Hall Of Honour Women Heroes  Philippines Sen. De Lima & VP Robredo - The RINJ Foundation Tue Sep 19 16:36:20 2017
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Hall Of Honour Women Heroes Philippines Sen. De Lima & VP Robredo
Fighting for the safety of women and children.

Hall Of Honour Women Heroes Philippines Sen. De Lima & VP Robredo

The RINJ Foundation Salutes:
2016 Hero Women Fighting for the Safety of Women and Children

The RINJ Foundation is especially concerned about human trafficking in the Philippines because according to some estimates, approximately 80% of trafficking involves child sexual exploitation, and 19% involves labor exploitation. Child sexual exploitation, a prolific crime in the Philippines, is a form of rape and should be prosecuted accordingly. Strong government leaders focused on this important issue is what's needed to end the child sex trade. The 2016 Hall of Honour - Women Heroes are two such women.
 Hall Of Honour Women Heroes  Philippines Sen. De Lima & VP Robredo Senator de Lima who on Feb 24 was imprisoned by Duterte without Bail Philippines Senator Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima is a Filipino lawyer and human rights activist who has been criticizing Philippines authoritarian leader Rodrigo Duterte for two decades for alleged murder, alleged crimes against humanity and alleged genocide as Mayor of Davao and President of the Philippines. Duterte has been accused of murder, torture and crimes against humanity by even his own Davao Death Squad members who lost their stomach for his violence. (Follow up note: Duterte imprisoned de Lima on February 24, 2017 without bail, in a flurry of public proclamations that she was guilty of being a drug lord.) The Senator has been asked to face complaints levelled at her by "Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption", a Facebook group, allegedly having connnections to Duterte.

This Patriarch, Rodrigo Duterte (aka '#DirtyDuterte' and '#DespotDuterte') has the support of nearly all males in the Philippines. Duterte is the ultimate woman-hating murderer (Note 2) and has ordered the slaughter of children and their families all over the Philippines. (Article)

Men have felt threatened by women in the Philippines for the past decade because woman are the primary wage earners, selling personal service home care and nursing services around the world.

The Philippines for many years has successfully exported its women's services to function as domestic helpers (famous as 'Nannies') in other countries, to work as nurses and doctors and even lab technicians. Women are better educated than men in the Philippines and are the primary 'bread-winners' in that country. Women like Senator de Lima and Vice President Leni Robredo have worked their way into the halls of power much to the chagrin of Filipino men who have always maintained the male-superior tradition of their ancient, misogynist culture.

The Philippines' titular, recently-elected Vice President, Maria Leonor "Leni" Santo Tomas Robredo (nee Gerona, born April 23, 1964) is a Filipino lawyer and social activist who is the 14th and current Vice President of the Philippines. She was recently forced to resign her role as Chairperson of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council because she has opposed Duterte's pushing through the death penalty and Duterte's roving death squads which have been killing randomly across the country based on a list of Duterte's opponents he calls drug users.
 Hall Of Honour Women Heroes  Philippines Sen. De Lima & VP Robredo VP Leni Robredo

Even the men of Duterte's Junta seem to like Robredo who they say is soft spoken and inteligent. Above all she is intelligent and potentially her calm communicative ways make her the best leader the Philippines could ask for. Philippines Leader Duterte has accused Robredo of 'stealing' the Vice-Presidency from his campaign-backer Ferdinand (Bongbong) Marcos Junior, the current ruling Chief of the Marcos mega-billion Marcos Kleptocracy, who recently succeeded in convincing Duterte to give his mass-murdering Kleptocratic father a heroes' burial in what was once the Philippines cemetary of heroes.

Leila de Lima has come under attack from Duterte's supporters and CNN Philippines (avid Duterte supporter) and has been stripped of all her government posts.

Duterte has added de Lima to a list of drug users, dealers and recipients of "Drug Money". One of his Facebook groups of supporters has been harassing the two women in a most revolting manner using misogynistic slurs and sexist accusations.Rodrigo Duterte and the Volunteers against Crime and Corruption That means that she is on a hit list under Duterte's "War On Drugs" which is a fear tactic of the Philippine despot used against any person who speaks against him. Shown at right is Duterte with the Facebook group,"Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption" which has made complaints to the Department of Justice against Duterte's detractors including our two heroes who have stood up to an avalanche of Social Media bullying and false-news slur campaigns. Most critics, complains Duterte, including US President Obama, the UN Secretary General, and the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, make him angry when they are speaking critically against his murder of 5-6,000 poor Filipinos who got themselves hooked on drugs or who presented as critics of Duterte. That includes some 57 persons who were journalists or bloggers on the internet speaking out against Duterte's crimes against humanity. Criticism of Duterte has been overruled by fear across the Philippines and around the world.

Note 1: By the end of November 2016, since Duterte took office, the PNP has reported 5,617 drug-related deaths, 1,959 at the hands of the police. Some are the result of shoot-outs during drug bust operations, they say and 3,658 vigilante-style killings (according to Philippine police spokesman, Dionardo Carlos quoted in the NYTimes.), usually performed by masked men on motorcycles in pursuit of marked targets. (The Atlantic.)
Note 2: In 1998 a torrid application for marriage anulment was heard by a court which imposed on Duterte a psychological examination as a result of the evidence of extreme abuse against his wife. The Court cited the results of the examination by a clinical psychologist who found Rodrigo "unable to remain committed to a person or a relationship." He carries a "gross indifference to others' needs and feelings, heightened by lack of capacity for remorse and guilt". In other words the psychologist diagnosed an Anti-Social Personality Disorder (sociopath or psychopath) which was consistent with the horrible abuse the wife had provided evidence for at trial. (Court Documents given to Rappler.)
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‣ The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime defines rape as "sexual intercourse without valid consent".

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