Kobani, Syria 90 Percent Liberated from Terrorists Jan. 26, 2015

Update January 26, 2015

Col. Deham Ibrahim Gergeri of Peshmerga forces reported that Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units together with Iraqi Kurdistan’s Peshmerga forces regained control over 90 percent of the city of Kobani in Syria.

After 130 days of fierce fighting the city of Kobani, Syria in the Kurdistan region of Syria, was liberated from the Islamic State terrorists on January 26th Local Time by Peshmerga fighters.

Yesterday, Kurdish People’s Protection Units in Syria regained control of two villages in southern Kobani, situated along the road leading to Aleppo,” Gergeri said. “[YPG fighters] make advances along the whole of the front line. At the moment our forces control 90 percent of the city and some territories outside of it. The enemy is retreating.”

Gergeri also said that on January 24 Syrian Kurds and Peshmerga fighters, with the support of the international anti-IS coalition, regained control of the main entry point to Kobani and the road to Aleppo.

Kobani, one of the largest cities in the Kurdish region bordering Turkey, was besieged by the Islamic State extremist group in September. Since then, Kurdish forces, backed by the US-led airstrikes on IS positions, have been trying to drive the extremists out of the city.

In December 2014, Syrian Kurds leader Saleh Muslim Mohammad said that the main goal of Kurdish forces fighting against Islamic State was full liberation of Kobani. Turkey is said to be hosting more than 190,000 refugees from Kobani.

 Originally published September 2014, updated October 8, 2014 and January 26 2015

Kobani, Syria

It is not that nobody knew of the atrocities, it’s that nobody cared. We fear the worst massacre and human atrocity since WWII.

2Kobani is the last stop on ISIL’s northern scourge in Northern Iraq and Syria and the massacre and continuing sexual violence is on the entire Western Alliance.
The last Christian community in the Middle East, was in Kobani, and was at the verge of it’s death by massacre, assimilation and eventual annihilation. Genocide. The raping and murder continues. Some 200,000 citizens have fled into Turkey despite that country’s efforts to repel the refugees with weapons and water cannon. Among this 200,000 of mostly Kurdish people leaves the last enclave of Christians in the North of Syria.
Many fleeing civilians from this Northern Syrian city have nowhere to go. Here in these pictures you see them lined up at the Turkish border being turned away. The Turks are now using weapons and water canon to push back terrorized refugees who must now face torture, rape, enslavement and death at the hands of the ISIL.

This summer an estimated 100,000 Iraqi Christians fled the Plain of Mosul on the Iraqi side of the Syrian border in several panicked waves that began in June as ISIL swept east from the Syrian border into Iraq, murdering, raping and kidnapping as it went. Every place ISIS conquered, it immediately issued an ultimatum to Christians and Yazidis  that repeated the stark choice they had given to Syrian Christians when they seized large parts of that country during the past two years. They had to either pay a huge ransom for their freedom, convert to Islam, or be brutally murdered.

Coming into question is the conduct of the NATO-member, Turkey, with it’s  army amassed nearby and watching the massacre and doing nothing to help the fleeing families, partly because it’s twisted alliances with the ISIL and partly because most its leadership is in prison at the hand of a faltering Turkish leadership.

Much of the raping and murder that is in its incipient stages in this ancient city is on the Turks and by association on all of NATO.

Many are saying this shall be the shame of the West for all time. Having disrupted this region with bad diplomacy in the matter of the U.S.-endorsed  Kuwait invasion by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq; with the Desert Storm coalition invasion that killed far too many; with the horrendously corrupt U.N. Oil-For-Food Program which robbed the Iraqi people in the 1990s; and with the post 9-11 WMD invasion of 2003 which massacred nearly a million Iraqi’s (March 2003 to August 2007); the West walked out of Iraq in  December 2011 leaving a mess and a power vacuum that various bands of  terrorists fought to seize.

RINJ has been throughout 2013 and 2014 recruiting volunteers and investigating Islamic State / IS /ISIS / ISIL crimes against women and children in particular.

The collection of data for each specific child/adult rape case; the ensuing official swearing of the evidence; and the laying of the charge is an incremental element of the larger process of proving the international crimes of:
1) aggression
2) genocide
3) Crimes against humanity
4) sexual violence in conflict zones
5) and links directly or indirectly other war crimes like mass murder and more

Not until 2017 is the ICC mandated to try cases of aggression but the precursor files that The RINJ Foundation is investigating and preparing can be heard immediately upon completion of filing and due processes of notification. Each case contributes patterned elements to an argument that leads to the larger crimes by:

1) establishing motive for the larger crimes of aggression and genocide;
2) establishing a pattern of activity that demonstrates the intent of the crimes; and
3) proves that the crimes did happen with intent.