” or simply ignored when they asked for help as they were still being sold for sex and raped incessantly. 

ignored when they asked for help as they were still being sold for sex and raped incessantly

Today police commander for Rotherham, Ch Supt Jason Harwin is complaining that the protestors in Rotherham are getting out of hand. He represents the problem and is a lightning rod for trouble. 

In some cases, parents who tried to rescue their children from sex-abusers were themselves arrested. Police officers under Harwin ‘s command even dismissed the rape of children by saying that sex with the children had been consensual. But of course British law is no different than the rest of the world. Children cannot consent to sex.

The U.K. has lost credit around the world, credit that will take years to recover. This is not a minor event but raises the question of how many more similar situations are there yet to be uncovered, if they ever will be uncovered.

10 Downing street has been devoid of action-oriented response and needs to take drastic action immediately as Great Britain continues to loose its greatness.

RINJ: Fighting for the safety of women and children.