Asians Seas crisis

A photo released by the official North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) the test fire of a newly-developed anti-aircraft missile, organized by the Academy of Defence Science of the DPRK, at an undisclosed location in North Korea, 30 September 2021 (issued 01 October 2021). The launch was conducted with the aim at confirming the practicality of operation of the launcher, radar and battle command vehicle as well as the comprehensive combat performance of the missile. 

Goals of the global protest for demilitarization of the Asian Seas on 11 Nov. 2021, in major cities around the world.

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09/28/2022 — This is a peaceful protest that seeks a series of serious, action-oriented processes.


  1. * The protest seeks to rename the China Seas to Asian Seas for disambiguation reasons and to remind the world that the Asian communities surrounding the Asian Seas are comprised of Chinese, Malaysians, Indonesians, Japanese, Filipinos, Thais, Vietnamese, South Koreans, North Koreans, and many more too many to name enumerating up to 4 billion people and we do not want our region sacrificed to American and Australian hegemony nor do we want our waterways congested with American warships of any kind.
  2. * reversing via cleanup and strong undertakings by the parties, the pollution in the South and East China Seas which has negatively impacted climate change and imposed a burden on humanity;
  3. * these goals must be achieved by we the people of Asia and our expatriates around the world. We do not need nuclear warships or any warships for that purpose in fact. Warships are contraindicated for cleaning up mother Earth in our regions;
  4. * reversing the militarization of the South China Sea by the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Britain, and the Peoples Republic of China;
  5. *  ending the China military transgressions of sovereign boundaries, belligerence, and bullying by China against all its neighbours, not limited to but including Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia plus others;
  6. * ending China stealing the fishing catch of neighbouring nations’ vessels; prevent the theft of fishing gear of China’s neighbours’ vessels;  and preventing China from sinking fishing vessels of its neighbours;
  7. * support and adoption the 12 July 2016 decision of the Arbitral Tribunal Constituted Under Annex VII to the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea which said China does not own the South China Sea which is shared by 7.8 billion people around the world;
  8. * convincing those nearly eight billion people around the world that they too have helped make a polluted mess of the South China Sea; and
  9. * teach the nations surrounding the South China Sea that this resource is a blessed gift to all humans and must be preserved in a better ecological, human-friendly state, to become naturally harmonious to its sea life, sea birds, and indigenous vegetation.

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Today China’s superpower piracy has an impact on millions of Asians and people all around the world because the China Seas waterway is crucial to global trade for a modest total estimate of $3.7 trillion USD in crucial goods, one third of the world’s trade.

Millions of Asians suffer food shortages during the pandemic because of China’s violent denial of coastal fisher people’s rights to take food from the sea.

Hence we organize a global protest on the afternoon of 11 November 2021 (Beijing time, -8 GMT).

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Fiery Cross Island

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Protests at Fiery Cross Island and major cities around the world.
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