Let women plan and rebuild new police services. Defund militarized paramilitary police.

Leaders ignore this at their peril. Read more:

 De-funding police means what? Here is the answer.

  1. Leaders in Canada, the USA and around the world need to realize that civil unrest today is a calm force for change, a demand for improvement. That could change with the wrong response.
  2. Apart from a couple dozen women leaders and three male leaders, 27 nations, all other governments in the world have disastrously failed their communities and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands through incompetence.
  3. “De-Funding Police” is a misnomer alone but correct concept as it relates to defunding the militarization of police. Those disingenuous leaders who play upon the misnomer will be defeated by vast insurrection and violence and nothing will stop that. Think hard. 7.8 Billion people are close to boiling.
  4. Encourage the current process for change via improvement rather than the usual lying, cheating and deception of most patriarchal politicians. (Read about those who have done a good job?)
Officer 8056, you had no right to beat up my boy.

Officer 8056, you had no right to beat up my boy. Toronto, Canada July 1, 2010

Police pursuits, prosecution of drug use, and prosecution of prostitution are not in the public interest and comprise a form of racial bullying.

Deaths from coronavirus surround everyone. People are sad, scared, unemployed, growing poor, hungry and malcontent. On top of that, when the complain they are met by a hail of rubber bullets and tear gas that make people more vulnerable to COVID-19.

Read: De-funding police means what? Here is the answer.


RCMP Are beating up people, 3-on-1 in public in Kelowna.

Nothing new?

Systematic police murders of Poor Filipinos in Manila

The broad daylight murder of a Filipino by police under orders from Duterte