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Feminists ~ The RINJ Foundation


What do feminists want for women:

  1. an end to misogyny;
  2. an equal opportunity for education;
  3. equal opportunity to drive vehicles and use any form of transportation;
  4. fair and equal wages;
  5. freedom from discrimination;
  6. no restrictions on owning property; and
  7. to be safe from violence and slavery.

Reproductive Rights, Contraceptives & Family Planning

Because Human Rights are Women's Rights too

Feminism is the pursuit of gender equality for all humans. Feminism to The RINJ Foundation Women is about improving ourselves to become rich in gender parity, tolerance, kindness, caring, and sharing.

End malicious & hateful ideologies fuelling gender-based violence & terrorism by leveraging the rule of law, winning gender parity, energizing our tolerant kindness, caring, & sharing.

"RINJ Women must radiate these values in our collective tasks. Women are nearly half the world's community members. Our duty to step up to build better communities is compelling. RINJ Women as a Civil Society Organization seek sustainable human development from a position of perceived feminine helplessness rudely imposed on women by a patriarch to which women traditionally acquiesced.

So yes, we are down, but we rise up above the misconception of weakness to love & support women and children, especially the most vulnerable. While we strive for all our rights we encourage others to join us.

"Convincing patriarchs that women deserve equality in economics, opportunity, education, power-sharing and society has been a violent war. Violent men feel threatened by women who riseup. Evil men perceive women as the chattel property of other men and hurt us to hurt their enemies. Evil men hijack religion and our other institutions to oppress ordinary women. Immoral lust for power & control leads men to rape, to other violence. For their persecution; for their wrongful imprisonment of females; for their rape & molestation of women & children; evil men belong in prison. RINJ is mindful of that aim. Join us in defiance of extremist men & the malicious & hateful ideologies that fuel their violence around the globe.

Feminism to The RINJ Foundation Women is about improving ourselves to become rich in gender parity, tolerance, kindness, caring, and sharing. Let love win over hate." -The RINJ Foundation Women

Be sure to read "Feminists Can Make You Rich"

World News from a Feminine Perspective

What's happening now?

Did you know that Women stay abreast of world events some men think only THEY can manage? RINJ Women invite you to read our world news reports, opinions and research from a Feminine-Perspective.


• Headline: Fifteen to Five Million

by Micheal John, Tue, 04 Aug 2020 15:45:03 GMT

Click to see enlarged image.

Fifteen SARS2-infected Americans between 26 January & 26 February 2020. Could the American catastrophe have been stopped then?  Watch the video, “Fifteen“. There were more than 15 but Trump didn't want that revealed because, “it would look bad.” Those cases … more →

• Headline: Since January FPMag writers said wear a mask. Who did not?

by Melissa Hemingway, Mon, 03 Aug 2020 12:29:44 GMT

Click to see enlarged image.

“When a person walks through a space that a COVID-19-infected person just sneezed or coughed into before they turned the corner or entered a building out of their sight, an unprotected respiratory system of a person walking through that space … more →

• Headline: Philippines COVID-19 Incipient Danger Zone

by Micheal John, Sun, 02 Aug 2020 00:07:19 GMT

Click to see enlarged image.

The collapsing health care system in the Philippines is indeed weak as the World Health Organization Claims. “Corrupt” would be a better word than “weak”, say local doctors. Unfortunately there are few reliable statistical data from the Philippines' COVID-19 experience … more →

• Headline: Be willing to get in good trouble. Bad trouble is in the wind.

by Melissa Hemingway, Thu, 30 Jul 2020 20:39:42 GMT

Click to see enlarged image.

“America is falling. In its history it has never had such a scurrilous attack on systemic electoral objectivity as happened today when the man currently occupying the White House sought to change the date of a federal presidential election to … more →

• Headline: Moms want a Michigan mom on the Biden Ticket

by Rosa Yamamoto, Wed, 29 Jul 2020 11:17:36 GMT

Click to see enlarged image.

“Every issue is a women's issue, including marshall law in America”, says a global feminist group with 750,000 US members. That's why they say they want a Michigan mom on the Biden Ticket. by Rosa Yamamoto   The global civil … more →

• Headline: An important message to China. Cooperate, Compromise with neighbours say families in Indonesia, Malaysia & Philippines

by Melissa Hemingway, Mon, 27 Jul 2020 22:07:45 GMT

Click to see enlarged image.

Thousands of Filipinos have made it very clear that China forcibly prohibiting fishing by Philippine vessels within the Philippines’ waters is an antagonist growing worse. Filipinos are both hungry & increasingly furious. “Delivering on even small promises is more important … more →

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