“Cell Phones For Survivors” ~ Donate your old phone

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The RINJ Foundation has been obtaining donations of used smart-phones. Our more technically-inclined volunteers refurbish these units and programme them for the country of destination to which they are shipped and picked up by persons who have reached out to us and with whom we have a need to communicate: women and youth who have escaped from sex slavery; volunteers of limited means; women in trouble; and persons in a position to help others.

Please Donate Your Used Smart Phone
ship to:
The RINJ Foundation
8-1 Goodmark Place
M9W 6M1

We have kids talking to bona fide employment agents; young women talking to each other; women getting help for their babies; intervention follow-up; health care support; rape survivor supporters; data reporters; event reporters; researchers and other helpers who make a difference, using these refurbished cell phones.

In some cases we are paying as little as $4 per month to have extensive cell phone service.

Introducing Digital Data Apps For Collecting Sex Crime Information and Evidence

In under-developed and developing nations, providing more and more women with smart-phones is increasing the collection and distribution of needed data. We are also processing rape-kits and supplying kits where needed on a more reactive basis.

Apps are under development to create a three-page intake form. We are preparing a better system for collecting evidence of rape in war-torn regions. Combining smart-phone photographs with text responses to standardized, formatted questions, so that anyone can collect short-answer data queries directly from the crime scene.

The RINJ Foundation already uses a simplified blend of two applications achieving a good result but the mission-specific app will be much better.

Join The RINJ Foundation if you would like to be considered for a volunteer position in some of our existing and future missions.

The RINJ Foundation has volunteers in the field, collecting evidence and doing survivor support and case work reporting. Any person can file a report of war-crime rape of their own experience or their knowledge of crime against another person by submiting photographs (especially identification photos of perpetrators before, at, or after the material time) and documents here on this page. You can file a detailed report here.

What The RINJ Foundation Does With Your Donation Globally

The RINJ™ Foundation attempts to locate and assist rescue of child sex slaves in the human slave trade especially where children have souhgt help but have no willing parents or family to help them. The RINJ Foundaton offers funding for extreme emergency rape cases in need of medical evacuation; reconstruction surgery and other care and attention otherwise unavailable owing to funding issues.

RINJ™ offers survivors financial support for counseling & medical aid.

The RINJ™ Foundation delivers training and educational support for police, military & EMS responders, as well as for school teachers, and all crisis response professionals.

The RINJ Foundation seeks stricter penalties for rapists.

RINJ teachs law enforcement how to identify and respond to sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual exploitation and rape.

The RINJ Foundation raises funds for the purchase of ‘rape kits’ and/or the funding of rape kit testing. RINJ will help assure that first responders and hospitals have rape kits and that kits are immediately tested and the results reported to police and prosecutors.

RINJ shares learning, knowledge and publishes news in pursuit of improvements in the way courts administer punishment to rapists; providing information about locations where ‘wanted’ sex offenders are on the lose; reporting on the manner in which law enforcement investigates complaints; and investigating/disseminating information about how survivors in war-torn countries find remedy.

By informing people through digital and hard-copy publications, The RINJ Foundation aims to prevent and end rape.

The RINJ Foundation sends volunteer NGO workers to assist United Nations War Crime investigators cataloging individual crimes of rape in war zones. We want to send out a strong message that rape is no longer a trophy of war but a serious war crime that will be prosecuted.

Where The RINJ Foundation Spends Money

“Cell Phones For Survivors” programme /Phone / Office Rent / Office Supplies / Volunteer Petty Expenses / Web Site / Domain Registration / Bank Fees / Registration Fees / Legal Fees / Accounting Fees / Government Registrations / Printing Materials / Brochures / Business Cards / Meeting Rooms / Seminar Rooms / Travel Expense / Postage and Mailing Costs / Annual Fees / Supplies For Victim Support / Travel / Rape Kits / Rape Kit Testing … more

The RINJ Foundation sends volunteer NGO workers to assist United Nations War Crime investigators cataloguing individual crimes of rape in war zones. We want to send out a strong message that rape is no longer a trophy of war but a serious war crime that will be prosecuted. ~ The RINJ Foundation

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