Donate to Ukraine clinical help, shelter, care for rape survivors in Ukraine

News: Human traffickers captured, victims rescued by RINJ.

RINJ humanitarian workers & their security contractor in the Donbass region of Ukraine have broken a human sex slave operation, freed 17 children and women (+2 are free and still in transit in Poland) and brought the offenders to justice. Details.

Too often have the needs of women and girls in conflict settings been side-lined and treated as an afterthought

Protet the vulnerable in Ukraine

Pramila Patten, the United Nation’s Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict, recalled her recent visit to Ukraine and outlined the elements of a recently signed Framework of Cooperation on the Prevention and Response to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, which seeks to strengthen accountability and combat those abhorrent crimes like rape. Photo Credit: UNICEF/Nikita Mekenzin. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

RINJ Women Protecting the vulnerable in Ukraine
* Safe Houses
* Rape Clinics
* Birthing Clinics
* Health Care Clinics

RINJ Women in Ukraine since 2010

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Emergency Statement

This article discusses services provided to Ukraine sexual violence survivors and their families:

By Melissa Hemingway/Ukraine

“I have found the worst rapists anywhere in the world, judging by the condition of their rape victims [translated]. How can we possibly leave where we are? I have seven girl survivors hidden in my home already,” said Alona Adamovich, a RINJ member and NGO organizer in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine.


WARNING / Sensitive Material  This web page contains information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors. There is no age restriction on this content.  The RINJ Foundation is urging all women and children to vacate Ukraine and enter Europe or Russia depending on where you live now.

Armed roving, raping and looting men

Women and Children throughout Ukraine must leave. There are no exceptions. Dale Carter of  The RINJ Foundation security dept. has learned that armed males of no particular side in the matter have been roving, raping and looting. Please do not travel alone and should you encounter women and or children traveling on foot, help them. Don’t travel alone. 

RINJ Women Protecting the vulnerable in Ukraine
* Safe Houses
* Rape Clinics
* Birthing Clinics
* Health care clinics

Contact the RINJ HelpLine using this number: +16477399279 available on WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram. Anything we can arrange for you we will do. If you have automobile seats to the border, for others, let us know, we will arrange anonymous contact with those who ask.

Please. This is a terrible situation and you do not know that your situation is not the worst. Ladies, there is strength in numbers. Wear warm clothing. Each person must carry a personal supply of clean water. Remember your medications for chronic ails. You can get by with less food for a short while  but water you must have. Evacuate in groups, the more the better. God Bless and Good Luck–-Melissa Hemingway/Ukraine

Not everyone agrees with RINJ Women that Gender Based Violence is such a big problem. We are scoffed in emails and social media posts and told to ‘take one for the team‘ etc.

But why would you let the enemy rape your sisters in Ukraine?

What if the spread of HIV/AIDS  in Ukraine plus other STDs includes you in some six degrees re-connection?

According to the World Health Organization, HIV is spreading fastest in eastern Europe. Ukraine has one of the largest burdens of HIV in Europe. HIV occurs in 1 % of the Ukraine population. Rape and misogyny in Ukraine is an enormous problem.

Russian rapists are spreading deadly disease in Ukraine. They also commit a war crime using rape as a weapon of war. Why? Well it’s worse than you might think. The soldiers are encouraged to increase the genetic occurrence of Russians in Ukraine. They want the girls to become pregnant. But it is also true that many Russian soldiers seek partners to bring home. That’s called kidnapping unless the party is of consenting age and goes on their own free will. That happens too. Parents may not approve. Counselling is needed and that is something else we do in addition to interventions for kids.

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Don’t let undelivered food cargo go to waste. RINJ  can get the product delivered to the malnourished, fast and effectively. If you have a shipload of containers stuck somewhere, unpaid, so delivery withheld, there is a lot that a not-for-profit can help you with if making a donation. We have huge communities that need food.

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Send us a note to explain in greater detail which of our services you need.

  1. Safety of women and children from sexual violence.
  2. Medical assistance to rape survivors and those infected with HIV/HBV/other STDs
  3. Current projects: Fighting HIV/HBV and other STDs in Ukraine resulting from incest and rape.
  4. The RSAC Nurses Without Borders
  5. RINJ Sexual Assault Clinics
  6. HelpLine Workers (global)
  7. Prophylaxis Medication Support (Where we pay for the patient medications directly to a pharmaceutical solutions provider which then drop ships to the patient or arranges pickup.)
  8. Test and Treat HIV/HBV Emergency Project. Home tests are provided in Ukraine.
  9. Feminine-Perspective Magazine (Gender Equality)
  10. Bulk donations of food/medicine to communities in Ukraine
  11. Funding of Other Agencies RINJ Women partner with.
  12. Needs of patients in  Ukraine
  13. Trial Preparation and prosecution of rape/incest/sex assault in Ukraine
  14. Women’s Rights

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RSAC Nurses resuming women's shelter and clinic roles

As of 1 September 2020, RSAC Nurses resumed women’s shelter and clinic roles. HIV self testing resumed. COVID-19 testing is still conducted at most locales.

For the COVID-19 pandemic, RINJ Sexual Assault Nurses and MidWives re-purposed to use our medical skills to help support the global solidarity effort to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19.

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Donate today Listing the needs of patients. Food and water is desperately needed. Drugs for patients with chronic illness – medications for diabetes, COPD, for hypertensive heart disease,  like beta blockers, ace inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, clinic needs like IV ringers, saline, glucose, basic analgesics like acetaminophen, non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-histamines, H2 blockers, pediatric meds.  Photo Credit: Rosa Yamamoto


Donate via PayPal if you wish. Donate to Ukraine clinical help, shelter, care for rape survivors in Ukraine.

RINJ Women Protecting the vulnerable in Ukraine
* Safe Houses
* Rape Clinics
* Birthing Clinics
* Health care clinics

Help the The Nurses Without Borders

Donate TodaySome people who know the organisation do specify where they would like funds to go. For example if you add a note “HIV” 100% of your gift will go to purchasing the free HIV self-test (blood test not saliva) kits the RINJ Sexual Assault Clinic Nurses Without Borders provide patients in developing nations.

Generally, all personal donor funds are used to purchase supplies.


Donate via PayPal if you wish. Our people right now are working 24/7 across Ukraine and in parts of Russia where survivors have been evacuated. Remember that NGO medical workers are politically neutral. A dying person on a stretcher is not asked what side they are on. Russian-speaking girls are raped too. That’s half the population of Ukraine.

200% Or more of your donation reaches Survivors and Victim families in Ukraine but there is more. We have been in the Ukraine for over a decade. We have matching donors who will match what you donate.

We need to treat sexually transmitted disease immediately. In many cases this involves massive doses of specialized antibiotics in a one-time dose. Why? Because some rape survivors are so ashamed and so PTSD, they do not come back. But we need to make sure they took their meds. Better to avoid a 10-day or 7-day course of some of the traditional pharmaceuticals unless we are housing the patient, which is what we prefer.

We conduct and teach rape kit collection and specialized nursing programs for medical recruits in-country.

Training is a very effective method for doing our work because we can train existing staffers working inside existing medical facilities and increase our GBV medical expertise presence.

We operate our own clinics and we provide staff to existing medical facilities.

We must pay their salaries and that is where your donation might go. We pay  nurses only 1,927 $cdn per month as a stipend to a volunteer.

We also provide housing for the nurse in these instances. This helps us do our work in Ukraine because we cannot operate a shelter/clinic everywhere. We also do this in Venezuela where we have only three of our own clinics and one hospital. We have our people embedded in many health care facilities in Syria and Iraq too. In some cases these are the only staffer being paid. In Ukraine we are heavily embedded for over a decade.

Remember Oksana Makar – 8 March 2012

This has a special meaning because one of our members was raped and killed in Ukraine.



Rape Kits

Rape Kits provide an opportunity to register DNA data of offenders and survivors for Criminal Prosecution and later health care needs

Sometimes we use your donation to show to matching donors. What that means is that we have some donors who will match every donation intended for a special cause. Ukraine is one of those regions.

Here is an example. In Ukraine there have been rapes of children and young ladies that resulted in their deaths. From some of these cases we have matching donors in Ukraine.

Hence, once the cost of processing your donation is paid and the net amount is deposited in our Royal Bank of Canada account, more than 97% of your donation reaches women and children in need.

The remaining 3% pays administrative costs like phone bills, bank fees, internet bandwidth (which is how you are reading this). The vast majority of RINJ workers are unpaid volunteers, interns, and exchange program workers. It’s hard work and not something most people would want to make a life out of, but someone must do that work and it is an ideal place to learn the craft of nursing and medical doctoring.

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Fighting for the safety of women and children around the world.
Fighting for the safety of women and children around the world.

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HIV Prevention   The Nurses Without BordersRINJ HIV Programme in the Philippines

Click image to enlarge. Medical workers in Burnham Park, Baguio City, Philippines, meet thousands of Filipinos and share discreet information on free testing either at the Cordillera Region ‘RINJ Sexual Assault Clinic’ (RSAC Nurses Without Borders) or with a free self-administered blood test. (See our How-To instructional Video.) Photo Credit: May 28, 2018 – The RINJ Foundation

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Donate to Ukraine clinical help, shelter, care for rape survivors in Ukraine